Balsam Hill’s clearance sale is your last chance to buy premium holiday décor before the year ends. Get more than 60% off original prices on select items for a limited period. Now’s the best time to take advantage of discounts on artificial Christmas trees, storage, and more.

Read on for some of our top deals and shopping tips:

Artificial Christmas Trees

Berkshire Mountain Fir Christmas Tree

Enjoy easy elegance with our Berkshire Mountain Fir Christmas tree. It features a tiered branch structure with a slender silhouette, ideal for decorating compact spaces. In 2021, Balsam Hill will present an updated line of Berkshire Mountain Fir Trees. We are pleased to offer our 2020 Berkshire Mountain Fir Tree models on special clearance.

Shop up to 75% off starting at $149.99

Stratford Spruce™ Christmas Tree

The Stratford Spruce is one of our most realistic Christmas trees. It features thick, medium green needles and long 5-way forking tips. This tree is designed with a slim profile but has a slightly fuller shape compared to our other slim trees, making it versatile for a wide range of rooms or spaces.

Shop up to 70% off starting at $199

Classic Blue Spruce Tree

The Classic Blue Spruce takes inspiration from the evergreens of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. This customer-favorite has 100% Classic Needle foliage for a full, abundant look. It features blue-green and silvery needles and light-brown stems for added depth.

Shop up to 64% off starting at $179

BH Balsam Fir® Christmas Tree

Another customer favorite in our roster, the BH Balsam Fir features highly realistic foliage patterned from real Balsam Firs native to North America. Our namesake tree is popular for its beautiful teardrop shape, upward-sloping branches, and distinct semi-flat needles.

Shop up to 62% off starting at $299

Silverado Slim™ Tree

The Silverado Slim Christmas tree echoes the beauty of Napa Valley. Its foliage has an ultra-realistic feel with natural-green foliage and light brown branches. It has a tall and slender profile that’s ideal for narrow spaces with high ceilings.

Shop up to 63% off starting at $249

BH Fraser Fir® Christmas Tree

Bring home a lifelike replica of America’s favorite Christmas tree. The BH Fraser Fir is our most realistic tree to date, featuring 40 different tip variations molded from real Fraser Fir branches. Apart from its full shape and rich green needle tips with silver undersides, this Christmas tree features an organic treetop to make it look exactly just like its counterpart in nature.

Shop up to 56% off starting at $249

Find more great deals on…

Christmas Storage

Christmas Wreaths and Greenery Storage

Save 40% off, now at $179

Save 33% off, now at $59

120-Piece Deluxe Rolling Ornament Chest

Save 25% off, now at $179

100-Piece Rolling Ornament Chest

Save 25% off, now at $149

Rolling Multipurpose Storage Box

Save 25% off, now at $89

72-Piece Christmas Ornament Storage Box

Save 23% off, now at $99

6 Tips for Shopping Balsam Hill Sales

Here’s a quick guide to help you make the most of your shopping experience during our clearance sale:

1. Subscribe to our newsletter and connect with us on social.

Balsam Hill holds sales at different times of the year. Be notified about sales through your inbox with our newsletters. Follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts to learn about upcoming events.

2. Shop early.

Stocks of sale items are usually limited so it’s best to do your shopping at your earliest convenience.

3. Look around.

If an item you want is out of stock or not included in the sale, don’t worry. Keep browsing and you may find other items you like. Aside from premium artificial Christmas trees, we offer a wide variety of home décor for every season.

4. Check the warranty information.

Christmas trees and foliage on sale have warranties. The coverage period for clearance items is usually limited to 60 days. To learn more, please visit our warranty page.

5. Inspect your items as soon as you receive them.

Items are inspected for quality before they’re shipped. However, it’s best to check your items as soon as they’re delivered, even if you’re not planning to use them immediately. In the event that parts are missing or broken, you may have them repaired or replaced right away.

6. Store your décor in a safe place.

Invest in proper storage to maintain the beauty of your decorations off-season.

Enjoy big savings on artificial Christmas trees, foliage, and decorations to dress up your holiday home. Click on the link below to shop Balsam Hill’s clearance sale.


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