Working tirelessly for long hours to protect and provide for the family make fathers real-life superheroes. One of the best ways to celebrate your dad is by helping him enjoy what he loves to do most, whether it’s with the family or his friends. Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas that will appeal to different types of dads.

For the Golfer Dad

Encourage your dad to take some time off and engage in his favorite sport by giving him practical yet stylish golf accessories.

Avid golfers know the importance of dressing properly on the course. Specially designed golf shirts keep players dry and allow for a better range of motion. Choosing high quality sportswear in flattering colors can help boost dad’s confidence and improve his focus on his game.

Giving your father a way to personalize his sports equipment is a great way to show your support for the game he loves. Available with different logos and designs, this golf ball marker acts as a stencil for imprinting special marks and designs on his golf balls.

For the Dad who Loves to Read

If your dad is a bibliophile, find out his favorite author or the next item on his reading list, and then give him something to feed his collection. If you don’t have a clue about his preferences, it’s safe to buy him a gift card from his favorite bookstore instead.

If your father does not have an e-book reader yet, this may be the best time to buy him one. Most e-book readers allow for font size adjustment, which is great for people who have trouble reading small text.

For the Dad who Loves to Entertain

Balsam Hill's Outdoor Fire Pit
Balsam Hill’s Outdoor Fire Pit

Balsam Hill’s outdoor fire pit is a great gift for dads who love to kick back and enjoy the company of family and friends while roasting marshmallow for s’mores. Elegant and durable, this copper fire pit is designed to withstand the elements, providing many years of memorable get-togethers.

Your dad may be no Gordon Ramsay, but with this MasterChef apron, you can make him look and feel like a 5-star culinary celebrity.

Grilling is a relaxing diversion for many dads. A high-quality barbecue set is a wonderful way to help the man of the house unwind while tending his trusty outdoor grill.

Balsam Hill's Leather Wine Carrier
Balsam Hill’s Leather Wine Carrier

Aside from holding and protecting your father’s favorite bottle of wine, this leather wine carrier sports a vintage, masculine look that suits a wide range of personal styles.

Balsam Hill's Stemless Etched Wine Glasses
Balsam Hill’s Stemless Etched Wine Glasses are a unique addition to your dad’s glassware

Having a glass of wine is a great way for dad to sit back and enjoy the evening, whether by himself or with company. These stemless etched wine glasses add flair to his home bar and make every toast with friends one to remember.

For the Dad who Loves Music

If your dad is a music lover, he’ll certainly appreciate listening to his favorite tunes on the latest iPod model. Another good gift idea is to beef up his music collection with an iTunes gift card, which he can also use to purchase apps and books for his Apple device.

Bluetooth-enabled speakers or earphones help keep your father up-to-date with modern technology and make his music listening more convenient. With a wireless audio device, he won’t need to struggle with tangled cords or falling ear buds.

For the Fit and Active Dad

A new pair of performance shoes or a sleek athletic shirt will surely pump up a man who is always on the go.

Help dad keep track of his fitness progress with an activity tracker. This gadget monitors his pulse and tracks total calories burned during a workout. Other fitness watches can measure running mileage and even play streaming music that matches one’s heart rate.

For the Dad who Loves to Tinker

Instructional books, or similar reading material, make a thoughtful gift for dads who love spending time in their workshops, repairing things around the house, or just taking things apart.

The Art of Tinkering contains a collection of projects by people who love to discover by doing. It’s about solving problems with available materials and gaining knowledge from that experience. A subscription to magazines like Popular Mechanics is also a perfect way to keep his curious mind working.

This year, let dad know how much you appreciate his uniqueness with an extra special and meaningful Father’s Day gift.

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