Easter is a celebration of life and rebirth. Many use this time of year to celebrate this new life and the promise and hope of renewal. Often after a church service, you can honor this significant time of the year by hosting an Easter brunch for family and friends. Here are some wonderful ideas to inspire your event decorations.

Front Door and Entryway

The entrance to your home should signal immediately that a different time is upon us. Start by adorning your porch or front entry with wreaths or signage on the front door. Use topiaries that can last throughout the summer on either side of your door, almost like soldiers standing guard. You can even use garden statues or other animal embellishments like rabbits, lambs, or chicks to indicate that spring’s signs of new life are here.

A bouquet of blossoms on your front door is a great way to foster a happy mood among your guests. This wreath, however, is more than just a showcase of greenery. With two bunnies perched on the grapevine wreath, and colorful blooms and berries, this décor piece welcomes Easter with cheer and warmth. This décor has class, something for the kids, yet subtle enough to be hung for more than just the Easter season.

With vibrant leaves and lovely LED clear lights, Balsam Hill’s Boxwood Greenery welcomes springtime with joy and elegance. Pair up your colorful front door Easter decorations, such as planters or concrete-looking sculptures that show the wealth of new growth and life. Don’t forget to add some colorful ribbon to the animal, or even the trunk of the boxwood topiary, to add an air of festivity and excitement.

You can also hang a box of beautiful flowers on the door to signify the new life the season brings, signage to welcome your guests with a greeting, or an alternative to the traditional wreath so that you can have some variety.

According to folklore, the Easter Rabbit brings candies, toys and a basket of colored eggs to children’s houses the night before Easter, making them a well-known figure and symbol of the holiday. Nothing is more reminiscent of Easter in one’s childhood than a couple of bunny garden statues near your entrance door to give your visitors a charming welcome. They almost seem to perch and harken the presence of guests.

Easter Tablescape

Colorful blooms instantly add a spring feel to any table, no matter the time of year. Balsam Hill’s artificial floral arrangements capture the freshness of real flowers to bring nature’s beautiful colors into your home this Easter.

Flowers and eggs have a life-giving quality when decorating your table for the season. You can start with a single vase or pitcher of dainty tulips as your centerpiece, and then add a few Easter elements in the dishware. Tulips in a simple white container highlight the “hope” of the season. The contrast of dark brown chargers almost seem to represent the cross in the Christian tradition and yet the green fabric napkin, the sprig of plant life, and the monogrammed egg all come together to create a special feeling of celebration that also honors your guests. The intention of decorating for people will never be lost; it stamps an impression of care and thankfulness for your presence in their lives.

Adding a spring-inspired centerpiece with a few elements of Easter is one of the quickest ways to dress up the table for an Easter brunch. This arrangement at the center keeps too much clutter away and celebrates bulb-like plants for a more rustic feel. Sprinkle a few jelly beans across a longer table until you have all areas covered. Adding faux natural-looking eggs to the rustic toolbox indicate that life is at the center of the festivities.

Is a wreath only meant to be hung? Use a wreath as a table centerpiece by securing it on a pot. Many of these are available at nurseries and even some grocers who have a floral department. Add a few eggs, song birds, or a small rabbit to it to complete the Easter imagery. The bird’s nest on each of the plates is also a nice and creative touch that celebrates the outdoors. Adding a few purple statice-looking flowers gives pops of color. The wonderful, whimsical polka dot ribbon cinches the napkin in the glass. Notice the table runner of fabric, that could be ribbon draped in a way to break up the toile tablecloth. Such lovely uses of brown and green indicate the start of new life in the soil.

Decorating with Food

There are a lot of Eater food ideas you can try, and even ordinary desserts can turn into photo-worthy works of art. Arranged to form an Easter Bunny, these fruit slices look all the more appetizing. If you want to add a twist, indulge with more ingredients. This fruit pizza by Elizabeth of www.sugarhero.com was built with a sugar cookie crust, cream cheese frosting, and fresh fruits. What could be more mouthwatering than this?

Garden or Backyard for the Egg Hunt

Turn a casual Easter brunch into a basket of fun for kids and adults alike by leveling up the egg-hunting props and game like ideas. Decorate the garden and backyard with colorful ribbons and pretty sign boards. Also, consider some adaptations on the traditional egg hunt. Make a scavenger hunt. Try making poppers to hang in a tree and make it a prize for the winners of the scavenger hunt.

I remember Easter egg hunting with my cousins just like it was yesterday. Capture fun and family time on this special holiday that celebrates new life. Add more fun by using team efforts to either make or put things together, like puzzle pieces in eggs. Have different stations that people can contribute to and ensure that your activities are enjoyable for any age. Don’t forget the dyed or painted Easter eggs and lots of baskets for the abundance of Easter treats and candy.

The Easter season is such a special time for the family. Try these ideas for an unforgettable Easter brunch!

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