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How to Decorate with Multiple Christmas Trees in One Room

There’s just something special about a twinkling tree in a room during the holidays. And I tend to think the more twinkling trees, the merrier.

Pre-lit Grand Canyon Cedar artificial Christmas trees beside the fireplace
The more Christmas trees, the merrier

I can remember wandering out to our living room in the wee hours of the morning when I was a little girl. I would curl up in my jammies by the heater (the best place in winter!) and I would just sit and watch the Christmas tree twinkling away long before anyone else got up.

It would be so dark outside and the rest of the house was beyond quiet. But there was something about the glow that filled the room and made it light up like nothing else could… It was full of Christmas magic. 

Pre-lit Frosted Yukon Spruce beside French doors and Baby Sanibel Spruce on a coffee table
A Frosted Yukon Spruce glows in the corner, while a Baby Sanibel Spruce sits in a vintage pot on the coffee table

When I got older and my babies were born, I felt the same way as I did as a child. I would sit in the living room early in the morning before the house was filled with little feet running down the hall and the sounds of breakfast-making in the kitchen. And I would soak it all up.

I might have fallen so much in love with that magic that one twinkling tree in the house just wasn’t enough. I wanted to wander down the hall and see another tree. There’s nothing like falling asleep while a tree glows in the corner so I wanted a bedroom Christmas tree, too.

Pre-lit Grand Canyon Cedar artificial Christmas trees beside the fireplace
A pair of Grand Canyon Cedar Christmas trees in the bedroom. A favorite look of mine is to place two trees together that are different sizes

And even now, I haven’t let go of that feeling of wonder that Christmas brings. It is a season filled with goodness, hearty cheer, and warm smiles—and a whole lot of twinkling magic. And so the tradition of putting up Christmas tree clusters in our house went on. We had Christmas trees for the kids’ rooms to decorate however they wanted.

Then one year, I decided to two Christmas trees in the living room. A grouping of trees, a wee forest if you will. And since that first forest went up in the living room, it just doesn’t feel the same without a pair (or more) of trees twinkling away.

A pair of Frosted Yukon Spruce Christmas trees in the living room

But how do you go about adding more than one tree in a room? Is there a right or wrong way? Where do you put them? All great questions that I’ll answer by sharing a couple of ideas for adding that extra magic with Christmas tree clusters in one room. 

1. Start With a Pair of Trees

One of my favorite ways to decorate with multiple trees is to put a pair of them together. The key is to have different-sized trees, but the same style for cohesiveness. This photo shows a 7.5′ and a 6.5′ Frosted Fraser Fir. I simply placed them together in a corner to create that charming grouping. 

A pair of Frosted Fraser Firs artificial Christmas trees
A pair of Frosted Fraser Firs makes an enchanting display

2. Create a Trio of Trees

Yes, it has happened. Two became three, and it was incredible. I added a smaller tree like a 4′ or 5′ one to the two others. So easy. I created this Christmas tree cluster with frosted Fraser Fir trees, some of my favorite Christmas trees.

Multiple Frosted Fraser Fir trees in one room
Use different tree heights to create interest

3. Flank the Fireplace

Another idea is to place a tree on one side of the fireplace (or a focal point area like an armoire or buffet) and then add another tree on the other side. While I typically like symmetry, when it comes to this design, I placed a 9′ tree on one side and a 7.5′ tree on the other. It helps create a bit of movement as your eye follows from one to the next.

Fireplace mantel decorated with garland, candles, and stockings
Put Christmas trees on either side of your fireplace

Or, if you already have two trees beside the fireplace, try flanking the other side with a third tree. This will definitely give you the feeling of your own mini forest.

Christmas greenery on the mantel
Use the same type of trees for a cohesive look

4. Place a Tabletop Tree

This is another way to have a “more is more” look in your room. Simply display a small potted tree on a tabletop. This is the Baby Sanibel Spruce that I placed inside a vintage container and put on the coffee table. It’s an easy way to add more without a second large tree.

Baby Sanibel Spruce tabletop tree with Frosted Yukon Spruce in the background
Baby Sanibel Spruce tabletop tree in a vintage can with frosted Yukon Spruce in the background

5. Display Several Small Trees

If you want to have more than one small tree outdoors, grouping several together is a perfect way to get that look. I love the effect of a Christmas tree cluster of wee trees at different heights on the patio or on the steps. Simple and charming, even without any baubles. 

Highland Estate Spruce Potted Artificial Trees
Outdoors, group smaller trees of the same kind

6. Place Another Tree Across the Room

Our living room is quite large that we have enough space to set up formal dining in it when we entertain. The space is wide so one tree just doesn’t work for both areas. 

Decorated Balsam Hill artificial Christmas tree beside fireplace
Add a tree in another corner of a large room and decorate it in a style that complements your main centerpiece

I’ve added a second tree at the end of the dining table which helps balance the room and light up both areas of the room. They also create a cozy romantic ambience for dinners.

Christmas tree in dining room
Pre-lit Christmas tree clusters create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your holiday celebrations

7. Let One Peek Through a Doorway

This is similar to the tip above. You can place a tree in an adjoining room and create that feeling of having multiple trees in the house without having more than one in one space. This tree in the bedroom is positioned so it can be seen from the hallway.

Christmas tree in bedroom
Enjoy the charming glow of Christmas lights in your bedroom and beyond

I hope that this gives you a few ideas on how to decorate with multiple Christmas trees at home. This is a great way to create an abundance of that wonderful ambience this season.

And remember, there’s no wrong way to decorate your home! I always say that if you smile when you walk in the room and it makes you happy, then it’s perfect. 

Happy sprinkling of Christmas magic, everyone. 

Courtney of French Country Cottage

As the founder of lifestyle blog French Country Cottage and editor of Romantic Homes magazine, Courtney is known for bringing chic aesthetics and vintage elegance to her designs. Courtney offers readers creative ideas and decorating tips inspired by the ongoing renovations on her 1940s cottage home.

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  1. Just breathtaking! I have 6 trees now and don’t feel guilty about it after reading your blog!

  2. This was a good tutorial on having more than one tree in a room. Your rooms always look so magical! I think my favourite trees are those with just lots of twinkling lights and maybe a few balls – quiet & twinkling.

  3. Penny Thomas Reply

    I love having multiple Christmas trees, too! In our kitchen/living area, we have two trees and then a smaller tree by our fireplace. As we sit and watch TV or eat dinner, we can see all three! There is just nothing quite like it. I feel like I’m in a winter wonderland…and it feels so romantic and cozy! I love all of your trees, they are absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Your beautiful rooms, full of multiple trees, are truly exquisite! Thanks for the inspiration!

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