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Christmas Decorating by the Room: Christmas Bedroom Décor Ideas

While most holiday decorating happens in the common areas like the porch and entryway, bedrooms deserve some attention, too. Start and end your day with Christmas cheer by adding festive touches to your bedroom. Whether it’s as simple as hanging a garland over your bed or going all out with Christmas tree clusters, we’ve got Christmas bedroom décor ideas to transform your personal retreat.

In Melonie’s 3rd installment of Decorating by the Room series, watch as she shares two ways to style bedrooms. Then, read on for more ideas on how to decorate your rooms for Christmas, plus a décor checklist to help you get the look.

How to Decorate a Christmas Bedroom

1. Bring the outdoors in with Christmas trees

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Decide if you want to have one or multiple Christmas trees in your room. For a classic Christmas look, choose a full-shaped tree. However, if you have limited space, slim, flatback, and corner trees are great options. Sparse trees, on the other hand, have a more organic silhouette with widely spaced branches. To create Christmas tree clusters, start with at least three trees in different heights. Pick the same style for a cohesive look.

Expert Tip: For one less thing to worry about, choose a pre-fluffed tree. Balsam Hill Pre-Fluffed® Christmas trees feature memory wire branches that adjust into place upon unboxing. This reduces the time needed to shape your tree each year.

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An undecorated pre-lit tree looks beautiful on its own. Just light it up and let its glow fill the space. However, if you decide to decorate your Christmas tree for the bedroom, stick to a specific theme or color palette. If you’re into minimalist Christmas décor, keep things simple like how Melonie styled her trees in the master’s bedroom. Tie a ribbon on top or decorate lightly with neutral-colored ornaments. If you prefer a colorful display, pick two key shades to make decorating easier. For instance, use red and gold ornaments for a traditional decorating theme.

2. Add festive accents throughout your space

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Choose Christmas room décor that reflects the same theme or colors as your Christmas tree. Tabletop Christmas trees and lit branches are perfect for the nightstand, dresser, or mantel. Display lanterns, snow globes, or smaller accessories on a shelf or vanity. Natural elements like pinecones, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and oranges also make for charming accents when placed in a jewelry dish or bowl.

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Expert Tip: Want a modern alternative to traditional greenery? Try a metallic ornament wreath or garland instead. The shiny ornament clusters bring more sparkle to the room.

3. Create a cozy ambience with lights

Featured: Frosted Alpine Balsam Fir Christmas Trees, Gold Glowing Mercury Glass Orbs, Golden Christmas Tabletop Trees, and Outdoor Silver & Gold Ornament Garland

Put up warm Christmas lights in the room to make it more inviting. Brighten up winter evenings with pre-lit trees, glowing orbs, or Christmas silhouette lights. For a playful touch, try something nostalgic, like lighted wooden Christmas houses. Balsam Hill offers handcrafted wooden Christmas villages in different styles such as a tree collar, mantel décor, and stocking holders.

Featured: Frosted Forest Pine Tree and Christmas Village Wood Tree Collar

Candles are also a great way to elevate the ambience. Place them by the bedside or scatter them throughout the room. For convenience and peace of mind, choose LED flameless candles. Balsam Hill’s LED candles are battery-operated with built-in timers so you won’t have to worry about turning them off. Some models also come with a remote control so you can customize their brightness and flame flicker speed.

Expert Tip: At the end of the day, unwind with aromatherapy candles or fragrance oils. Our Scents of the Season fill any space with holiday cheer.

4. Complete the look with soft furnishings

Featured: Frosted Alpine Balsam Fir Christmas Trees and Gold Glowing Mercury Glass Orbs

Give your bed a makeover with seasonal pillows. Prop up your everyday pillows against the headboard and layer them with two to three throw pillows in solid colors. Then, place at least two smaller patterned pillows. Finish the look with a Christmas-themed accent pillow that matches your room’s color scheme.

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Soft furnishings are easy ways to add pops of color and texture. Place pillows and throws on seats or the end of the bed. Then, use an area rug to pull together all of the elements used in the room.

Christmas Bedroom Décor Checklist

A few coordinated pieces are all it takes to bring the magic of the season to your personal spaces. Here’s what you’ll need to dress up any bedroom for the holidays. Feel free to share these lists with anyone who might find them helpful.

We hope these ideas inspired you to add cozy Christmas bedroom décor for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Explore more of Melonie’s Christmas Decorating by the Room series with styling tips for the front door and foyer, as well as the dining area.

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