When Family Members Disagree About How to Decorate

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Every living space is a reflection of the personalities that live in it. Whether it’s for a small family or for a larger group, it’s important to agree on how to decorate your home.

Dagmar working on embellishments for her Christmas tree

Here’s how family members can reach a compromise over Christmas home decor:

  • Discuss design sensibilities. Before you begin decorating, think about how the individuality of family members could be reflected in your decor. Create a sample board showing photos of your ideal home space. Include a paint or fabric swatch beside each picture to help family members visualize the design.
  • Agree to disagree. Chances are, you won’t agree on every decoration. That’s alright, because differences in taste make home aesthetics more interesting. Incorporating family members’ input makes them feel that they’re part of the decision-making process.
  • Give and take. Compromising on certain things makes decorating easier. When the children want big red ornaments but don’t care which artificial tree you choose, and you’re not picky about the decorations on the tree, then you both win. Understanding which are the most important items to each person and working around that is the key to success.
  • Let clashes create something new. He’s more modern, she’s staunchly traditional, and neither will budge. Finding ways to make the best of what different styles have to offer can result in something fresh and creative.
  • With some careful planning and compromise, you can turn home decorating into something fun and fulfilling, instead of stressful or frustrating. Keep in mind that the holidays are meant for family and loved ones to create beautiful memories together. Happy decorating!

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