DIY How-To: A Guide on Potting Artificial Plants Using Planters

Lifelike artificial plants are a practical alternative to real greenery. They’re an effortless way to bring life and color to any room. With minimal maintenance, they will remain beautiful for years.

Elevate the way you decorate with faux plants by placing them in vessels that suit your home aesthetic. Read on for our how-to guide on potting artificial plants using planters. Then, find inspiration in some of our most popular potted plants and flowers.

Frequently Asked Questions Before Repotting Artificial Plants

• Can you repot plants in soil?

Yes, you can use soil when repotting artificial plants. However, the process isn’t as complicated compared to potting real plants and flowers to help them grow. Aside from giving it a more lifelike impression, soil is simply used to anchor the artificial arrangement in your chosen vessel. You don’t have to worry about using the right type of soil or ensuring proper water drainage, unlike with real potted plants.

Make sure to use dry soil, as the dampness can damage or degrade your artificial plants. Also, check the pot often for bugs or pests in the dirt, which could likewise affect your faux foliage.

• What do you fill artificial plant pots with?

Apart from soil, consider using sand, small aquarium pebbles, marbles, or even glass beads. The idea is to add enough volume or weight to your planter to make the arrangement more stable. In addition, these will conceal the basic pot your arrangement came in if you’re not removing it.

Another idea is to layer different potting materials. Try stabilizing the arrangement with chunks of floral foam or a few inches of soil. Then, top the more visible part with smooth river rocks or other, more decorative accessories to complete the look.

• How do I pick the perfect planter?

Planters make or break the overall look of your potted greenery. The right size and design will not only complement the foliage but also your home’s overall décor. While the type of planter is a matter of preference, there are also practical considerations. Here’s how to pick the best planters for your artificial plants.

1. Get the proportions right

Balsam Hill Double Ball Boxwood Artificial Topiary used as spring door decorations
Featured: Outdoor Double Ball Boxwood Topiary | Photo courtesy of Brendt Blanks of She Gave It A Go

Planter diameter is a factor when thinking of how to keep artificial plants from tipping over. Aim for 5 to 10 centimeters of space from the base of your arrangement to the edge of your planter. To ensure your display looks its best, measure the height of the planter against the existing starter pot. Select a new planter that’s taller or deeper to effectively conceal the rim of the smaller pot nestled inside.

Similarly, check the space between the rim of the planter and where the bottom of the foliage begins. There should be enough space for you to conceal the starter pot and add your filler. If a planter is too deep, consider raising the base with a few inches of sand or soil to lift your artificial topiary or flower arrangement.

2. Choose a planter that complements your space

Let your choice of planter contribute to your space’s overall look and feel. Rustic textures like that of our Gray Outdoor Woven Basket add a cozy ambience to your porch or patio. Meanwhile, stone-finish planters with sculpted details, like our Taupe Fluted Planters, are a more formal option. Regardless of design, make sure your planter is durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use.

How-to Guide on Potting Artificial Plants Using Planters

Boxwood artificial topiaries as spring home decorations
Featured: Outdoor Finial Boxwood Topiary | Photo courtesy of Kathleen Elisabeth

Materials Needed

  • Artificial plant or flower arrangement in its original plain starter pot
  • Planter or vessel
  • Heavy filling materials like sand, larger rocks, or soil (for the bottom)
  • Lightweight or decorative fillers, like a combination of floral foam chunks, smaller glass beads, marbles, or rocks (for the top)
  • Small garden trowel


  1. Artificial plants and potted arrangements are usually compressed for shipping. After taking them out of the box, use your fingers to fluff and style the foliage.
  2. Do not remove the starter pot your plant came in. Nestle it inside the planter. Take a step back and check if it’s at the right height or if it needs more clearance to peek out of the planter.
  3. Build your base and weigh down the planter. Use sand, rocks, or dry soil tamped down firmly. Position your plant in the center of the pot.
  4. The second, lightweight layer is essential when thinking of how to secure artificial plants in pots. Use as much as you need to keep the plant centered and stable. Since this is the visible part of the plant, take care to conceal the starter pot for added realism.

Our Customers’ Favorite Artificial Plants from Balsam Hill

Balsam Hill’s artificial topiaries come in a neutral starter pot. This makes it easy for you to dress it with your chosen vessel. On the other hand, our collection of potted flowers and greenery are offered with planters in various designs and finishes. From metal containers to wooden buckets and resin pots, these are sure to suit any home’s decorating theme.

Beyond the collection of potted arrangements, we also offer beautiful planters. Select from our assortment and customize your chosen foliage. Check out some of our customer-favorite potted artificial plants for some creative inspiration.

Outdoor Cypress Topiary

Dazzle your guests with a perfectly shaped topiary display all year round. Our Outdoor Cypress Topiary is available in a variety of shapes, such as single ball, double ball, finial, and spiral. Pre-lit with warm white LED bulbs, it casts a warm and inviting glow at night. They are battery-operated and have built-in timers, giving you more freedom to decorate wherever you please.

Outdoor Boxwood Topiary

Our Outdoor Boxwood Topiaries were inspired by the manicured look of estate gardens. These add a refined touch to entryways and common areas. Similar to the Outdoor Cypress Topiary, this collection is also offered pre-lit in various shapes, such as single ball, double ball, finial, and spiral. They’re also battery-operated and come with a built-in timer for decorating convenience.

Outdoor Sunrise Dahlia Potted Plant

Featuring an array of brilliant orange and yellow blooms, many customers call the Outdoor Sunrise Dahlia Potted Plant “the perfect pop of color.” Display it on the porch, patio, or even in the kitchen for a delightful reminder of spring.

Outdoor Summer Breeze Potted Plant

Add a cheerful touch to your outdoor spaces with a collection of cornflowers, gerberas, and wildflowers. Balsam Hill customers love this arrangement for its beautiful mix of summer colors.

Outdoor Provence Rose Potted Plant

This potted arrangement includes cottage roses, eucalyptus leaves, dock stems, and ivy leaves. Each flower features more than 40 layers of handcrafted petals for utmost realism. Bring a romantic, inviting touch to your favorite spaces and celebrations with its delicate nature.

Outdoor Seaside Cottage Foliage

Lend a touch of coastal elegance to your home with our Outdoor Seaside Cottage Foliage. It features blue and white flowers such as daisies, forget-me-nots, lisianthus, and baby’s breath. Choose this arrangement for your summer home, or simply when you want to bring a tranquil touch to any space.

May this quick and easy how-to guide on potting artificial plants using planters inspire you to get even more creative with your home décor. For more styling ideas, check out our Spring Catalog.

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