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Dear Dagmar,

I love sprucing up our fireplace mantle, but it would be wonderful if I can also decorate the hearth itself, or at least, part of it. Is there a way to add elegance to our fireplace safely?



Dear Sharon,

Function and aesthetics are two contradicting factors that are always present in any decorating challenge or project. Today, we are going to look into the said decorating goals in lieu of fireplaces.

Fireplaces may improve the home’s ambience and visual appeal with the glow they provide. But more than anything, they are very functional, which makes them an important part of the house. We light them up because of the heat they emanate. Now, the flames in the fireplace may produce some sparks, so it is important to have a fireplace screen or any kind of glass door that can keep the embers from scorching your decorations and from causing damage.

Most people have no idea where to purchase these fireplace screens and tools, or how to make sure that they fit the fireplace opening. As a designer, I have been asked many times about these things. Unfortunately, few stores sell these items. It can be a challenge to find these products even though they are a necessity in most homes.

Balsam Hill understands the challenge faced by homeowners. This led the company to offer a new product line featuring hearths. Balsam Hill is now offering fireplace screens that perfectly go well with many different styles. Combining form and function, the fireplace screens are masterfully crafted to meet the needs of discerning customers.

Estate Fireplace Screen from Balsam Hill
Designed exclusively for Balsam Hill, the Estate Fireplace Screen captures the sophistication of Italian architecture with its finish and intricate steelwork. Every detail is forged and painted by hand, making each piece special and unique.

Some fireplace screens may not come with an elaborate design, but they do their job just as effectively. Featuring a simple and elegant design, the Hammered Fireplace Screen not only prevents stray embers from escaping, it also tempers the heat from your fireplace. The double door screen closes with a magnetic lock so you can safely access the fire if you need to stoke it and keep the logs burning.

Hammered Fireplace Screen from Balsam Hill
Hammered Fireplace Screen from Balsam Hill

Fireplace tool sets are typically offered along with fireplace screens, just like in Balsam Hill’s selection of hearth products. Including a stoker, tong, and shovel or brush for cleaning up the ashes, these accessories are the essentials for tending to the fire.

Estate Fireplace Tool Set from Balsam Hill
Estate Fireplace Tool Set from Balsam Hill

Without using the firebox, you can enhance your hearth purely for aesthetic purposes. You don’t have to follow the function of the traditional fireplace. In fact, you can contradict everything and even use watering cans with plants and other decorative items to give it a fresh and natural look.

There are several ways to turn your fireplace into a decorating spot. With everything removed, the firebox is a good venue for multiple pumpkin stacks. This creates a colorful and unique look. You can also simply lay down a huge urn or plant box near the opening for a vibrant look.

An exceptional way to bring the beauty of the outdoors in your home is to hang baskets or pots of flowers on a grate leaning against the fireplace.

If you want to keep the hearth as a place of warmth and comfort, you can still do so safely and with style. Display a few battery-operated candles of different heights inside, and place a few on the mantle for that gorgeous and inviting glow.

Whether it’s constructed with stone, brick or tile, a fireplace can serve as a lovely focal point to any room. By coming up with different creative ways of decorating your fireplace, you can enrich your home’s character and ambience while expressing your own personal taste and style. The hearth provides so much beauty, warmth and comfort. Whether you choose to make it functional or not, it’s a part of your home your family will cherish.


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