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The Timeless Elegance of Silver:
Reed & Barton Christmas Ornaments on a BH Noble Fir Wreath

Silver has such a luxurious and elegant appeal because of the shine and clarity. Today, we use many types of decorations, but silver and plated silver ornaments always infuse a sense of legacy to our holiday decorating.

Balsam Hill brings this same wonderment in one very special decorating showcase made in partnership with Reed & Barton, a trusted brand of gifts and tableware since 1824. We are proud to unveil the Reed & Barton Ultimate Holiday Sweepstakes.

Dagmar Obert Decorates with Reed and Barton Silver Ornaments on BH Noble Fir Wreath
BH Noble Fir decorated with Reed & Barton ornaments

To celebrate this wonderful partnership, I recently had the pleasure of decorating with some of Reed & Barton’s most classic ornaments. The company has earned a reputation for quality and craftsmanship from the time of the American Revolution. This gives holiday decorating a sense of history and an enduring allure.

I chose to decorate our BH Noble Fir™ Wreath – crafted meticulously to mimic fresh cuttings of the Abies procera – with exquisite Reed & Barton ornaments. The rich blue-green silver foliage beautifully plays off the cool tones and luster of the silver. I worked with an array of shiny, finely crafted collectibles ranging from old-world Santa to snowflakes and Christmas bells.

Reed and Barton Silver Ornaments

Two Reed & Barton ornaments I especially like are the Legacy Bell, which shows the smoothness of the sterling silver, and the Snowdrop Snowflake, which shows ornate detailing. These items are packaged in a sophisticated red flannel bag, ideal for both gift-giving and storage, and come with a red satin ribbon for hanging.

These ornaments could start a lasting Christmas decorating tradition. They are dated ornaments that can mark the birth of a new grandchild. The photo frame could hold a picture of a wedding or grandmother that has passed on. The other collections also have unique features to capture family memories and treasure them year after year.

Decorating a Balsam Hill tree, wreath, or garland with these special handcrafted ornaments allows one to look back on the year and chronicle the story of one’s family using trinkets and mementos that also serve as signature décor.

Reed & Barton products are not only for embellishing your Christmas masterpiece, but also for creating lasting symbols of the season. These beautiful, historically inspired collectibles are known for their superior design and craftsmanship.

And now, you have the chance to experience the timeless elegance of Reed & Barton and Balsam Hill together in a grand decorating showcase.

The Reed & Barton Ultimate Holiday Sweepstakes give you an opportunity to take home a set of over 70 Reed & Barton ornaments along with a 6-foot prelit Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce Narrow Tree, a complete package worth $5,000. Don’t forget to fill out the necessary information and click the “Enter to win” button.

With just a few simple clicks, your dream silver Christmas decorating showcase is within reach, waiting to grace your home for another season of timeless elegance.

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Win a $5,000 Dream Christmas Tree Decorating Showcase from Reed & Barton

Reed and Barton Ultimate Holiday Sweepstakes 2014
Join Reed & Barton’s Ultimate Holiday Sweepstakes

This Grand Decorating Package Awaits the Winner

Get a chance to win our beloved Christmas tree adorned with the finest collection of ornaments from Reed & Barton, maker of exquisite tableware and gifts since 1824.

Balsam Hill has partnered with Reed & Barton to unveil a grand decorating package worth $5,000 in the Reed & Barton Ultimate Holiday Sweepstakes.
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Which Christmas Decorating Theme Is Perfect For Your Family?

Join Balsam Hill's Personality Quiz and find out your holiday decorating style.
Join Balsam Hill’s Decorating Theme Quiz and find out your holiday decorating style.

The holiday season always opens up a treasure trove of decorating styles

Find design inspiration for your home this Yuletide season and get a chance to win a lovely ornament set in Balsam Hill’s Decorating Theme Quiz on Facebook. You’ll discover our wide array of holiday décor collections that exude a variety of styles.


Like our Balsam Hill Facebook page and provide us your full name and email address. Follow the directions on our page to take the quiz and earn one entry to our sweepstakes. You can also earn two (2) bonus entries per day by sharing the results of your quiz on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #MyBalsamHillHome.

Each person can participate in the quiz once every day throughout the promo period. This gives you three (3) entries per day or up to 36 entries for the entire sweepstakes. The promo officially starts on October 25, 7 AM PST and ends on November 5, 11:59 PM PST.


Twelve (12) winners will be drawn daily to receive our stunning Egg Blown Glass Ornaments in sets of 6. These ornaments are available in premium Burgundy & Emerald, Gold & Champagne, and Silver & Blue colors.

Join Balsam Hill's Personality Quiz and win our Egg Blown Glass Ornament Set
Win these beautiful Egg Blown Glass Ornaments in Balsam Hill’s Decorating Theme Quiz.

Visit our official Facebook page to learn more about the contest rules and regulations.

Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

My Balsam Hill Home: The Spirit of New York’s Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park offers an inspiring visage of greens and blooms in complete harmony with Manhattan’s impressive structures. Rich in history, the exclusive park has become a time-honored gem for the neighborhood and its surrounding streets and sidewalks, making it a privilege for anyone to be able to enjoy its splendor. Capture the beauty of New York’s Gramercy Park in your home with Balsam Hill’s picturesque ornament collection.

Setting Up the Canvas

Aspen Estate Fir


A lifelike tree like the Aspen Estate Fir™ is a fine backdrop for decorations as radiant as the Gramercy Park ornaments. Showcasing 100% True Needle tips, this tree features forest-green needles and detailed branches that suggest high quality craftsmanship, highlighting the sophistication of the decorating theme.

Paying Tribute to Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park Ornaments by Balsam Hill


Balsam Hill’s exclusive 30-piece Gramercy Park ornament set features a variety of finials, balls, crowns, teardrops and birds. Painted in glorious gold and bronze, the tree ornaments are decorated with micro-beading, crystal and laser-cut glitter to give your tree the sparkle it needs. Read This Entry