Buying your Christmas tree early is one way to make holiday decorating a breeze. Read on below for when you should buy a Balsam Hill Christmas tree so you can check it off your list and have more time to focus on what matters most—spending quality time with your family.

A collage of photos showing a woman hanging a wreath on a window beside a Christmas tree (left); and a set of five pre-lit Christmas trees of varying heights (right)

When is the Best Time to Buy a Christmas Tree?

The quick answer? During a Christmas tree sale. To enjoy great deals and avoid the holiday rush, here’s a list of the best times to buy a Balsam Hill tree throughout the year.

Black Friday

Black Friday marks the start of holiday shopping for many. With Christmas right around the corner, it presents a great chance to get your decorations at lower prices. Keep in mind that these Christmas tree deals bring throngs of shoppers to stores. If you want to skip the long lines, Balsam Hill’s Black Friday sale offers a more convenient online alternative. Enjoy the best deals on artificial Christmas trees and big discounts on our wide assortment of premium holiday décor.

Cyber Monday

If you missed out on Black Friday deals or prefer to avoid crowds, the next best time to buy an artificial Christmas tree is on Cyber Monday. What started out as an online version of Black Friday has now evolved into a week-long event for retailers. This extended duration gives you more time to browse and compare artificial tree sales.

For a smoother shopping experience, scout for Christmas trees you’d like to buy ahead of the sale. Add them to your cart or wish list so you can check out faster once the sale starts.

Post-Christmas Clearance Sales

Retailers offer huge price cuts on seasonal decorations after Christmas to make room for new items. While it may seem too early to purchase a Christmas tree, shopping during a Christmas tree sale clearance event will give you a head start on next year’s holiday planning.

Christmas in July

Grab discounted artificial Christmas trees and holiday essentials while stock inventory’s still high. You’ll find a wide variety of products to choose from during this mid-year sale. Shopping in July also lessens the risk of shipping delays that may occur as Christmas draws nearer.

Other Holiday Sales

When is the earliest you can buy a Christmas tree? The answer is it’s never too early, especially when there are great offers that are too good to pass up. Visit our site often to stay updated on Christmas tree deals happening throughout the year so you can plot when to purchase a Christmas tree.  We offer discounts and coupons to celebrate special occasions such as Easter, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to find out when the next Christmas tree sale is coming your way.

Why Should You Buy Your Christmas Tree Early?

Buying your Christmas tree early will save you time and money, especially with great deals that are only available during the off-season. When you buy early, you can get the Christmas tree that you want at the price that works best for you. It also helps eliminate any worry over shipping delays.

A collage of photos showing a pre-lit Christmas tree with frosted tips (left); and a set of two pre-lit Christmas trees (right)

You Avoid the Christmas Rush

Shopping outside of the holiday season means you don’t have to worry about crowded stores or limited stocks. Buying online gives you the convenience of shopping a wide selection of products from the comfort of your home. Then, sit back and wait for your purchases to arrive at your front door.

You Get More Time to Prep

After receiving your artificial Christmas tree, you need to fluff the branches, test the stand, and inspect any built-in lights or wires. Buying your tree early allows you to set up ahead of time so decorating is much easier once the season arrives.

You Cut Down on Christmas Spending

Artificial tree sales give you big savings on markdowns. By investing early in a new tree, you’ll save on costs compared to buying full price during peak season.

Before buying a Christmas tree, make sure it fits your needs and decorating space. Check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide for tips on how to choose the perfect tree for your home.

Visit the Balsam Hill website today and browse our wide selection of Christmas trees on sale, as well as seasonal accents and home décor.  

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