Our home is our haven—and we are all spending more time at home right now. For many, that also means working from home. While I’m working in my home office more than ever, I also love to find quiet spots that feel a little more inspired. These are spaces that are out of the usual where I love to sit and do a bit of work.

Provencal Lavender Artificial Greenery Decor

Home offices can often feel like a typical workspace. When looking for inspiration, sometimes what we need is a change of view. A home office can be in the usual spots—or it can be anywhere with a little imagination.

In this post, I’m sharing my top three spaces where I have been spending time working from home. I transformed them into workspaces bursting with spring goodness using realistic florals from Balsam Hill.

The Home Office

It’s a small room with the usual suspects—a desk, computer, printer, and bookcase. It should be a perfect place for working, but it doesn’t always feel like a place that inspires me to work. So, I added a faux fireplace that I enjoy styling for each season to brighten the look of the room. To bring the outdoors inside, I chose beautiful Provencal Lavender Garland and Lanterns for a bit of spring charm.

Fireplace mantel with artificial lavender garland

Tip: Adding faux candles or lanterns to a home office instantly makes it feel warmer. These lanterns with florals are outdoor-safe and also look wonderful indoors.

Fireplace mantel decorated with artificial lavender

The Garden

When thinking of places to do a bit of writing or take a business call, think outside the box. Which can also mean—literally take your work outside.

Chair and stool setup as outdoor home office

For my outdoor spot, simply setting a chair and stool in the garden creates a lovely break to the usual office atmosphere. I added a couple of these Hello Sunshine Lanterns with LED candles to add a warm glow. I love how they make this little spot feel more cozy and special.

Balsam Hill Hello Sunshine Lantern with Candle

Tip: Here are some things to consider when working outdoors. Do you have a good phone and wifi reception where you can create your workspace? Is there a power source nearby if you need to connect to it? Is there a place to take shelter under such as an umbrella or covered patio? These are all factors that help you find the perfect workspace that comes with a view.

The Barn

The barn is a spot I retreat to often when I work on photography. And recently, I have been wandering up there with a cup of tea to do a bit of writing. It’s a beautiful little spot to escape to. And with some Balsam Hill lavender florals, it looks absolutely inspiring.

Barn decorated with artificial lavender foliage

Outside, I hung swags on the barn doors and placed lanterns to instantly create a beautiful welcome.

Provencal Lavender Swag on Door

Once inside, the lavender continues with garlands and lanterns on the work table.

Wood table and vintage mirror decorated with lavender

On the mirror on the back wall, I draped two Provencal Lavender Garlands. I love how that pop of pretty transforms it instantly.

Balsam Hill Provencal Lavender Garland

If you’re looking for places to turn into a home office, one idea is to think of outbuildings that you have. Maybe you have a greenhouse or a shed that could be converted and would be perfect for getting work done. The key is to think outside the usual office atmosphere and get creative with workspaces.

Provencal Lavender Lantern with Candle on work table

When thinking of ways to break up your work-from-home routine, simply look around your home and yard and see what space might work for what you need.

Make sure to check off the practical boxes: Is there enough light and is the space quiet enough for focus? Can you set up a table that can serve as a desk and a comfy chair for long hours of sitting? Do you have the electricity needed to power up?

Artificial Lavender Flowers by Balsam Hill

Even if it is just a temporary workplace, a change of scenery might be exactly what you need to feel more inspired and productive while working from home.

Do you like how these home office spaces turned out? Find more creative styling ideas with florals for your home here and here.

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