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12 Bloggers of Christmas: Carmel of Our Fifth House

Carmel is no stranger to hard work and jumping right in with both feet. Although skill and expertise go a long way when it comes to decorating and design, she believes that fearlessness is a vital ingredient in the dish that is interior decorating—served with generous helpings of inspiration and creativity. Every home has its very own personality and for Carmel, this should always be a reflection of the people who live under its roof.

Carmel Phillips

The blogger behind Our Fifth House, Carmel endeavors to infuse fun into her design projects. She is an avid fan of under-an-hour DIY projects; although she also does her fair share of complicated crafts and designs. Through her blog, she aims to bring out the fearlessness in people like herself so that they can find their own style, and the courage to display it for all to see.

Carmel was kind enough to make time for a short interview despite her busy schedule. In the following Q&A, she answers a few questions regarding her holiday decorating style and how she gets inspiration for her design ideas. Read This Entry

Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

12 Bloggers of Christmas: Kim of Tidbits and Twine

The woman and voice behind Tidbits and Twine, Kim has had a passion for design for as long as she can remember. She describes her style as “casual elegance,” and ascribes to the belief that every home should be a reflection of the owner’s personal tastes and lifestyle.

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Kim started the blog in 2013 out of her desire to meet people who share her love of decorating, and she has since then filled it with posts on DIY projects, design basics and decorating tips. Kim has more to share with us about her style and inspirations in our Q&A section below.

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12 Bloggers of Christmas: Lindsay of My Creative Days

Lindsay is the design talent behind the repurposing and other decorating projects of My Creative Days. While her frugal decorating started out as a necessity, she quickly fell in the love with the process of finding forgotten pieces and repurposing them or making them over to fit her style. It’s her passion to create these beautiful pieces and amazing spaces without breaking the bank that eventually led to the blog we know today.

Beth co-founded Haven Conference in 2012, an annual gathering for DIY bloggers and enthusiasts. Her work has been featured in numerous popular magazines, as a testament to her skill and love for design. Get to know Beth more through our Q&A section below.

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