This Christmas, elevate your holiday centerpiece with a bit of flourish. Give your tree an elegant designer touch using Christmas tree ribbons. In this video, designer Jennifer Lutz demonstrates three styling techniques for adding ribbon to your Christmas tree.

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Jennifer Lutz: Hi. I’m Jennifer with Balsam Hill. If you’re like me, you love to browse through holiday catalogs and Instagram feeds, and you wonder how designers create these beautifully curated trees.

Well, today I’m here to show you that it’s simpler than you think. One of my favorite ways to take trees to the next level is with ribbon. Ribbon is so beautiful because it adds color and texture and it adds an elegant finishing touch.

Today I’m decorating three different types of trees, a seven and a half foot flock tree, a nine-foot slender tree, and a seven-foot spruce. Before you start decorating, take time to fluff your tree.

Start at the back of the tree and move towards the front, bending branches up and outward. Separate each tip to create an even full look.

I’ll show you how to wrap, cascade, and style with three different types and widths of ribbon.

A really classic way is a simple wrap and tuck. I begin at the top of the tree and horizontally wrap the ribbon down the length of the tree.

For this flocked tree I paired a four-inch velvet ribbon with a two and a half-inch sparkly sheer ribbon as an overlay, it creates depth and a bit of shimmer. I also layered in snowy eucalyptus and soft pink ornaments to create the feel of a magical winter wonderland.

For tree decorating I like to work with wired ribbon, when properly stored it holds its shape beautifully and lasts year after year. To wrap ribbon around the tree, I start at the top and work in a slightly diagonal direction, looping the ribbon around the tree in a downward spiral, tucking it deep into the branches. You can secure the ribbon with floral wire, pipe cleaners, or the wired inner branch.

Another dramatic application that adds beauty and depth is the ribbon cascade. Like a cascading waterfall, you begin at the top of the tree and create ribbon folds down the length of the tree.

For this tree, I combined four-inch jewel trimmed platinum ribbon, with sparkly oversized ornaments and bedazzled tree picks. If you like the wow factor, four-inch wired ribbon is a great choice, this is especially lovely on a larger tree, think seven feet or taller.

To create a cascade I begin at the top of the tree, wired ribbon into the center pole, and created large billows from the top to the bottom, tucking the end of each loop into the center of the tree.

When you get to the bottom of each ribbon strand, you can trim the ends into a v-shape or you can roll the ends of the ribbon to create a little flourish at the end. This is the beauty of wired ribbon, it holds its shape.

Tying ribbons to ornaments is a simple and elegant way to add texture and uniformity throughout your tree. To create a traditional Christmas look, I mixed two and three-foot pieces of velvet and sateen ribbon, silver and gold mercury glass ornaments, and battery-operated tree candles for a classic appeal.

For this last application, I tied two pieces of varying length non-wired ribbon around each ornament. Cutting ribbon into strips allows for greater flexibility with direction and pattern, it also allows you to use less ribbon, so if you only have little bits of leftover ribbon you can mix and match without waste.

Now it’s time to step back and look at your work, making sure that your ribbon is well-spaced and fluffed. Finally, enjoy your creativity. For more tips and tricks, visit the Balsam Hill Blog. Happy holidays from Balsam Hill.

Decorating with ribbon is simpler than you think. Here are three ways to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbons in a few simple steps:

Wrap and Tuck Ribbon Style

A collage of photos showing a Christmas tree and assorted ribbons and ornaments

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How to Decorate Your Tree with the Wrap and Tuck Ribbon Style

Close-up shot of hands tucking ribbons into a Christmas tree

Step 1: Wrap a wired ribbon around your tree

Starting at the top, loop your ribbon around the Christmas tree in a downward spiral. Tuck the ribbon deep into the branches.

Step 2: Secure your ribbon

Attach your ribbon to tree branches using floral wires or pipe cleaners. You can also use wired branches that you can bend to hold ribbons in place.

Tip: Layer Christmas tree ribbons with different textures and colors to create depth.

Ribbon Cascade Style

A collage of photos showing a Christmas tree and assorted ornaments

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How to Decorate Your Tree with the Ribbon Cascade Style

Close-up shot of a woman placing a ribbon on a Christmas tree

Step 1: Create ribbon folds with a cascading waterfall effect

Using wired ribbon, shape large billows from the tree top. Tuck and secure the ribbon to interior branches as you move down the length of the tree.

Step 2: Style the ends of your ribbon

Trim the ends of your Christmas tree ribbon into a fishtail shape for a polished look. Alternatively, shape the ends into rolls.

For a dramatic effect, use wide ribbons for trees measuring 7 feet or taller.

Ribbon Ornament Style

A collage of photos showing a Christmas tree and assorted ornaments

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How to Decorate Your Tree with Ribbon Ornaments

Close-up shot of ribbons being tied around a Christmas tree ornament

Step 1: Cut ribbons into strips

Get non-wired ribbons with two different designs or colors. Cut them into strips with varying lengths for a layered effect.

Step 2: Tie ribbons to ornaments

Tie ribbons around the top of each ornament. This will bring texture and uniformity throughout your tree.

Things to Remember When Decorating a Christmas Tree with Ribbon

Close-up shot of a Christmas tree with ribbons and assorted ornaments

Here are some things to keep in mind when using ribbon to dress up your Christmas tree:

1. Fluff your tree before decorating

Before adding ribbons, take time to fluff your tree. Start at the back of each branch and move toward the front, bending tips up and outward. Read our step-by-step guide to learn more.

2. Use the right kind of ribbon

Wired ribbons retain their shape, so you can twist and bend them into loops, bows, or other styles. Meanwhile, non-wired ribbons are ideal if you’re planning to tie knots or weave the strands into small areas.

3. Check your work

While decorating your tree, take a step back and make sure that the ribbons are well-spaced and fluffed. Then, make adjustments as needed.

We hope this guide gave you some ideas on how to use Christmas tree ribbons. For more ribbon decorating tips, visit this post. Browse Balsam Hill’s website to shop ribbons and other Christmas decorations.

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