Balsam Hill’s clearance sale offers you a great opportunity to avail of beautiful home and holiday products at extremely attractive prices. There are, however, a number of important things that make a clearance sale different from a regular sale. This quick guide provides helpful tips and tricks to help you maximize your post-holiday shopping experience.

Balsam Hill's Clearance Sale Buyer's Guide

What to Keep in Mind

Shop Early. Stocks of clearance items may be limited, so check the site often for upcoming clearance sales, then to try shopping at your earliest convenience. To get the latest updates on sale periods and products, consider subscribing to our newsletter or following us on Facebook or Twitter.

Look around. If a specific item you have in mind is out of stock or not included in the sale, don’t worry. Keep browsing and you may find better alternatives or discover great new products. In addition to premium artificial Christmas trees, we also offer a wide variety of home décor for use throughout the year, such as these safe and realistic Miracle Flame™ flameless candles.

Three sizes of LED flameless candles
Remote-controlled Miracle Flame candles help you set the perfect mood

Check the warranty information. Foliage items on clearance are backed by warranties, but the coverage period is usually limited to 60 days. To learn more, please visit our warranty page.

Inspect your items upon receipt. Even if you are not planning to use it immediately, check your purchase upon arrival. In the event that parts are missing or broken, they may be repaired or replaced right away. If you wait until the next holiday season, there is a chance that some parts may no longer be available for discontinued or redesigned products.

Regular Sale Items versus Clearance Sale Items

Get more value for your shopping dollar by knowing the difference between clearance and regular sale items. Products on regular sale can be found on this page. Items are conveniently divided into different categories, and are labeled “Sale” on the category and product pages.
Framed holiday wreaths
To quickly find clearance products, simply follow this link. They have a price that ends with “.99”, and are marked “Clearance” on the category and product pages. Remember that products on clearance are likely not to be re-stocked, so keep an eye out for exclusive items or truly beautiful items such as the artificial Christmas wreaths shown above. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy exceptional Balsam Hill quality at a fraction of the cost.

One last tip to keep in mind is that clearance sales are held at different times of the year, so make sure to drop by the site even during the off-season to avail of the best deals. Check out Balsam Hill’s clearance sale now.


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