When it comes to decorating al fresco areas, many of us usually think about the porch, patio, or other outdoor entertaining spots. Exterior windows are often overlooked, but these are great opportunities to elevate the look of your home. Courtney of French Country Cottage shares easy ideas for spring window decorating using Balsam Hill’s outdoor-safe artificial florals.

Various Balsam Hill outdoor-safe florals used as spring window décor

How to Use Outdoor-safe Artificial Flowers for Spring Window Decorating

1. Keep it Nice and Simple

Balsam Hill Outdoor Radiant Peony wreath, garland, and window box used as minimalist spring window décor

If you’re a minimalist who wants to keep things neat, choose one foliage item to display on each window. It could be a garland across the entire frame, a spring wreath in the middle, or a window box at the bottom. The solo piece serves as the center of interest and draws the eyes in. 

2. Decorate in Pairs

Balsam Hill Outdoor Radiant Peony wreath, garland, and window box used in pairs to dress window

Add symmetry and style to your spring window décor by combining two types of arrangements. Balsam Hill’s outdoor spring wreaths are usually offered with matching outdoor spring garlands, window boxes, and hanging baskets, which makes it easier for you to choose a pair to display.

3. Go All Out

Exterior window and lounge decorated with Balsam Hill Outdoor-safe floral collections

Celebrate the season and all its color with windows decked in lovely spring décor. Balsam Hill’s artificial floral collections allow you to dress up your windows from top to bottom. Start with the décor directly on the window such as the garland and the wreath. Then, add a pair of hanging baskets on both ends, and window boxes or a garland across the length of the sill. Accent the look with a matching potted arrangement on the ground or on top of a table.

4. Mix and Match

Balsam Hill Outdoor-safe wreaths, garlands, hanging baskets, and window boxes used for spring window decorating

Who says you need to stick to one floral collection for your window decorations? It’s a great way to showcase your creativity and have fun with beautiful blooms. Create your own gallery with wreaths of different sizes and varying flowers. This makes a vibrant backdrop for family photos.

Insider’s Tip: When combining different floral collections, use the color theory as a guide. Analogous colors – those beside each other on the color wheel, like yellow, orange, and red – look good together. On the other hand, complementary colors are those on opposite sides of the wheel. Think blue and orange or yellow and purple. You can also play it safe and focus on one color, choosing flowers that feature its different shades.

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Enjoy Springtime Anytime with Outdoor-safe Artificial Florals

From artificial wreaths to floral arrangements, Balsam Hill’s outdoor-safe artificial flowers make spring decorating easy for your windows and al fresco spaces. They’re UV-protected to withstand the weather and resist color fading, keeping them vivid and beautiful for many seasons. Here are some of our favorite outdoor-safe floral collections.

Outdoor Radiant Peony

A window decorated with the full set of Balsam Hill Outdoor Radiant Peony Foliage

Our Outdoor Radiant Peony collection features peonies, daisies, dahlias, chrysanthemum, lavender, ivy, and boxwood. Paint a cheery scene on your windows and other al fresco areas with its vibrant shades of pink, magenta, and orange.

Outdoor Spring Morning Collection

Wake up to a refreshing sight with our Outdoor Spring Morning collection. Designed with roses, snapdragons, zinnia, and eucalyptus leaves, these arrangements can instantly perk up your windows, entryways, or breakfast nook.

Outdoor Midsummer Medley Collection

Full set of Balsam Hill Outdoor-safe Midsummer Medley used as window decorations

Featuring a richer palette of burgundy, fuchsia, orange, and yellow, the Outdoor Midsummer Medley collection is ideal for summertime displays. Add color to your windows and outdoor celebrations with the lively combination of dahlias, roses, orange berries, cosmos, jasmine, and ivy leaves.

Balsam Hill’s outdoor-safe artificial flowers are available in more collections to complement any decorating style. Find the best spring window decorations and start filling your favorite spaces with blooms that you can enjoy season after season.

We hope these window decorating tips inspired you to add colorful florals to every corner of your home. Want to learn more about our artificial flowers? Read these articles below.

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