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Headshot of Yvonne Pratt of StoneGable

Yvonne is the owner of StoneGable, a blog about all things home and garden. She lives in the bucolic farmland of Lancaster County Pennsylvania, where their family enjoys what she calls their American Farmhouse lifestyle. An avid learner, Yvonne has a passion for sharing what she has learned about room makeovers, cooking, gardening, home improvement, upcycling, and crafting. She hopes that anyone who visits StoneGable, both the home and blog, will leave feeling like they have found lifelong friends.

For our Mother’s Day Campaign, we invited Yvonne to share a thing or two about her mother.

Describe your mom in 3 words.

Gracious, Beautiful and Timeless.

Describe what your mom means to you in one sentence.

One sentence would never do! Here’s a little snippet of a story…. When I was growing up my mother would always say, “Yvonne, I’m you mother… not your friend! I don’t want to be your friend. You will only have ONE mother and probably hundreds of friends”. Mom was right. She was and is one-of -kind and I love our mother/daughter relationship!

What’s your favorite activity to do with your mom?

Family dinners at my home. I just love to watch her interact with different generations with such ease and grace and love! My mom has the best questions for all of us to answer during dinners. And if we play games after dinner she is so much fun! She can play a mean game of ladder ball or croquet or dominos! It amazes me to see the love and respect she gets from our whole family!

What are you most grateful to your mother for?

Her steadfast love and acceptance and sharing her faith.

What’s your favorite way to show your mom that you care?

My mother is in her eighties and is just as hip and chic as my friends! She has an iPhone, iPad, a computer, and a Facebook page and loves to keep up to date with all these devices! Her kids keep her connected and help her with any tech problems. You should see how proficient she is! It’s a hoot! She is very social and up to date… we want to keep her that way!

Are there small things your mom does for you that lets you know she cares?

She comes to my home and helps around the house… folding laundry, doing the dishes, even helping me clean our big wrap around porch and windows! We chat and laugh and I enjoy those household chores so much more because we do them together!

Spring Outdoor Vignette by Yvonne
Spring Outdoor Vignette by Yvonne

Check out Yvonne’s blog post to see how she decorated her home with Balsam Hill’s Double Ball Outdoor LED Boxwood Topiary!

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