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Halloween is always a fun and spirited time of the year, with everyone going all out with their décor. There is a great sense of anticipation as the young and young at heart look forward to the treats and excitement that this occasion brings.

Halloween topiary and trick-or-treat pumpkins
Halloween topiary and trick-or-treat pumpkins

Every year, I enjoy decorating for Halloween, with vibrant colors and beautiful accents that add warmth to our home. Here is a peek at how I created festive displays for this year’s trick-or-treat season.

Cheering Up the Outdoors

I started off outside and made good use of orange, the defining hue of Halloween. Vivid orange-colored décor brightened up what was an overcast day and brought a lot of cheer to our patio.

Welcoming outdoor seating with touches of vibrant color
Welcoming outdoor seating with touches of vibrant color

A cozy throw and plump Halloween-themed pillows help make my wicker seat even more welcoming during chilly evenings. I topped the antiqued urns flanking the seat with real pumpkins to represent the bounty of fall and also to add balance and dimension to the whole display. The finishing touch was this hand-painted pumpkin candy bowl that I repurposed to hold a pillar candle. For outdoor decorating, comfort is always one of my priorities, so I am very happy with how inviting this section turned out.

Charming accents make for a delightful display
Charming accents make for a delightful display

In a different part of my patio, I included other festive touches. These Trick or Treat pumpkins, pumpkin throw pillow, and glass pumpkin lights really go far in adding whimsy and pulling the whole look together. My antiqued urn makes another appearance, as part of a topiary that I embellished with orange burlap ribbon. Have you noticed my love for elements that add height? Having different levels in your décor draws the eye and helps create an appealing look.

Brightening the Indoors

Halloween is a highly popular holiday, especially for the young, so I decided to spruce up my daughter’s bedroom with some decorative accents. My daughter’s bedside table has been recently been re-painted orange with a dark brown top, so it really plays well with the Halloween theme, as does the solid orange pillow on her bed.

Different elements and colors work together to add festive cheer
Different elements and colors work together to add festive cheer

In order to tie in with those colors, I accented some pillar candles with orange ribbon and positioned them on top of these elegant candle holders. Another pillar candle is nestled within the pumpkin candy bowl, and a string of pumpkin lights is draped along the headboard for soft and charming illumination at night. The overall effect is one that is in keeping with the season, without being over the top.

When decorating for any occasion, keep these tips in mind for achieving a cohesive look: stay within a theme or color palette, and bring in elements that work with the style you are going for. Enjoy the process and don’t be afraid to get creative – the end result will be one that will delight you and your loved ones.

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