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Flowers for Centerpieces: Ideas for Spring Celebrations

When it comes to decorating with flowers as centerpieces, the possibilities are plenty. Artificial floral wreaths, garlands, and arrangements set in containers are good options to try. Not only do they take the guesswork out of assembling flowers from scratch, but they also last for years.

In this post, Courtney of French Country Cottage shares some ideas for flower centerpieces. Then, we show other ways to play with seasonal blooms for your spring table centerpieces.

Romantic Flowers for Centerpieces: Ideas by Courtney of French Country Cottage

Styling a pretty table for a special occasion is always a fun thing to do. And with lots of sunshine and longer daylight, spring is a perfect time to host a fun garden party or gathering with friends.

Today I am going to share two simple spring floral arrangement ideas using the charming Napa Romance florals from Balsam Hill.

Floral arrangements used as table centerpiece

While fresh flowers are always beautiful, using faux florals for a table centerpiece definitely has a few perks. First, you don’t have to worry about keeping them looking fresh until guests arrive. They won’t wilt or droop in the sun on a warm day. Then, when you’re done with your occasion, you can enjoy them as décor at home.

Boxed spring flowers used as table centerpieces

1. Flower Table Centerpieces

This type of centerpiece is classic. It’s just as perfect for long beautiful tables as it is for smaller ones. Spacing them down a long table creates a beautiful, balanced look. As a result, it creates an elegant setting for your occasion.

Balsam Hill Napa Romance floral arrangements

Insider’s Tip: Use several arrangements on a long table. I generally prefer to use 3 or 5 arrangements for a longer table. For small tables, a single arrangement in the center is perfect.

Napa Romance artificial floral arrangement

Insider’s Tip: If your florals are tall, offset the arrangements a bit from the place settings. This allows guests to be able to see across the table and have unobstructed conversations.

2. Garland as a Table Centerpiece

One of my favorite ways to create a beautiful centerpiece is to use a flower garland. Garlands are easy to place down the center of the table without taking up too much space. Also, they’re not tall which makes them perfect for conversation and keeping an open view.

Napa Romance garland as table centerpiece

Insider’s Tip: Tuck a few fresh flowers or greenery into your garland to add a natural scent and customize the look for your style.

Balsam Hill Napa Romance garland

Insider’s Tip: Make sure you have enough garland for the length of the table. And then some. I love to have a bit of the garland drape down at each end of the table. It creates an elegant look and is a beautiful finishing touch.

Artificial florals as tablescape decoration

Either one of these flower centerpiece ideas will work beautifully for a spring tablescape and for tables throughout the year. Happy entertaining!

Courtney of French Country Cottage

As the founder of lifestyle blog French Country Cottage and editor of Romantic Homes magazine, Courtney is known for bringing chic aesthetics and vintage elegance to her designs. Courtney offers readers creative ideas and decorating tips inspired by the ongoing renovations on her 1940s cottage home.

More Flower Centerpiece Ideas: How Do I Choose a Flower Arrangement?

Go beyond the rustic and romantic aesthetic with other themes and color palettes. Consider these picture-perfect ideas featuring spring florals from Balsam Hill:

1. Table Flowers with Delicate Hues

Dainty blooms like peonies, hydrangeas, and lavender make charming decorative accents. Artificial ones allow you to bring their beauty into your home without the tedious maintenance involved.

Featured: Southern Charm Floral Arrangement and White Phalaenopsis Orchids

For a cohesive look, echo the colors of your furniture in your table floral arrangements. Or, use white flowers to add effortless elegance to your spaces. Set them in intricately painted ceramic pots to bring old-world charm and nostalgia.

Featured: Outdoor Vibrant Summer Foliage, French Market Floral Foliage, Marseille Meadow Foliage, and Provencal Lavender Lantern

2. Candles and Flowers: The Perfect Pair

Create a cozy ambience with candle-lit greenery centerpieces. Their warm glow adds an inviting sparkle to your gatherings around the table.

Featured: Outdoor Enchanted Garden Foliage

Floral garlands are great centerpiece ideas for long tables. Place them in the center, making sure that there’s a bit of length that drapes down the edges of the table. Then, fill empty spots with candles.

Featured: Outdoor Radiant Peony Foliage

For outdoor celebrations, choose flameless LED candles. They’re a safe alternative that brings the flicker of real candlelight without the hazard. In addition, you can be sure they stay on even when there’s a breeze.

Featured: Marseille Meadow Foliage

For a round table, choose a mix of floral arrangements and candles that fill the center of the table. Make sure to leave enough space for your table settings.

3. Table Floral Arrangements with Colors of the Sun

For decorating convenience, choose blooms that easily transition from spring to summer. Draw inspiration from the bright hues of the sun like yellow, peach, and orange.

Featured: Hello Sunshine Foliage

Add cheer to your al fresco spaces with unique blooms like Craspedia flowers. For a seamless look, arrange them in planters that match your outdoor furniture.

Featured: Coral Garden Floral Arrangement

Flowers and fruits create another perfect pair. How about a table centerpiece with peach-colored blooms and actual peaches? The combination enhances the realism of your décor.

The beauty of using artificial flower table decorations is that you can enjoy them all year round. Whether you have special celebrations or simply want to refresh your space for the season, flowers are a great way to express your creativity through your décor.

We hope these flowers for centerpiece ideas inspired you to bring spring to every corner of your home. If you’re transforming your home into a spring oasis soon, share your photos or clips with us. For more seasonal floral arrangements and greenery, visit Balsam Hill.

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Step Into Spring

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