How Can I Decorate My Living Room for Spring?

As the weather turns warm and flowers start to bloom, new ideas start to take root as well. It’s the season of renewal, an ideal time to infuse your space with fresh and positive energy. Sprucing up your home is a worthwhile project with many creative possibilities. You’re likely asking yourself: How can I decorate my living room for spring? Look no further and read this post for helpful tips and spring home decorating ideas.

Why Should I Decorate My Living Room For Spring?

While each season is an opportunity to change your décor, spring is the perfect time to give your home a new look. Simply put, spring home decorating signifies new beginnings after a long winter. Also, it’s an avenue to express your creativity and personal style with seasonal palettes, textures, and accents. These are essential to creating a fresh and relaxing space for you and your loved ones to enjoy, especially in common areas like the living room.

1. Make spring cleaning a priority

As with any decorating project, it’s always good to start with a clean slate. Make sure to deep clean and declutter your home first before thinking of living room décor ideas for spring. Also, give your rugs, fireplace, and couches the extra care they deserve.

2. Update your mantel

Often the focal point of most living rooms, the mantel is a good place to start spring home decorating. Nothing says spring more than garden blooms, so why not refresh the look of your mantel with them? If you want something that will last throughout the season, consider decorating with quality artificial flowers. They’re easier to maintain than real ones and you can reuse them for years. Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Display an artificial flower wreath and garland on top of your mantel.
  • Flank either side of your fireplace with potted plants or large artificial flower arrangements. To avoid a fire hazard, consider this idea when your fireplace is no longer in use for the season.
  • Make use of LED candles to bring a safe, warm glow to your hearth.

3. Bring in pops of spring color

If you can, consider painting one wall in a springtime hue to complement your flowers on display. Or, choose a wallpaper in a fun and light print that’s easy on the eyes. An accent wall will definitely be a conversation starter when you have guests over.

Then, fill the room with touches of spring through decorative accents. Try things that you already have at home such as books, trays, or lanterns in shades that will complement your display. Place them on top of coffee tables or consoles. Complete the look with soft furnishings in the same colors.

4. Go light with your fabrics and textiles

Say goodbye to the heavy draperies and carpets of winter. Swap out the wool and faux fur throws you snuggled up under during the colder months. Replace them with pillowcases and couch covers in lighter fabrics. Much like how you update your wardrobe for spring, it’s time to bring out cotton and linen for the warmer months to come. Choose sheer, breezy curtains in place of blackout drapes. Remove the heavy carpeting you relied on to warm up your living room and bring in lighter area rugs.

5. Let the light in

Make full use of that gorgeous sunlight streaming in through your windows. Décor made from glass or acrylic helps bounce sunshine around and brightens any room. Swap out your metallic or gilt-edged picture frames with clear or white ones. Hang a beautiful statement mirror above the mantel. Arrange flowers in glass vases or bowls and display them in key areas around your living room. As an alternative, choose artificial flower arrangements set in glass vases with acrylic water illusion. They look like freshly-cut blooms without needing regular maintenance.

These living room décor ideas for spring are a great place to start when refreshing your space for the new season. Keep your color palette and theme cohesive for a clean look, and you’re sure to have a comfortable spot to revel in the warmer weather.

Has this post inspired you to start spring home decorating? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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