Christmas trees are lovely to look at, but a fallen Christmas tree can be potentially dangerous for small children. Bright and sparkling lights and ornaments make your tree a beacon for children’s natural drive to satisfy their curiosity and need for tactile exploration. Sometimes, children get into accidents with common household objects, and your tree is no exception. Here are some ways to childproof your Christmas tree.

childproof your christmas tree
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Don’t Leave the Lights Plugged

A lit-up Christmas tree is a fire hazard. It also posts the risk of electric shock to children who pull or chew on the wires. If you have a real tree and wish to leave the lights on, make sure that you use a younger tree as they don’t easily dry out. If the lights are not in use, be sure to cover the electrical outlet.

Place the Tree in a Spot that Can’t Easily be Reached

Children find that low trees are impossible to resist. For toddlers, you can try putting the Christmas tree on a platform or another elevated area so they can’t pull on the branches. Putting the tree in a corner may also work.

Use Child-friendly Ornaments

There are plastic ornaments that don’t break easily and are available at the nearest Wal-Mart. Small ornaments are also a choking hazard, so use bigger ones without moving parts. Instead of attaching them using wire hooks, why not try string or straw rope? Place the ornaments a bit higher to discourage the children from attempting to get them. You can use your prized ornaments when your children have grown a bit more and understand their value.

Secure the Tree to the Floor

Screw it into a platform or put braces on the base. You can also use bricks, stones, and other heavy materials to weigh the tree down. If the top reaches close to the ceiling, get some transparent rope or wire and tie the tree to a hook. This way, it won’t fall or topple over when your children tug on it.

Get An Artificial Tree

Natural trees are far more appealing to youngsters because of their needles and cones. An artificial tree is less at risk from fire and does not shed any needles. With Balsam Hill’s exclusive technology, you can enjoy the warm appeal of real trees the child-proof way. The most realistic trees include the superlative Vermont White Spruce and BH Fraser Fir that are well-loved for their classic, chic appeal.

Gate Off the Tree

Use a baby gate to build a box around the tree so your child will not get too near. Another option is to assemble a train kit and set it up around the tree. Not only will it look better; but it will also distract and entertain the child, making him or her forget all about the Christmas tree and everything else in sight.

With these effective tips, you will be sure that your Christmas tree – and your children – stay safe and happy, at least until the next holiday season.

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