Dear Dagmar,

Can I wash all my blankets the same way? Can you suggest ways on how I can care for my cashmere and wool throws?



Dear Elizabeth,

Throws have become popular in recent years due to their ability to extend the warmth of the home to an outdoor space. With their color, texture and weave, they can evoke a  certain atmosphere that fits the general theme of your living areas. Soft fabrics are perfect for rustic homes, while an elegant color scheme can add a punch of color to typical modern rooms. Throw blankets are the perfect finishing touch and they can be placed anywhere you please,  from sofas and beds, to sectional chaises.

The market today offers a myriad of choices when it comes to throws and small blankets. But the differences in these choices mean there are different ways to care for them, to keep them looking new.

How to clean a wool throw

Wool does not have to be washed often unlike other fabrics. If there are stains, do some spot cleaning, and then air it out to keep it fresh. When it’s time to wash, keep in mind that wool can shrink if not handled well.

Pendleton Wool Blanket from Balsam Hill
Wool blankets are a cozy addition to your couch,
and a rustic accent both for indoor use and outdoor fun.

Although a popular option, dry cleaning is not the only way to clean wool. There are methods to keep this type of fabric fresh. To achieve this, you have to use cold water, mild detergent and practice a gentler washing method.

Here’s a breakdown of what you should do: first, know the size the throw so that it can be reshaped properly after washing. Prepare the wool throw a few hours before the cleaning process by soaking it in cold water. This will prevent it from shrinking.

Next, select a detergent that’s made for wool. You can also use any light detergent or baby shampoo. If you want to make your own solution, dissolve a small amount of laundry soap in hot water. Add this mixture to a larger amount of cold water. Afterwards, add any essential oil of your choice.

Finally, it’s time wash. Carefully soak and squish the item. Do not rub it against itself. It’s okay to use the washing machine, as long as the fabric does not get agitated. What you can do is spin the water with the detergent in it, then soak the blanket while the water is still. Some people suggest using the cold delicate cycle of the washing machine.

How to clean cashmere

Cashmere is a favorite among homeowners who want to keep warm all the time. Aside from providing good insulation, this fabric lasts a lifetime. As it ages, it becomes softer, making it a practical investment.

Cashmere Blend Throws from Balsam Hill
Cashmere Blend Throws from Balsam Hill

Balsam Hill offers Cashmere Blend Throws in different colors. Not only are they decorative, but they also keep you cozy throughout the cold season. Just like wool blankets, cashmere throws are easy to clean, but may take more time. Since it is composed of animal fur, it does make sense that shampoo and conditioner would help clean the throw.

Here’s what you should do: first, rinse the blanket with water, then wash with diluted shampoo. To finish the process, wash it in a tub filled with conditioner, then rinse it off. To dry it, do not wring or twist the cashmere. Instead, press the excess water out with towels. Dry it further by pressing it against a fresh dry towel on a flat surface.

Fold the cashmere throw and store in a shelf instead of hanging it in a closet. To protect it from moths, place it inside a sealable garment bag. Remember to keep your cashmere throw blanket clean to keep it away from insects that will create holes on the fabric.


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