The Best Spring Colors to Decorate Your Home With

Crisp weather, new blooms, and bright mornings—spring is officially here. Usher in the season by decorating your home in beautiful spring colors. Also, find out which hues go well together and how to incorporate them in your décor.

1. Pink

Add a touch of romance to your living spaces with this versatile color. Whether light or dark, pink creates a dreamy mood to match the season.


Consider a natural look by pairing pale pink with white and green. Ivory serves as a transition shade while sage green is a complementary color.

When arranging a spring centerpiece for your table, choose a light-colored flower like blush rose. Then, add baby’s breath and wax flowers as fillers. Eucalyptus leaves make a good backdrop to these blooms.

Insider’s Tip: For a longer-lasting and ready arrangement, use Balsam Hill’s artificial flowers instead. Handcrafted and designed with exceptional realism, these make for an outstanding display year-round.

Hot Pink

Usher in a vibrant season with a spring color palette composed of bright hues. To build your own, use a color wheel as reference.

Start with a hot pink shade then look to its adjacent sides for secondary and accent colors to use. On the left side, you have mauve pink colors like mulberry and plum. On the right, you have red-pink then red-orange colors like rose and coral. Use wall art decorations and rugs to complete this colorful palette.

2. Purple

For a unique spring color scheme, consider shades of purple. It’s often associated with nobility. It’s also rarely found in nature, therefore making it a special hue.


A soft color like lavender is best paired with white. It creates a cool and calming aesthetic that matches the season’s weather. Meanwhile, combining lavender and pale pink adds a burst of color to the space without being overpowering.

Insider’s Tip: For your outdoor seating, one quick spring decorating idea would be to use blankets in the season’s colors. Use white linen for the upholstery and pillowcases. Then, add a purple blanket for accent.


Stand out with a bolder color like magenta. To soften its intensity, complement it with a lighter shade such as lilac and a cool one like sage green. Add off-white colors to further achieve a more toned-down look.

3. Orange

Brighten up your home with this spring color that combines the charms of red and yellow. Orange is stimulating, and its dark, warmer tones are often associated with autumn. But, with the right shade and color combinations, it fits right into spring and then transitions seamlessly into summer.

Light Peach

A light orange shade matches well with similar hues like light rose quartz and dusty rose. Paired with a bit of ivory and cream, the color gives off a monochromatic effect. In addition, its muted look makes it an easy match with most interiors.


For bolder color choices, take inspiration from the bright springtime sun. Decorate using a combination of coral, peach, and scarlet colors. Apart from bringing the sun into your home, the gradient effect that these colors create also adds an interesting visual to the space.

Insider’s Tip: For your spring table décor, match the accent color of your centerpiece to the color of your napkins. This creates a cohesive look that ties your decorations together.

4. Blue

Splash some color into your home with this ocean-inspired palette. Blue is a striking hue and when used on florals, it makes for an eye-catching spring porch décor.

Achieve a balance of colors by pairing blue with neutrals like white and cream. Another idea is to go monochromatic by using different shades from light to dark. If you prefer more color, consider adding some yellow and orange elements. This combination creates a seamless blend of spring and summer.

Insider’s Tip: Place a matching spring wreath and garland on your front door. Bright blue ones are sure to catch the attention and reap compliments from guests.

5. Yellow

Delight in the more playful side of spring with this sunny color. Yellow symbolizes energy and happiness—the right attitude to welcome a new season.

Bright yellow works well with orange and amber. Together, these colors add a warm touch to spring’s chilly weather. For a more muted display, opt for a pastel yellow shade and mix in other white items to further soften the look. This way, the little pops of yellow serve as an accent rather than a primary color.

Insider’s Tip: Complement your outdoor greenery with string lights and lanterns. Their warm lights add a magical glow to your space.

6. Green

Since spring is all about new beginnings, you can’t miss decorating with the color that represents growth and abundance. Green is also often found in nature, making it easy to pair with most hues.

For a classic look, stick with varying shades of green. Taking inspiration from nature also helps with building a cohesive color palette. For instance, decorating with green and brown creates an earthy look. If you prefer a strong contrast between colors, use green and white instead.

Let these spring colors inspire you as you decorate your home for the new season. With Balsam Hill, incorporating these hues into your décor is as convenient as ever. Explore our wide array of artificial florals including spring wreaths, garlands, arrangements, potted foliage, window boxes, and hanging baskets.

Bring springtime joy to your home with beautiful accents made even more affordable.

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