For many of us, Christmas trees are an integral part of cherished family traditions. Beyond their decorative purposes, these enduring pieces represent the joy and elegance of the holidays. And whichever part of the home they may be placed, you can be sure that these yuletide highlights can fill spaces with the same spirit as that of the season.

This week, Balsam Hill presents excellent places in your home where you can set up your favorite Christmas tree. We will also show you how to embellish other areas with smaller Christmas trees. Make the most out of your holiday décor and showcase the full beauty of this classic yuletide masterpiece.

Tabletop Christmas Trees for the Foyer

tabletop tree with gold ornaments

Transform your entryway into an ideal holiday greeting by adorning the foyer with your favorite tabletop tree. You can use this space to set the tone for your Christmas decorating since this is the first place your guests will see in your home. Simply keep it in harmony with the present décor. This small tree, for instance, reflects the gold finish of the sconce and mirror. The key is to keep things in proportion and festive with colors that sparkle to attract attention. In this example, the quaint evergreen tree is used to bring the different elements of the foyer together by matching them with gold yuletide accents.


As a decorative piece, Christmas trees can easily impart homes with the flair of the season. For foyers with wide spaces, you can utilize the area by creating a centerpiece using your tabletop tree. The delicate features of this feather holiday tree add a fine highlight to the elegance of the room while also complementing the existing aesthetics, such as the wooden table and chairs. A slight Scandinavian feel and subtle color tones bring a sense of calm. The baskets that hold the presents in a tidy manner keep the foyer walkways clear.

Christmas Trees by Bay Windows

Awesome Christmas Decorating Ideas Family Room Iconic Christmas Tree

Bay windows also make excellent places to set up your holiday tree. The full length of the windows as well as the floor space created by their design help present the fullness of your Christmas tree. From the outside, the window and the contour of its bay allow for better viewing of the tree from different angles.

For bay and bow windows with nooks, you can maximize the space by placing your Christmas trees there. This gives your holiday tree ample room to be spread out while also incorporating the panoramic view of the outside as an exquisite backdrop to your yuletide display. In this area, presents wrapped beautifully also become a focal point at the base and not crammed into a small space underneath the tree.

Christmas Trees by the Stairs

Christmas Tree by the stairs

Enhance the sophisticated style of your home by turning your stairs into your very own holiday showcase. Recreate the beauty of a yuletide garden by lining the railing of your stairs with flower-filled garlands. The garlands then frame your tree as the focal point. You can also hang vibrant Christmas wreaths as counterpoints to enhance the look of balusters. Wrap up the festive theme by placing your holiday tree in the alcove area toward the corner of your stairs to keep the branches from inhibiting the passageway.

Christmas Trees in the Family Room


Treat your family and friends to a vision of holiday loveliness by featuring your favorite Christmas tree in the family room. This area is usually the most popular choice because so much family time is spent here: working, gaming, studying, and great conversation happen in the family room. The corner is an excellent spot, as shown in this photo, so the tree can be viewed by all. It adds texture and a touch of nature. Not only does this deliver charm but it also makes the routine nature of the room become cheerful and interesting. With the shortened daylight hours and nights that come soon in the winter, you can allow colorful lights to brighten the area. With the lights off and just the tree lit, your Christmas tree can provide a festive glow that warms everyone and lets you cherish the feeling of being together.

This season, spend your intimate holiday evenings with loved ones in the timeless presence of your cherished yuletide tree – whether it be placed in the foyer, by the window or stairs, or in the family room.

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