My Balsam Hill Home: 5 Elements of a Cozy Reading Room

Reading a book is a wonderful way to escape the many stresses of work. A compelling novel or an awe-inspiring memoir transports you to a different place and time, and gives you the marvelous opportunity to unwind and gain new and valuable insight into life.

More than just a pastime or simple hobby, reading requires utmost concentration in your own intimate corner of the universe. A reading room provides exactly that: a sanctuary where you can relax and delve into the pages of your stories, far from the distractions and noise of home life. Here are five elements of a tranquil reading room for your literary adventures:

A Comfortable Chair

Pick out a wing or club seat that gives you maximum comfort. A large chair with a soft cushion can give your back the proper support it needs and will even let you move around. You can add a footstool to prop up your legs after a long and tiring day at the office.

Choose a chair that has soft fabric in a subtle color to complement any design scheme. Don’t go for leather. While it looks bold and sleek, leather can feel uncomfortable after hours of sitting.

Mute Colors

Simpler, quieter colors are ideal for your reading room. Neon shades are out of the question. Choose among sky blue, eggshell white, sea green, and rustic brown. Not only do these choices elevate your room and absorb natural light, they also convey intellectual vigor.

A Home for your Collection

Of course, the all-important element of your reading room is the bookshelf. If you want an elegant and unique approach, build your bookcase around your nook. This raises your reading room to stylish new heights.

You can also add a personal touch to the way you arrange your collection. You can go the traditional route and fix it alphabetically. Another option would be to organize it by genre or even by format. If you’re feeling a little bold and you want to put a new spin on things, arrange the pieces in the order you have collected them over the years. This will also show your journey as a book lover.

A Small Table

Place a small but sturdy table beside your nook for your current reads, your cup of coffee, and your handy notebook, where you can scribble quick reviews or even favorite quotes. For a unique and antiquarian touch, use an old trunk or stack up hardcover books.

A Beautiful Alternative to Natural Light

The best way to illuminate your readings is to use natural light, but if you want to continue through the night, then it would be good to have a light fixture near your chair or nook. Go for warm ambient and task lighting in the form of a floor or table lamp.

Make a stylish and romantic space for your beloved books and your precious reading with these tips from Balsam Hill.

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