Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad

Working tirelessly for long hours to protect and provide for the family make fathers real-life superheroes. One of the best ways to celebrate your dad is by helping him enjoy what he loves to do most, whether it’s with family or friends. Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas that will appeal to different types of dads.

Best Gifts for Dad

For the Plant Dad

  • Topiaries in woven baskets
    Featured: Outdoor Cypress Topiaries

Does your dad have a green thumb? If yes, then he will surely appreciate plant kits or seedlings of flowers, crops, or herbs. Choose those that he doesn’t have in his garden yet. For his existing greenery, spruce them up with stylish yet functional planters. Then, keep his hands safe as he tends to his plants with high-quality gloves made of either bamboo or leather.

If he loves plants but lacks gardening skills, gift him with artificial topiaries or potted trees. He won’t have to worry about keeping them alive as they will look good for years—no water or sunlight required.

For the Fit and Active Dad

  • Matte black fragrance machine with scent cartridges
    Featured: Matte Black Scents of the Season™ Fragrance Machine

A new pair of performance shoes or a sleek athletic shirt will surely motivate a man who is always on the go. Another way to keep his energy up while exercising is to infuse a zesty citrus scent into his workout space.

Also, help dad keep track of his fitness progress with an activity tracker. This gadget monitors his pulse and tracks the total calories burned during a workout.

For the Dad Who Likes to Cook

  • Wreath and arrangement with lemons, white florals, and leaves in a white kitchen
    Featured: Villa Cucina Foliage

A cast-iron skillet may already be on dad’s wish list if he enjoys cooking. He can use this to make most dishes since it works on different stovetops and can be placed in the oven.

Since he spends a lot of time in the kitchen, consider decorating the space with beautiful greenery to keep him inspired.

For the DIY Dad

  • Wreath made out of small lights against a white background
    Featured: Outdoor Super Bright Wreath

A beautiful, bright light fixture will not only help him keep his focus while working on his latest project, but it will also spruce up his workshop. If carpentry is his forte, he’ll appreciate a wood- or forest-inspired scent such as cedar or fir in his space.

For the Organized Dad

  • Christmas tree in a storage bag in a living room
    Featured: Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag

The key to an organized space lies not only in making sure everything looks tidy, but also in using the right storage solutions. Indulge dad’s love for organization by giving him sets of trays, baskets, or crates for each space.

If he’s storing items for long stretches, such as Christmas trees, gift him with durable and space-saving containers.

Thinking of how to celebrate Father’s Day weekend? Here are some fun things to do with your dad at home:

Ideas for Father’s Day Activities

Al Fresco Dinner

  • Outdoor evening dining setup with lights and greenery

Featured: Outdoor Cascading Micro LED Lights | Solar Fairy Light Lanterns | White Berry Cypress Garland. First photo courtesy of Kirsten of Iron and Lace Design.

Enjoy the warm summer evening by dining out on the patio. Cook dad’s favorite dishes and pair them with his preferred liquor. Set the scene with music and a beautiful backdrop of lights.

Backyard Barbecue

  • Outdoor dining table with garland and candles

Featured: Outdoor Magnolia Leaves Garland

If burgers and ribs are more his style, then an afternoon barbecue is your best bet. Let dad sit back and relax with a cold beer while you man the grill. Make the day even more special by setting the table with greenery and décor.

Family Movie or Game Night

  • White throw on a white sofa in living room

Featured: Ivory Faux Mohair Throw | Stone Lodge Faux Fur Pillow Case

Dad will surely enjoy any activity enjoyed by the whole family. Whether you put his favorite movie on-screen or choose to play his go-to game, he’ll appreciate the bonding experience. Bring out some popcorn, snacks, and cozy pillows and blankets for the ultimate night in.


  • Outdoor covered area with lounge chairs and lights

Featured: Miracle Flame LED Birch Candles

If Father’s Day falls on a clear night, make the most of it by watching the stars. Apart from mats to lay on, also set up a few candles. You will need as little light as possible to best appreciate the view. After that, just bring out your binoculars and a trusty stargazing app and you’re ready for a night to remember.

Insider’s Tip: Choose flameless candles to get the look of real candles minus the risk of burns or fires.

Happy Father’s Day! We hope our gift and activity ideas inspired you for your upcoming celebration with dad.

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