Spring Theme Quiz: How to Decorate Your Home Based on Your Style

This season is all about bright florals, pastel hues, and warm accents. Spring also celebrates new beginnings, making it the best time to spruce up your home and update your décor.

But how exactly should you decorate your home to fit your personal style? Take our quick quiz to find the ideal spring theme for your space. Also, get spring decoration tips for each theme below.

Classy Minimalist

  • Minimalist spring theme featuring eucalyptus wreath and garland on a fireplace mantel
    Featured: Mixed Eucalyptus Foliage

A minimalist home focuses on clean lines, well-appointed spaces, and clutter-free rooms. Get tips on how to achieve the look for spring.

  • For minimalist spring home decorations, stick to neutral colors and natural textures such as wood. Also, look for textiles in light or muted shades.
  • To create a seamless look, opt for complementing decorations such as artworks in similar colors and styles.
  • Use sleek and large pieces of décor. These allow you to make a great impact despite furnishing with fewer items.
  • Display evergreen foliage such as a Mixed Eucalyptus spring garland or Outdoor Magnolia Leaves as your spring wreath for the front door and other key areas. Apart from being simple yet standout decorations, these will also look good through the seasons.
  • Clean up your space. Dispose of or repurpose items you no longer use. Check out these spring cleaning tips from Kathleen Elisabeth, Jessica Giffin, and Lorena Rosales.

Modern Tuscan

  • Living room fireplace mantel with a Tuscan spring theme
    Featured: Spring in Bloom Garland. Photo courtesy of Jessica Giffin.

Homes with this style are reminiscent of the Italian countryside. Explore spring decorating ideas below to create the atmosphere of a vacation home under the Tuscan sun.

  • Incorporate dark wood, wrought iron, and stone accents in your home.
  • The Tuscan aesthetic focuses on feminine curves and antique finishes. Appoint your space with décor such as lampshades and sculptures that fit the bill.
  • Decorate with warm earth tones—think terracotta, rust, brick red, mustard yellow, and olive green.
  • Then, switch out cool-toned lighting with warm light fixtures. Add warm-toned, flameless LED candles to easily achieve the look.
  • Given the importance of cuisine to the Italian culture, Tuscan homes boast gardens with plants used for both cooking and medicinal purposes. Bring these lush gardens into your home with the citrus fruits of the Villa Cucina Hanging Basket or lavender of the Provencal Lavender Garland.

Coastal Chic

  • Two ladies having afternoon tea amongst blue and white floral spring decorations
    Featured: Outdoor Seaside Cottage Foliage

Bring the feel of the sea to your home with a coastal decorating theme for spring. Here’s how to incorporate the relaxed and casual yet chic aesthetic into your space.

  • When creating a coastal home, an easy way to achieve the look is to add elements inspired by the sand, clouds, and sea. Don’t get confused with the nautical theme, which focuses more on an abundance of seashells and nautical stripes. Instead, add small accents of corals, bamboo, and other natural elements found in and around the sea.
  • Speaking of natural elements, also opt for natural textures such as rope, seagrass, jute, and sisal.
  • Replace opaque, heavy curtains with sheer, lightweight ones to let the light and breeze in.
  • Mix neutrals with ocean-inspired hues such as navy, seafoam green, and turquoise.
  • Lastly, don’t forget your outdoor spaces. Decorate your front door with a spring wreath like the Outdoor Seaside Cottage foliage, which features blue and white tones inspired by the tranquil hues of the sea.

Elegant Farmhouse

  • Dining room with farmhouse spring theme
    Featured: French Market Foliage. Photo courtesy of Kim & Lacey of Styled with Lace.

The farmhouse style is known for having accessible and functional features while being warm and inviting. Here are a few tips to spruce up your home decorations for spring.

  • Look for playful and charming elements such as animal figurines and patterns.
  • Rustic or vintage pieces are also considered staples in farmhouses. Incorporate these into your space.
  • While some home styles put a premium on perfection and symmetry, the farmhouse theme celebrates imperfection. Putting mismatched pieces together is not only acceptable, but is actually celebrated.
  • Bring more warmth into and around your home with the right lighting. Firstly, create a delightful display of candles to serve as your spring mantel décor. Then, hang string lights or orb lights in your outdoor spaces.
  • Add some romance with roses. The Outdoor Provence Rose collection is an elegant choice.

Bring springtime joy to your home with beautiful accents made even more affordable.

We hope our quiz and quick guide helped you find your spring theme and then inspired you to decorate your home to suit your style.

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Spring Your Way

Now that you’ve found your spring style, get tips on decorating different areas of your home:

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