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5 Perfect Spots for Hanging Wreaths to Brighten Your Home

If you celebrate the coming of Spring, wreaths are an easy way to bring the season into your indoor spaces. For instance, hanging a floral wreath on your front door instantly creates a welcoming ambiance. Try these spring wreath decorating ideas to brighten other areas of your home.

Sheila of Maison De Cinq displaying two Provencal Lavender Wreaths on her front door

Sheila of Maison De Cinq decorated her front door with the springtime colors of these Provencal Lavender Wreaths

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Winter Wedding Flowers for Bouquets and Centerpieces

For many, winter is an ideal time for a romantic wedding, whether it’s because of the chilly cuddle weather, the beautiful snowy landscapes, or the holidays and gatherings that take place during the season.

Eucalyptus Tablescape

However, floral arrangements for winter-themed events can be a bit challenging. While there are hothouse varieties available in some areas, fresh flowers can be quite difficult to source locally during the colder months. This is part of what makes artificial arrangements an alternative for winter weddings. Read This Entry

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Debbie Macomber’s New Year’s Eve Entertaining Ideas

Christmas may have come and gone but the festivities aren’t over. It’s time to prepare our home to welcome a new year. Best-selling author Debbie Macomber shares 3 tips for hosting a party on New Year’s Eve, including a recipe from her cookbook Debbie Macomber’s Table: Sharing the Joy of Cooking with Family and Friends.Debbie Macomber's Entertaining Tips

It’s time to reflect on 2018’s best memories and toast to moments yet to come. I really love the sense of excitement, hope and enthusiasm we feel at this time of year, so let’s celebrate with a party that welcomes 2019! Read This Entry

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When to Take Down Your Christmas Tree

While most of us do not look forward to seeing the magic of Christmas go, the time comes when we have to un-decorate the house and take down the tree. But the big question at the center of these tasks is:

When Should You Take Your Christmas Tree Down?

We hunted down nearly 150 opinions on the matter to crowdsource a definitive answer, and the overwhelming majority of people take their Christmas tree down at some point after New Year’s Day, but still during the first week of January.

When to take down your Christmas tree chart

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A Charitable December: Share the Joy of Christmas with Balsam Hill

As our “A Charitable December” campaign draws to a close, we’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to its success. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support and participation of our friends, followers, and partners.Showcase of A Charitable December’s partners

To recap, Balsam Hill featured three organizations through Facebook posts during the first three weeks of December. Each like, love, and wow made on a campaign post was worth $0.25, while a comment and share were worth $0.50 each. Read This Entry

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Cozy Movie Nights with Balsam Hill and Hallmark

For many families, Christmas movie nights are a fun tradition. After a long day of shopping or celebrating, it’s relaxing to curl up on the sofa, snuggle under thick blankets, and watch a nice movie. Here are 4 ways to create cozy nights with your favorite films.

1. Turn on the Christmas Tree Lights

The soft glow of tree lights lends a magical feeling, especially at night. Ashley of Nashville Wife Styles loves watching Christmas films with her kids throughout the season, and her pre-lit tree adds a festive touch to the experience.

Classic Blue Spruce artificial tree with Candlelight Clear LED

Ashley of Nashville Wife Styles went for a Boho-Glam theme for her pre-lit tree

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Liz Marie | Liz Marie | Special Holiday Consultant

A Simple Christmas Tablescape

Christmas is quickly closing in and we cannot believe how fast time is flying by! While we currently don’t have any plans on hosting friends or family this holiday season, we still want to be as festive as we can, because you never know when you might have that unannounced but much-needed visit from a neighbor for a coffee and a chat.

We, like everyone, are beyond busy at this point in the year, so doing an over-the-top Christmas tablescape just doesn’t make sense for us this year. We are craving simple, but I did want to do something a little unexpected as well.

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Christmas in the Desert—a Sunny, Winter Wonderland Like No Place Else!

Hosts of HGTV show Desert Flippers Eric and Lindsey Bennett take a break from renovating houses to decorate their home for the holidays. Having had white Christmases before moving to Palm Springs in California, Lindsey shares how the Bennett family has embraced spending Christmas in a warm and sunny climate. Read on to learn more about this couple’s design style and their family’s holiday traditions in this guest post.

Eric and Lindsey of Desert Flippers decorate their outdoor living room with the BH Balsam Fir tree

Christmas in the desert is as unique as the place itself. There aren’t many places in the world where you can play and lounge poolside in the sun by day and fireside and hot tub at night—all in your own backyard. While 20 minutes away, you can ride up the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to enjoy snow and sledding. And two hours away, you can frolic on sandy Westcoast beaches or ski on the mountainous Big Bear ranges. Read This Entry