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The Best Places for Hanging Wreaths at Home

Wreaths are widely considered a staple in holiday decorating. But more than being symbols of the Christmas season and other special occasions, they can be stunning additions to your home décor all year round.

There are many ways to incorporate wreaths into your home. Read on to explore common places to hang these around the house. Also, get creative ideas on how to use them as beautiful finishing touches.

Where is the best place to hang a wreath in your home?

Featured: White Berry Cypress Foliage

There are a lot of places you can spruce up with a wreath. The front door is usually considered the best place to hang this versatile décor piece, given that it instantly creates a welcoming ambience. However, wreaths can be displayed both indoors and outdoors to create a cohesive look throughout your home.

Many artificial wreaths are designed for indoor or covered outdoor spaces, so it’s best to check if they’re safe for outdoor display as well. Balsam Hill’s outdoor-safe wreaths are crafted with UV protection to resist fading so you can enjoy their beauty for many seasons.

Where to Hang Wreaths Outdoors

Set the tone for your entire home by dressing up exterior spaces with stunning wreaths. Here are ideal areas outside to showcase outdoor-safe foliage.

1. Front Door

Featured: Outdoor Sunburst Mums Foliage

Make a grand statement with a wreath on your front door. If you have double doors, place one wreath on each door for a balanced look.

Insider’s Tip: Learn how to find the perfect wreath size through our guide.

2. Porch

Featured: Provencal Lavender Wreaths

Add flair to your porch with a floating wreath display. While hanging wreaths with thin rope will do the trick, considering using ribbon to add a decorative touch. Attach them to your porch railings, columns, or on the walls of your veranda using a wreath hook. Then, cluster varying sizes of wreaths in the same or complementary hues.

3. Windows

Featured: Mixed Evergreen with Pinecones Foliage

Your windows are also interesting locations for wreaths. Place them in the center of each window and leave four to six inches of clear space on both sides. Another option is to choose a wreath that fits the entire width of the window frame for a dramatic effect.

4. Patio

Featured: Outdoor Boxwood Wreath & Topiaries

Bring effortless charm to your outdoor lounging spaces with coordinated foliage. Many of Balsam Hill’s artificial wreaths are available with matching garlands and other greenery. Not only do these complementary pieces make it easy for you to create a uniform look, but they also allow you to get your home ready for entertaining at a moment’s notice.

5. Backyard and Garden Shed

Featured: Outdoor Summer Breeze Foliage

Transform your fence, gate, and storage area into a backyard retreat with vibrant wreaths and garlands. Balsam Hill’s outdoor-safe foliage items are UV-protected to prevent color fading and damage from the weather. In order to keep them at the height of their beauty, display them outside for up to 3 months a year.

Where to Hang Wreaths Indoors

Wreaths are an easy way to bring the season indoors. Display them just about anywhere—from high-traffic areas like hallways and the living room to private spaces such as your bedroom and study. Try these wreath decorating ideas to brighten different parts of your home.

1. Foyer

Featured: Mountain Chalet Wreath

Having a wreath in your entryway is not only a great way to welcome guests, but it also leaves a lasting impression. One quick display tip is to use a wreath hook, but a coat hook works, too. Also, a wreath breaks the monotony of a bare hallway. Hang one on the banister or beside the staircase to decorate this high-traffic area.

Insider’s Tip: Make sure to secure your décor with damage-free techniques. Find out how to hang wreaths without nails or holes here.

2. Mantel

Featured: Champagne & Crystal Foliage | Crystal & Pearl Champagne Trees | Gold Glowing Mercury Glass Orbs | Winter Frost Tabletop Deer

Next to the front door, the fireplace mantel is also one of the best spots for hanging wreaths. It creates a center of interest easily seen from any corner of the room.

Insider’s Tip: Choose a wreath fit for the season, whether it’s for Fall, Christmas, or Spring.

3. Living Room

Featured: Golden Aspen Wreath

Windows are great places to hang indoor wreaths for maximum exposure. Plus, they can also be enjoyed from the outside. Another interesting idea: Place your wreath above the sofa to create a beautiful backdrop for photos.

4. Kitchen

Featured: Autumn Orchard Wreath

Give your kitchen a cozy atmosphere by hanging a wreath on a window, shelf, or cupboard. Furniture pieces with knob handles are also natural display spots.

5. Dining Room

Featured: Sunrise Blooms Foliage

The dining area is one of the best spots to hang wreaths. Coupled with a lovely meal, a breakfast nook adorned with foliage will make you wake up to beautiful mornings. For dinner events, on the other hand, thoughtful details like small wreaths on the backs of chairs with name cards will give your setup a thoughtful and personal touch.

A wreath also helps complete a delightful, themed vignette for your sideboard. Stick to a few simple and cohesive elements to keep the overall look clean and elegant.

6. Reading Nook

Featured: Spring in Bloom Wreath

Cozy up your private nook and other lounging spaces with an elegant wreath. Not only will this add a touch of nature, but it will also make the area more conducive to rest and relaxation.

7. Bedroom

Featured: Winter Evergreen Wreath

While hanging a wreath in the bedroom isn’t a conventional choice, it’s an effortless way to refresh or enhance your décor. Place one on the wall above your bed for a refreshing view.

Also, consider adding charming pops of color to closet doors by hanging wreaths on them. Similarly, use them to brighten up your guest or master bathroom area. They’ll add a vibrant, natural touch to an otherwise plain or drab space.

Featured: French Market Floral Wreath

Insider’s Tip: A wreath door hanger is the simplest way to mount a wreath on a door. If you don’t have one, you can also make your own. Start by mounting an adhesive hook upside down on the back of the door. Then, position your wreath in front of the hook and tie a string or ribbon around it. Finally, hang the string over the door and attach it to the hook at the back.

We hope this post gave you helpful tips on where to hang wreaths indoors and outdoors. Now that you’ve found the best places to hang wreaths, learn everything you need to know about choosing the perfect wreath for your spaces with our Ultimate Greenery Guide.

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