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Why You Should Get an Artificial Christmas Tree Instead of a Real One

Balsam Hill Norway Spruce TreeThe focal point of every holiday home, the Christmas tree is more than just a décor piece. For many, it is a symbol of the Christmas spirit and the joy that the season brings. In years past, families used to go out and pick a freshly cut pine tree as a tradition. In recent times, however, more people have been turning to artificial Christmas trees as a convenient and practical alternative.

The artificial Christmas trees of today have developed to a point that it can sometimes be hard to tell it apart from a real one. Marrying form and function, many of them provide special features that make holiday decorating all the more convenient and enjoyable. In this post, we will show you a few reasons why you should get an artificial Christmas tree this year. Read This Entry

Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

My Balsam Hill Home: A Cozy Gathering Place

With the winter season so near, preparing your fireplace for warming up your home includes cleaning out the hearth, gathering firewood and, finally, choosing the ideal fireplace accessories that will suit your taste and style. Equip your fireplace with utmost protection and elegance with Balsam Hill’s collection of hearth screens and accoutrements.

For a Classic Appeal

Add elegance to your home with Balsam Hill's Estate Hearth Collection

Balsam Hill’s Estate Hearth Collection

A classic touch in the home never goes out of style. This Estate Hearth collection features a scroll and leaf-detailing perfect for a traditional hearth. The screen opens and closes with ease to ensure quick access to the fire while moderating the heat. The four-piece tool set complements the screen’s design, and guarantees that you have everything you need to manage, clean, and control the fireplace. The scroll framework of the wood holder matches the overall appeal of the collection as it keeps your floor free of wood chips, creating a stylish and heartwarming hearth for your home. Read This Entry

Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant


Dear Dagmar,

Can I wash all my blankets the same way? Can you suggest ways on how I can care for my cashmere and wool throws?



Dear Elizabeth,

Throws have become popular in recent years due to their ability to extend the warmth of the home to an outdoor space. With their color, texture and weave, they can evoke a  certain atmosphere that fits the general theme of your living areas. Soft fabrics are perfect for rustic homes, while an elegant color scheme can add a punch of color to typical modern rooms. Throw blankets are the perfect finishing touch and they can be placed anywhere you please,  from sofas and beds, to sectional chaises.

The market today offers a myriad of choices when it comes to throws and small blankets. But the differences in these choices mean there are different ways to care for them, to keep them looking new.

How to clean a wool throw

Wool does not have to be washed often unlike other fabrics. If there are stains, do some spot cleaning, and then air it out to keep it fresh. When it’s time to wash, keep in mind that wool can shrink if not handled well.

Plaid Wool Throw from Balsam Hill

This Plaid Wool Throw from Balsam Hill is a cozy addition to your couch,
and a rustic accent both for indoor use and outdoor fun.

Although a popular option, dry cleaning is not the only way to clean wool. There are methods to keep this type of fabric fresh. To achieve this, you have to use cold water, mild detergent and practice a gentler washing method.

Here’s a breakdown of what you should do: first, know the size the throw so that it can be reshaped properly after washing. Prepare the wool throw a few hours before the cleaning process by soaking it in cold water. This will prevent it from shrinking. Read This Entry

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How to Decorate with Floral Picks

Whether you’re decorating for fall or winter, the fresh blooms of the season are a great way to add color to your home décor. For foliage pieces, the addition of floral picks will bring an earthy atmosphere and add rustic appeal to your spaces. It can also help you add variety to your décor and provides options for a variety of looks. Here are our recommendations to add some special touches around your home using floral picks.

The Wreath

Hill’s Orchard Harvest Collection wreath and garlandA wreath is the foliage piece most commonly used to greet guests even before they enter your home. Give your guests a vibrant welcome by splashing some seasonal colors on your wreath with floral picks. For a fall-inspired wreath, a combination of red berries and small pumpkins will sit perfectly well on a generous helping of colorful autumn leaves. Infusing this medley with some dried twigs and small branches will complete the look.

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