With more time spent indoors, your home decoration plays an important part in creating spaces of comfort and beauty you can enjoy. This presents the perfect opportunity to change your home décor with the seasons, too.

Wondering how and when to decorate for each season? Here are quick seasonal decorating ideas to refresh the look of your home throughout the year.

Ways to Transition Your Home Décor for Any Season

From Summer to Fall

When should you put up fall home décor? We recommend starting in late August. Another option is waiting until leaves change colors come September to October.

When choosing autumn decorations, use elements that celebrate bountiful harvests. Incorporate seasonal accents such as pumpkins, berries, apples, and fall leaves in your home décor. Key locations are your entryway, living room mantel, and dining room table. A fall garland or artificial fall flower arrangements make lovely centerpieces.

Collage of photos showing fall-themed decor
Vibrant shades of red or orange transition neutral-toned rooms into autumn. Photo by Charlotte of Charlottes Happy Home (left)

On your front door, switch your floral foliage with fall wreaths and garlands. Have fun using pumpkin décor of varied colors, sizes, and shapes when decorating your front porch and other outdoor spaces.

Fall decorating is about bringing the oranges, browns, and reds of autumn foliage into your home. As the weather cools, warm up your spaces with plush area rugs, throw pillows, and beddings. Use scented candles or oils with hints of apple, vanilla, or cinnamon to enhance the homey atmosphere.

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From Fall to Winter

When’s the best time to take down fall decorations and ease into winter? Late November is a good time to transition your home decoration for the merriest time of year.

Begin with simple evergreen foliage and gradually go full-on holiday as Christmas draws near. As temperatures drop, lay out throw pillows and blankets in thicker fabrics of wool or fleece in your living room, bedroom, and lounge areas for texture and comfort. Create a warm ambience with decorations that have natural details like wood, dried seasonal fruits, and evergreen sprigs.

Candles are also a quick way to make a room feel cozy. Display in groups of different sizes to create a charming effect at night.

Collage of photos showing Christmas decorations
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Choose a theme for your holiday décor, such as traditional reds and greens, winter whites, modern metallics, jewel tones—or any look that strikes your fancy. Whatever theme you pick, remember to follow the same color palette for evergreens such as Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands to create a cohesive look.

Make your home more festive with Christmas decorations on doors, mantels, and tables. Hang string lights on your windows, banister, porch, or outdoor areas to create a cheery atmosphere.

Place Christmas-themed pieces back in storage post-holiday, but keep the seasonal décor on display until spring.

From Winter to Spring

Want to know when to change seasonal décor from winter to spring? March is a good time to welcome the season of new beginnings with changes in your home decorations.

Focus on a few design elements that you can easily refresh, such as color and texture.

In spring, select pastel hues for your curtains, throw pillows, rugs, and sheets. To make a quick update, trade chunky fabrics for cool and lightweight cotton or linen. Replace heavy curtains with sheer ones as they allow more light and breeze indoors.

Delicate-toned flowers in full bloom are a great way to brighten any space. Display spring floral arrangements, wreaths, or garlands throughout your home, from the entryway and foyer to your living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom. Add accents with floral or botanical prints to your table and mantel decorations.

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From Spring to Summer

When is the time to transition your home decoration from spring to summer? As temperatures start to rise from early to mid-June, bring touches of summer into your living space.

Freshen up your room decoration with throw pillows, area rugs, and other accents in vibrant yellow, orange, or fuchsia. Incorporate crisp white fabrics for curtains and beddings to make these bold colors come to life. White also reflects more light, giving your rooms a fresh and airy feel.

Let bright summer flower arrangements liven up your home. Add character to your living room with a colorful summer wreath or wall art as your mantel décor. Place a vase of flowers on tabletops to create a cheery atmosphere.

Display home accessories that remind you of the season, such as tropical fruit bowls, wicker baskets, and nautical-inspired décor.

Summer’s the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors with a brunch or barbecue set-up in the backyard. Lay out colorful tablecloths and tableware. Repurpose the string lights you used during winter and hang them around your al fresco dining area for a festive feel.

Year-Round Decorating Ideas to Try

Decorating for the seasons is quick and easy with a transitional style that works at any time. Here are tips to help refresh your rooms throughout the year.

Start with Neutrals

Collage of photos showing artificial foliage and room decorations in neutral shades
Easily switch up decorations by replacing the foliage with in-season accents

Choose a neutral palette for your walls, furniture, or fabrics to create a timeless look. Shades of white, cream, taupe, or gray work well on their own and look great when combined with other hues.

Decorate with Wood

Collage of photos showing rooms with wooden furnishings and artificial foliage
Bring rustic charm into a room with wooden furnishings, flowers, and foliage. Photo by Liz of Liz Marie Blog (left) and Courtney of French Country Cottage (right)

Natural materials such as wood and wicker add warmth to a room. Fill wooden bowls with seasonal items—from seashells in summer, to turning leaves in fall, and pinecones in winter.

Use wooden crates and wicker baskets for organizing pantry goods and fresh produce. They’re also ideal for arranging books, toys, linen, and just about anything. Interchangeable pieces like these are practical additions to your home décor.

Add Foliage Accents

Collage of photos showing potted foliage and garland
Energize any space with refreshing touches of green

Greenery instantly brightens any space. They are versatile and neutral pieces of décor which you can use all year round. Place potted plants and topiary trees in corners, hallways, and tabletops. Hang evergreen wreaths and garlands on the door, mantel, or headboard to liven up a room.

Use Candles and Lanterns

Collage of photos showing rooms decorated with candles
Photo by Courtney of French Country Cottage (left)

Candles and lanterns are home accessories that suit all decoration trends. Their soft glow adds warmth and romance to any space. Set the scene for enchanted evenings by lining up lanterns along pathways or steps. Use them alongside candles for charming table centerpieces, and arrange them in varying sizes for contrast. To enhance the experience, choose scented candles fit for the season.

String Up Lights

Collage of photos showing pre-lit artificial foliage
Use light strings or even pre-lit garlands to brighten up entryways and indoor spaces

Hang light strings around your door, windows, or porch area. You can even drape them on your bedroom walls and ceiling for a charming look. These add a cozy touch to living areas at any time of year.

We hope this post gave you some ideas on how and when to decorate for different seasons.

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