Storing holiday decorations can be tricky business. Homeowners are often faced with the problem of fitting all their holiday décor in such a small storage area. To solve this, Balsam Hill is giving you quick tips on how to maximize both conventional and unconventional storage spaces so you can stow your decorative items easily.

Utilize the Space Under Your Staircase

Most modern homes leave the space underneath the staircase vacant and bare. Utilize this ‘hidden’ area to its fullest potential. Place large wooden crates and other stylish containers underneath the steps. Arrange them according to style and size then stack them up neatly.

Convert the Bottom of Your Staircase into a Closet

Another clever idea for your staircase is to convert the bottom part into storage. Hire someone to hollow out the space and build a wooden closet or a set of cabinets. Paint it in a color that complements your main decorative theme. This location is perfect for your wreaths, garlands, paper ornaments, and wooden decorations.

Maximize Empty Corners

Unused corners in larger rooms can also be turned into a makeshift storage space for Christmas decorations, such as trees and garlands. Add a stylish and elegant divider or folding screen in that corner. Place large boxes filled with trinkets and other bulkier items behind the divider. Just make sure that this junction in the house is far away from windows. Direct sunlight and prolonged exposure to heat can damage holiday pieces.

Take Advantage of Every Nook and Cranny

The crevices in your attic can also serve as a home for your containers and boxes. Pile the boxes up, with the heavier ones at the bottom and lighter ones on top, until the stack reaches the ceiling. If your cases are not that sturdy, install ready-made shelves that can support your items.

Don’t Forget the Top and Bottom Sections of Your Closet

Place light, portable containers in tight slots found in upper and lower sections, such as top shelves and bottom racks, of your dressers and closets.

Divide Large Spaces into Sections

If you don’t have extra shelving, you can instead designate certain segments of your closet for various items. By segmenting your closet, you can identify which areas store which items better, and thus reappropriate the space. This technique will help you stow more pieces efficiently. You can also custom-fit tension rods and small drawers so you can have a nice built-in craft station for your leftover wrapping paper and ribbons.

Don’t Forget to Stack Up

Finally, simply pile up sturdy containers to save space. Most plastic containers can withstand heavy weight and the occasional bump. Use this to your advantage. You’ll have more space to store all your belongings when you use stackable compartments.

Have an easier time packing your holiday decorations with these storage and organizing ideas from Balsam Hill!

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