Daylight savings time will come to an end in November. The evenings will be colder and darker. Brr! Don’t worry though, I’ve put together a list of the best winter lighting options for this year.

Cast a warm glow on cold nights with flameless candles and metal lanterns
Cast a warm glow on cold nights with flameless candles and metal lanterns | Photo from French Country Cottage

Take a look:

1. Outdoor Pendant Lights

Outdoor pendant lights in classic silhouettes and matte white, black or bronze finishes grew popular this year. To add a romantic touch, hang these outdoor pendants lights from trees in a technique called moonlighting.

2. Outdoor Sconces

Trendy and sophisticated, hang outdoor sconces in deep metal tones in front of entranceways. Perfect for Winter, they’ll work well with a vintage or antique look. To add your own unique touch, use some beads or crystals as decorative accents!

3. Outdoor Track Lighting

Outdoor track lights are good options for lighting up your porch, patio or gazebo. Choose outdoor track lighting with LED bulbs, since these are brighter and last a lot longer than traditional incandescent bulbs (they’re eco-friendly too!).

4. Recessed Outdoor Lights

Use recessed outdoor lights to illuminate pathways, stairs or exterior walls. To highlight garden fountains and statues, install recessed outdoor lights at ground level and pointed them upwards in a technique called uplighting.

One final tip

For a more festive touch for the season, decorate your entryway with pre-lit wreaths and pre-lit topiaries. Although it’s nearing the end of 2011, it’s never too late to update your look. Happy decorating!

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