Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Ceiling

For small living spaces, the ceiling presents itself as a vast area to explore and decorate for the holidays, allowing homeowners to elegantly decorate their home to their heart’s content without looking cluttered or cramped. Ceilings can be maximized even for larger spaces. Whimsical decorations hanging from the ceiling and swaying with the breeze create an uplifting and enchanting ambiance and add a unique touch to holiday design. Below are some ideas on how to decorate your ceiling:

Hang Ornaments

Hanging ornaments is perhaps the most well-known way of decorating the ceiling, but this design can be anything but common if you put your heart into it. Tie ribbons to silver snowflake ornaments of different sizes, and hang them at varying lengths along the walls, tracing the entire room for a more stunning effect. Choose a corner to decorate – beside the doorway or above the dining room table – and hang snowflake and icicle ornaments. Clear plastic balls can be transformed into lovely ornaments by placing a picture inside, coating the ball with glittery glue, then hanging them at different lengths. Place beads and glitter inside some of the balls for variety.

Another dazzling idea for festively bedecking your ceiling is to create a swirling frame from which to hang different color Christmas balls. Make a swirling shape out of sturdy wire, and cover it by twirling a garland or tinsel around the frame. Hang balls from ribbons of the same length to create a beautiful swirl of balls. Framed family photos can be hung instead of balls for a more personal touch.

Mount an Upside Down Tree

The upside down tree is one of the most exceptional Christmas trees ever designed. Although the idea of hanging a tree from the ceiling may be over the top to some, this kind of distinctive tree is becoming quite popular to homeowners because of the creativity and fun it brings to the home. An upside down tree looks grand when placed over the dining room table (for high ceilings) or in the living room right where you would place an upright tree. You can even mount faux gifts on the ceiling around the tree if you wish!

Light It Up

Homes exude ultimate holiday cheer when they are glittery and sparkling. Brighten up rooms by outlining the ceiling with a string of luminous lights, following the entire edge. For even more extravagance, line the ceiling frame with strings of garlands first, then twine the light strings around them.

Adorn the Chandelier

Whether you have a traditional chandelier with lamp shades or an old world candelabra style one, chandeliers and other hanging fixtures can be embellished as holiday décor. You can find a vintage chandelier and paint it with a glittery hue then hang crystal beads and strings from its frame. You can also hang snowflake ornaments together with shiny silver balls for a touch of wintry sophistication.

Last but not least, don’t forget to hang mistletoes to spread love all around your holiday home! Martha Stewart’s mistletoe kissing ball is a wonderful option.

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