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The Best Places to Put Up a Christmas Tree at Home

Christmas trees play a significant role in many holiday traditions. While the living room is the most common area to display your holiday centerpiece, there are still many other spaces around your home that you can fill with its magic. In this post, we share the best places to put up a Christmas tree at home, as well as other important things to consider when setting it up.

Where should a Christmas tree be placed in the house?

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The best spots to put a Christmas tree at home are areas where it will be most visible. For maximum exposure, pick a space where your tree can be seen from the outside or as soon as you walk in. Another idea is to place it where it can be frequently seen by the family.

It’s also important to know where not to put your tree. Safety is a major consideration when choosing where to place a Christmas tree at home. Make sure that your tree doesn’t block natural light and isn’t exposed to direct heat. Also, avoid placing it in areas where it could stand in the way of people passing. Lastly, the display area should have a flat and stable surface so your tree doesn’t topple over.

Read on for ideas on the best places to put up a Christmas tree in and outside your home.

1. Front Porch

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Greet neighbors and guests with glowing Christmas trees at your home’s entrance. Use clusters of miniature Christmas trees to line the doorway. If you have a large porch space, set up larger pre-lit Christmas trees for an inviting display. Not only will they make a stunning first impression, but they’re also a great way to light your entry.

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For a non-traditional look, decorate with Christmas trees formed from sculptured wires or wood. If you’re decorating an area without a roof, choose outdoor-safe trees and décor to make sure they withstand the elements.

2. Foyer

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The foyer is a great place to put up a Christmas tree. It’s the first place everyone sees when they enter your home, and the last they see when they leave. Create a festive greeting for family and guests by setting up a Christmas tree in your entryway. Choose a slim tree so it won’t take up much space. If you have a wide foyer, try multiple smaller trees for more impact.

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If your walkway doesn’t allow for a full-sized tree, set up a tabletop tree or a group of small trees on a console. Keep your foyer tree in harmony with the rest of your home by decorating it the same way as your main Christmas tree.

3. By Wide Windows

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Tall and wide windows make an excellent place to set up your holiday tree. When seen from the outside, this placement provides a better view of the tree from different angles. This allows you to share the beauty of your tree with neighbors and passers-by.

If you have bay or bow windows with nooks, use the generous space when you arrange your Christmas tree at home. This will leave you more room for presents underneath the tree.

4. By the Stairs

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Turn your staircase into a grand holiday display by placing a beautifully decorated Christmas tree beside it. Then, complement it by decorating the handrail. Choose a garland that matches your tree’s foliage and decorations for a cohesive look.

5. In the Family Room

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The family room is a popular choice to display a Christmas tree. It’s where you spend a lot of quality time with loved ones and where many memories are made. A corner near the sitting area or even the center of the room make excellent Christmas tree placements to help create a cozy and cheery ambience.

6. By the Fireplace

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Set a picture-perfect backdrop for your gatherings with a Christmas tree by the hearth. The warm glow of the fireplace and tree lights will create a cozy ambience for your cherished holiday traditions like enjoying hot cocoa and opening presents.

For safety, place your Christmas tree at least three feet away from the fireplace. Also, choose artificial Christmas trees crafted from fire-retardant materials for extra security.

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Complement your tree display by dressing your mantel. Tabletop Christmas trees are a great alternative to traditional wreaths and garlands. Group at least three miniature trees of different heights to create charming Christmas tree clusters. Or, place a pair of identical trees on each end of the mantel for symmetry.

7. Dining Room

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A Christmas tree in the dining room is an ideal placement since it’s where family and friends linger while enjoying hearty holiday meals. If there’s enough space, you can even set up your main Christmas tree in this area.

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To brighten up small dining halls, choose a slim or flatback Christmas tree and place it in a corner. They give the impression of a full-sized tree while taking up only a fraction of the space.

8. Bedroom

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Start and end everyone’s day with festive cheer by placing a Christmas tree in each bedroom. Miniature trees under 6 feet are perfect for the kids’ room, especially when adorned with ornaments that reflect their personality. Better yet, create DIY ornaments with the little ones. Turn this bonding activity into a holiday tradition you’ll enjoy for years.

9. Patio

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Get your patio ready for entertaining by decking it out with a holiday tree. Choose an outdoor-safe Christmas tree to ensure it withstands the weather and preserves its color through the years. As an alternative, choose small potted Christmas trees to decorate the space. Use them to flank doorways, windows, and steps.

We hope these ideas on the best places to put up Christmas trees inspire you to decorate with one or more this season.

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