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Choosing an Artificial Christmas Tree: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Christmas trees play a big part in our favorite holiday traditions. We decorate, open gifts, and celebrate with friends and family around the tree. It’s important to have one that not only suits your style, but also stands tall season after season. In this guide, we show you how to choose the best artificial Christmas tree for your home.


Artificial Christmas trees come in various sizes and shapes. To narrow down your options, choose a spot to determine if you have space for a small Christmas tree or a tall one. Read This Entry

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6 Top Spots for Hanging Fall Wreaths to Cozy Up Your Home

Hanging a wreath is an easy way to get ready for Fall. Vibrant and abundant foliage creates a welcoming ambience throughout your home. Here are different ways to decorate with Fall wreaths⁠—from the front door to the rest of your living spaces.

1. Front Door

Wreaths on front doors are a common sight during harvest season. Their warm colors and natural beauty make your home look inviting.

Balsam Hill Outdoor Fall Radiance Wreath and Garland on front door

Seasonal foliage on your front door signals the start of Fall

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Christmas in July – It’s the Best Time to Buy

‘Tis the other season to be merry as Christmas in July brings holiday festivities to summertime. Deck out your Christmas tree as if it were December. Sing carols, whip up party dishes, and watch holiday movies to make it a memorable celebration.Christmas in July is the Best Time to Buy

And of course, it’s time to make the most of the mid-year sales. This is the best time to go shopping for your Christmas decorations. Not only can you catch amazing deals on best-selling products, but you avoid the crowds and long lines of Christmas rush shoppers as well. There’s also less shipping hassles and stock-outs when you shop this time of year. Read This Entry

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All About Christmas in July: From How it Started to How it’s Celebrated

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year—in fact, many people celebrate it twice. For those who want to experience the warmth and cheer of the holidays early, there’s Christmas in July. Enjoy festive decorations and traditions without the rush of the actual season.

Ever wondered how it all began? Read on to find out its beginnings and how it’s become part of pop culture:

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5 Perfect Spots for Hanging Wreaths to Brighten Your Home

If you celebrate the coming of Spring, wreaths are an easy way to bring the season into your indoor spaces. For instance, hanging a floral wreath on your front door instantly creates a welcoming ambiance. Try these spring wreath decorating ideas to brighten other areas of your home.

Sheila of Maison De Cinq displaying two Provencal Lavender Wreaths on her front door

Sheila of Maison De Cinq decorated her front door with the springtime colors of these Provencal Lavender Wreaths

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Winter Wedding Flowers for Bouquets and Centerpieces

For many, winter is an ideal time for a romantic wedding, whether it’s because of the chilly cuddle weather, the beautiful snowy landscapes, or the holidays and gatherings that take place during the season.

Eucalyptus Tablescape

However, floral arrangements for winter-themed events can be a bit challenging. While there are hothouse varieties available in some areas, fresh flowers can be quite difficult to source locally during the colder months. This is part of what makes artificial arrangements an alternative for winter weddings. Read This Entry

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Debbie Macomber’s New Year’s Eve Entertaining Ideas

Christmas may have come and gone but the festivities aren’t over. It’s time to prepare our home to welcome a new year. Best-selling author Debbie Macomber shares 3 tips for hosting a party on New Year’s Eve, including a recipe from her cookbook Debbie Macomber’s Table: Sharing the Joy of Cooking with Family and Friends.Debbie Macomber's Entertaining Tips

It’s time to reflect on 2018’s best memories and toast to moments yet to come. I really love the sense of excitement, hope and enthusiasm we feel at this time of year, so let’s celebrate with a party that welcomes 2019! Read This Entry

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When to Take Down Your Christmas Tree

While most of us do not look forward to seeing the magic of Christmas go, the time comes when we have to un-decorate the house and take down the tree. But the big question at the center of these tasks is:

When Should You Take Your Christmas Tree Down?

We hunted down nearly 150 opinions on the matter to crowdsource a definitive answer, and the overwhelming majority of people take their Christmas tree down at some point after New Year’s Day, but still during the first week of January.

When to take down your Christmas tree chart

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