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In the season where gift-giving is abundant, we know how sharing Christmas cheer brings a very special feeling to those who receive it. This year, Balsam Hill Australia reached out to six talented bloggers and sent them each a holiday piece. Read on to see how they decorated their homes and find out what they thought about their new pre-lit wreaths and trees.

Tanya of Stamping T!

Tanya's Vermont White Spruce wreath

Tanya of Stamping T! often makes her own DIY wreath for Christmas. This year, our Vermont White Spruce wreath took center stage in her front entryway with the help of charming ribbons and poinsettia accents.

Carolyn of Carolyn Bennie

Carolyn's Vermont White Spruce wreath

Carolyn of Carolyn Bennie also got creative and styled her Vermont White Spruce with handmade paper accents in white and sugar plum hues. She also gushed about how our foliage is the most beautiful one she’s owned by far.

Rani of La Maison Jolie

Rani's Vermont White Spruce wreath

La Maison Jolie’s Rani took a different route by displaying her Vermont White Spruce in her master bedroom, so she and her family could revel in its beauty for the rest of the season. She went for a Scandinavian-inspired design that allowed the wreath’s realistic foliage to speak for itself and added a DIY paper art for a touch of whimsy.

Kylie of DIY Decorator

Kylie's Vermont White Spruce wreath

Kylie of DIY Decorator hung her Vermont White Spruce on her front veranda above a rustic table that adds an elegant touch to her space all year-long. She admired the wreath’s life-like branches and easy-to-adjust lights and expressed her delight of having one for herself.

Jim and Christina of Mr. & Mrs. Romance

Jim and Christina's Monterey Pine Christmas tree

Mr. & Mrs. Romance’s Jim and Christina initially had opposing views about owning a faux Christmas tree and a natural one. Eventually, our Monterey Pine’s lifelike foliage and high-quality branches changed their minds, and they both agreed that it doesn’t hurt to display artificial trees for the holidays. Jim also pointed out that their hinged branches made it a breeze to set up.

Maya of House Nerd

Maya's Berkshire Mountain Fir Christmas tree

Like Jim and Christina, Maya of House Nerd received a Balsam Hill Christmas tree. She only took five minutes to set up her Berkshire Mountain Fir, and mentioned how the tree’s sturdy branches made decorating a breeze with her toddler.

Thank you to all our blogger friends from Australia for opening their homes to us this season. Visit Balsam Hill for products that bring beauty and Christmas cheer into your holiday home.

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