With Christmas right around the corner, stores will be packed to the brim with customers and soon, finding the perfect Christmas tree might be a challenge. Now is your best chance to beat the holiday rush while grabbing Balsam Hill’s biggest Black Friday deals without even leaving your home. Get an early start on your amazing holiday display with these very special discounts.

BH Balsam Fir™ Tree

A beloved customer favorite, our namesake tree was named “Best Overall” artificial Christmas tree by Good Housekeeping magazine. It mimics the exact look of a real balsam fir—from the distinct semi-flat needles to the upward-sloping branches. The BH Balsam Fir™ comes with our Easy Plug™ technology for a hassle-free way to light up your tree, and available with lights in Clear, Color + Clear™, or Clear LED Fairy.

Up to 23% off starting at $399

Classic Blue Spruce Tree

The Classic Blue Spruce is Colorado’s state tree and features a full look. The tree is made with 100% Classic Needle foliage in blue-green and silvery hues, reminiscent of the majestic evergreens that thrive in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Choose from a variety of heights and lighting options that suit your space and style.

Up to 46% off starting at $139

BH Balsam Fir™ Narrow Tree

A narrow version of our namesake tree, the sleek shape of the BH Balsam Fir™ is perfect for decorating smaller spaces. Delight in the statuesque beauty of this tree without compromising on height. The BH Balsam Fir Narrow Tree is offered in sizes from 8 to 15 feet tall.

Up to 16% off starting at $899

BH Balsam Fir Flip Tree™

Our namesake best-seller is also available in a Flip Tree™ version. Stored upside-down on a rolling stand, the BH Balsam Fir Flip Tree eliminates the need to lift heavy parts. Just simply wheel it into place, flip the bottom section, and attach the tree top. Choose from several different heights and lighting options.

Up to 19% off starting at $999

Vermont White Spruce™ Narrow

Designed with a slender profile, the Vermont White Spruce™ Narrow Christmas tree is one of the most lifelike artificial Christmas trees you will ever encounter. This tree is ideal for small spaces and comes with our innovative Easy Plug™ functionality, which means that you only need a single plug to illuminate it.

Up to 28% off starting at $399

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This is your last chance to grab an artificial Christmas tree before the holiday season begins! Browse through our full list of Black Friday deals at the Balsam Hill Sale page. For tips on finding the perfect tree for your home, read this quick guide.


  1. I wouldn’t like to return the tree that I bought but I wanted it to be taller. Is there anything that I could add to it to make it look taller? Are there any extra pieces I can add? Or do you have any tips?

    Thank you,

  2. Had to throw away all my trees because of a leak in storage unit….would be so excited to win ne!!!

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