‘Twas almost Thanksgiving
and all through the house,
none of my offspring were stirring,
not even my spouse.
And while I know I should get some rest,
I can’t help but write,
a note to all of you,
before I sign off for the night.
So many friends have asked,
Hey Mac, what tree should I buy?
I can barely keep up, in providing my replies.
So here are my thoughts, lucid and true;
I very much hope, they are helpful to you!

Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce
Vermont White Spruce

(Impatient friends who want an immediate “80/20” answer: buy one of the top-selling Balsam Hill trees, the Vermont White Spruce.)

For everyone else, first, thank you for your interest in welcoming Balsam Hill into your home! I’m honored. I know there are a lot of trees to choose from. In fact, I’ve personally designed all of our 50+ tree families.

I must admit this exercise in choosing which among our Balsam Hill trees is best is a bit like having multiple kids and the hazard of picking a favorite. Even the trees you might find on deep discount aren’t “bad” trees—they are just ones that apparently our customers didn’t like as much as I did!

What is the Best Type of Artificial Christmas Tree to Buy?

The best type of artificial Christmas tree to buy is one that resonates with your personality and decorating style. It could be a replica of a tree that you grew up with, something that’s on-trend, or a tried-and-true classic.

What Balsam Hill Tree is the Best for You?

I suggest answering these 3 questions to help you pick out the best Balsam Hill Christmas tree for your home.

1. Did you grow up with a real tree?

Balsam Hill BH Noble Fir
BH Noble Fir

If so, I’d suggest buying one of our replica trees from the region where you grew up as everything about them should seem familiar to you. If you grew up on the West Coast, I’d recommend the BH Noble Fir. If you grew up in New England or the Philly-NYC corridor, I’d recommend the BH Balsam Fir. If you grew up along the Atlantic Seaboard or in Florida, then the BH Fraser Fir. Anywhere else, I’d suggest the BH Blue Spruce.

If you didn’t grow up with a real tree, then I’d recommend the Vermont White Spruce (you just can’t go wrong with this tree—it is full, gorgeous, and versatile) or the BH Noble Fir (note it is a green-gray color). The BH Blue Spruce (a blue-green color) is pretty awesome, too. All three of these Balsam Hill Christmas trees are terrific for hanging lots of ornaments and are easy to “fluff” to be super full and lush.

2. Do you like to buy the latest trend?

Balsam Hill European Fir
European Fir

Then check out our European Fir, Mountain Fir, or Sanibel Spruce. These “organic” styles have a lot more space for ornaments and are very trendy right now, especially when coupled with a unique tree surround or base.

Frosted or flocked trees are making a comeback; although, we don’t sell flocked trees because the flocking falls off in chunks leaving you with a white tree with green spots. Instead, we sell frosted trees like the Frosted Fraser Fir where it looks like snow has fallen but there are no large chunks of flocking to fall off.

3. Do you prefer a tried-and-true approach (the good old standbys)?

Balsam Hill California Baby Redwood
California Baby Redwood

What is the most popular Balsam Hill tree? I’d say both the California Baby Redwood and the Vermont White Spruce are customer favorites. These are trees I designed back in 2006 before I even thought of the name “Balsam Hill.” With their full profiles and lush branches, you can’t go wrong with these two best-selling Balsam Hill Christmas trees!

How do I Choose an Artificial Christmas Tree?

When choosing the perfect artificial Christmas tree, the key things to consider are its realism, ease of setup, lighting options, and height. These factors will determine the quality and convenience of your artificial Christmas tree that you can enjoy for many years. Here are quick tips for finding your favorite tree:

Balsam Hill Alpine Balsam Fir
Alpine Balsam Fir
  • Realism – I highly recommend our most realistic trees. These are the best out there and worth the premium.
  • Setup – If you store your tree at the same level or within half a flight of stairs from where you display it, pay the premium for the Flip Tree version. This technology is simple and awesome for quick setup and storage. If you are hauling your tree into a basement or up into an attic, then you’re better off with a traditional tree so you can carry the sections up/down the stairs individually.
  • Lights – If you have kids or someone who loves gadgets, I’d get the Color+Clear lighting option as it comes with a handy remote control. You can’t go wrong with this unless you don’t like colored lights. Otherwise, I’d get clear lights—classy, elegant, and always in style.
  • To LED or Not to LED – The rest of the LEDs in the market are tacky, in my opinion. We have worked hard to have our LEDs look just like incandescent lights—all the advantages of LED (lasts longer, lower energy consumption) with most of the advantages of incandescent (soft warm glow, true colors, crystal clear transparency, and sparkle from actual glass bulb casings vs. cloudy plastic ones). However, I know many of our customers still love the traditional incandescent lights and they’ve been the gold standard for 40 years! I have finally switched to LED myself, but I’m a fan of both.
  • Height – Get a 7.5’, 8’, or 9’ depending on your ceiling height. If you go 10’ or bigger, make sure you have a significant other or someone who is really excited to set up the tree with you. 10’ in artificial is a big tree to set up and decorate, but oh such a spectacular sight!

I often get asked what tree I have at home. It varies and I usually put up multiple trees, but my family’s favorite is the Vermont White Spruce. In years when we don’t have one, my wife wants to know why. The latest addition to our lineup at home is an Alpine Balsam Fir with LED Celestial lights. It is a really fun tree for displaying ornaments and it was a breeze to set up.

I hope this has been helpful in finding the perfect Balsam Hill tree for your home!

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    My wife and I have several of your products. We love them ! Question: In your holiday catalog (page 60) there’s a tall white cabinet behind the 9′ Alpine Balsam Fir
    Any chance you can help us find this piece of furniture ? Thanks !

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