People searching for a tree to decorate have often asked this question: What is the best type of tree for an artificial Christmas tree?

Many may consider the best types of artificial Christmas trees to be the most popular ones. The Fraser Fir tree species is a popular choice among families, along with Spruce and Pine.

In fact, the Balsam Hill Fraser Fir is one of our top-selling Christmas trees and even more so, now that we’ve made it more realistic than ever. Over the years, we’ve taken customer feedback and redesigned this Christmas favorite to make it even closer in appearance to the real tree.

What is the most realistic Balsam Hill tree? In this video, our founder Mac Harman talks about how the all-new and improved Fraser Fir is our most lifelike tree to date, and how it probably is one of the best artificial Christmas trees that you’ll ever come across.

Stunningly Realistic Branch Tips

Unlike other types of artificial Christmas trees available in the market, we crafted Fraser Fir’s lifelike tips using molds of actual branch clippings and replicated their texture, structure, and color variations with our True Needle™ technology. In fact, we used 40 different tip variations—the most we’ve ever done on any of our Christmas trees.

We believe that the best types of Christmas trees are those that have a true-to-life appeal. We’ve paid attention to every detail to give the Balsam Hill Fraser Fir its natural-looking branches that have five-split forked tips, as well as its color-matched foliage in rich green with silver undersides. Meanwhile, the treetop has unique long branches—one of the Fraser Fir’s distinguishing features.

I was SHOCKED and very impressed with how real the BH Fraser Fir Tree looks and feels! My husband worked for a Christmas tree farm for years and he was also amazed and said it was beautiful! It really is breathtaking! Can’t wait to set it up and decorate it for Christmas! I LOVE that you solved the storage problem by including two bags for the tiers, as well as a bag for the stand and accessories!

Dee from Traverse City, MI

Leading-edge Lighting Options

Our line of Fraser Fir artificial Christmas trees is offered pre-lit with professionally hand-strung, commercial-grade lights.

Balsam Hill’s Easy Plug™ system connects light strings within the patented trunk design, so you only need to plug your tree into a socket to light it up. Choose between energy-efficient LED or traditional incandescent lights, both offered clear or multicolored. Our Color+Clear™ technology allows you to switch between clear and multicolored, or enjoy both at the same time. It also comes with a dimmer function to adjust light brightness.

If you prefer to add custom lights, the Balsam Hill Fraser Fir is also offered unlit with our Simple String™ technology for easier assembly. Just string the lights on each tree section and plug each strand into the center pole sockets. Secure them to the tree so there’s no need to restring your lights every year.

Want a real-tree look without the hassle? This is IT! I am a big Christmas tree fan as I love the holidays all around. As an interior designer and holiday decorator, I had to try this out. Balsam Hill has been a name you could trust for as long as I can remember when it comes to faux Christmas trees. This tree is so realistic-looking and you don’t have to worry about watering it (or forgetting, like me), or disposing of it end of year. This tree is the real deal to give you the realistic look without the realistic hassle!

Ashley from Alpharetta, GA

Innovative Set-up Features

The Balsam Hill Fraser Fir Flip Tree has another convenient feature to make setting up faster and easier. The tree is stored upside-down on a built-in rolling stand, and all you need to do is flip it, attach the treetop, and you’re ready to decorate.

Lessen the effort it takes to fluff your tree with our Pre-Fluffed™ Instant Evergreen technology. Featuring semi-fluffed branch tips crafted with memory wire, our Fraser Fir’s hinged branches fold outward upon unboxing. Once fluffed, much of the shape of the branches is preserved even after storage. The reinforced branches also provide additional support for ornaments, so there are no drooping tips.

I’m so happy with this gorgeous Christmas tree! I’ve been on the search for a high-quality faux Christmas tree and this one has far exceeded my expectations. It is absolutely beautiful and I love its natural coloring and realistic feel. It’s also super full and has a great shape. I can’t wait to decorate it and show it off this Christmas!

Courtney from Virginia Beach

Our Fraser Fir Christmas tree is available in full and narrow silhouettes to suit your space and decorating needs. For a lush, traditional look, choose a full-shaped tree. If you prefer a sleeker profile, choose the narrow version.

With its exceptional quality and stunning realism, our newest Balsam Hill Fraser Fir Christmas tree will provide an elegant backdrop for many holiday celebrations to come.

I thought once you’d seen one artificial tree, you’d seen them all. This tree absolutely exceeded my expectations. We had it assembled in less than five minutes from the time we cut open the box. It looks extremely realistic, and it’s the first tree I’ve ever had with a foot pedal to turn the lights on and off. I am also a sucker for packaging. A handy storage bag came with the product, and it was so cool that they included gloves for separating the tree branches. I hope to enjoy this tree for a very long time!

Morgan from Murfreesboro, TN

Wondering what are the types of Balsam Hill trees? Check out this quick guide. Read more about our Christmas tree lights here.

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