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Christmas Decorating by the Room: Foyer and Front Door Christmas Décor Ideas

The front door and foyer are key spaces to decorate for the holidays. They’re the first areas everyone sees when they enter your home and the last they see when they leave. With beautiful front door Christmas décor and the right placements, you can create a delightful display that your loved ones and guests will appreciate.

Watch the video below as home decorating expert Melonie Graves shares styling tips for your Christmas entryway. Then, keep reading for more ideas to explore.

How to Decorate Your Foyer for Christmas

1. Deck the halls with festive greenery

Welcome guests into your home with festive greenery. Hang a wreath on the inside of your front door, on a coat rack, or on the doors along the entryway. Drape a garland over the console mirror and along the staircase. For a cohesive look, dress your foliage with the same decorations you used for your Christmas tree. Balsam Hill offers themed greenery collections that make it easier to coordinate different pieces. As an alternative, we also have undecorated wreaths and garlands that you can style differently each year.

  • An undecorated Christmas garland decorated with berry picks, pinecone picks, and designer ribbon

Featured: Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce Bordeaux Garland, Large Red Berry Picks, and Champagne Pinecone Picks

In this video, Melonie decorated one garland with the same berry picks, pinecone picks, and patterned ribbon to match the Christmas tree in her living room. For her staircase, she chose the pre-decorated Vermont White Spruce Bordeaux Garland to echo the accents on her tree.

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2. Display your favorite décor pieces

The foyer is a good place to showcase your favorite Christmas ornaments or DIY Christmas decorations. Like Melonie, you can arrange ornaments in a bowl or tray on your entryway console. This also looks great when used as a coffee table Christmas décor or a Christmas centerpiece for the dining table. Add a personal touch with artwork and framed photos on your console.

3. Delight children of all ages with Santa

  • Balsam Hill Life-Size Black Santa in the Foyer

Featured: Balsam Hill Life-Size Black Santa with Lantern

Nothing brings more Christmas cheer than the jolly old man himself. Melonie placed a life-size Santa with a pre-lit Christmas tree to welcome guests as soon as they open the door. Similarly, iconic Christmas characters like the nutcracker or a snowman will add character to your space and set a merry tone for your gatherings.

4. Light the path

  • A pre-lit Christmas tree, life-size Santa, LED lanterns, and Christmas garland as stairway Christmas decorations

Featured: Balsam Hill Life-Size Black Santa with Lantern, Vermont White Spruce Bordeaux Garland, and White Berry Spruce Lanterns

Brighten up the hallway and staircase with pre-lit accent trees, greenery, and lanterns. Not only do they make great Christmas doorway decorations, but they also create an inviting ambience. Most of Balsam Hill’s pre-lit foliage and décor are battery-operated and include a timer for convenience. This allows you to set them aglow at the perfect time each night.

Expert Tip: Style Christmas lights or a pre-lit Christmas tree in front of a mirror. It’s an easy way to double the sparkle for narrow spaces. Learn how to choose and hang Christmas lights with our guide.

How to Decorate Your Front Door for Christmas

1. Hang a Christmas wreath or swag

Holiday wreaths and swags are essential front door Christmas décor. For a simple look, choose a wreath that allows for at least 6 inches of space on each side. Make a statement with a larger wreath but be sure to leave at least 2 inches of space on each side. Elevate your display with a matching garland on the door frame.

Expert Tip: Make your wreaths and garlands look their best by fluffing and shaping them. Start with the outer layer and work your way in to create lush layers of foliage. For quick and easy ways to shape your foliage, visit our Greenery Fluffing Guide.

2. Create Christmas tree clusters

Group several small Christmas trees of varying heights. Place them on both sides of the door to line the path. Then, light them up for a simple and charming display even without any ornaments.

3. Complete the look with a brilliant glow

In addition to Christmas wreaths for the front door, candlelit lanterns are a great way to spruce up your Christmas doorway decorations. Choose lanterns in different sizes for visual contrast. For a dramatic display, drape Twinkly® Christmas light strings from the ceiling or wrap them around columns.

Foyer and Front Door Christmas Décor Checklist

Want to know what you’ll need to decorate your entryway? Save these checklists to guide you when shopping for décor. Don’t forget to share these with anyone who might need them, too.

We hope these festive decorating ideas help you welcome your family and friends in style. Stay tuned to the Balsam Hill Blog for more of Melonie’s Christmas Decorating by the Room series. In the next 2 installments of the series, we’ll share creative tips on how to decorate your dining room and bedrooms for the holidays.

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