My Balsam Hill Home: The Winter Wonderland of Your Dreams

It seems very easy, or almost an instinct, to create a cohesive white Christmas decorating theme at home. But there’s always the challenge of finding key pieces – from sparkling silver accents to sage stockings – that will marry well with your white Christmas tree and will create a winter wonderland that’s as natural-looking as snowfall.

Main photoIntroduce a flurry of sparkling snowflakes into your home with these top notch Balsam Hill offerings.

White Balsam Hill Tree: Your Holiday Showpiece

Denali White Christmas Tree

The Denali White Christmas Tree is an artificial white Christmas tree with a full shape and realistic white foliage, and is available unlit or pre-lit. This tree works well in an urban setting, like in condominiums or townhouses, where city lights are a backdrop. I could also see this in a bedroom or sitting area in a loft – a living space that doesn’t need to have the total focal point of Christmas Day, and yet could use the beauty and wonder created by the décor for an overall look of festivities.

White Glitter Tabletop Trees
Trees that look straight out of a pine forest scene

The White Glitter Tabletop Christmas Trees – sold separately in 10”, 13”, and 17” sizes– can also enthrall your guests as your tabletop, fireplace, or mantelpiece display. They are handcrafted from resin and stone powder and boast of a snowy white finish, a dusting of white glitter, and gentle contours that make for a pristine pine forest scene.

Handcrafted Ornaments for the Winter Wanderer

Sparkle and Snowflake Ornament Set
The crispness of green and white/silver in one ornament package

You can also eliminate the guesswork in choosing white Christmas decorations with the right ornament sets. The Sparkle and Snowflake Ornament Set is a treasure trove of 35 hand-painted, hand-decorated, matte-finished blown silver and soft sage glass pieces. It has an irony of Floridian natural to it, meaning the crispness of green and white/silver.

So many lovely conservatories and verandas, as well as other portico-type spaces, will have the white picket, trellis, or look to the backdrop with these lovely green ferns, large palms, and other green plants to set off the greenness of the living, thriving nature of botanicals. To see that color scheme reflected in a Christmas tree immediately gives off an air of lightness of space, as well as an aura of what the space represents. The ornament set’s silver aspect adds the shimmer and sparkle of light, while the warm citron green keeps the tree and décor from being too cold or too icy.

Snowflake Ornament Set
Clear glass crystal decor for your winter haven

The 3-piece Snowflake Ornament Set is another integral part of your winter wonderland. It features 7.5” long, handcrafted, silver-plated ornaments with clear glass crystals. Grab the ribbon hangers provided and hang these beauties from your preferred part of the living room, dining area, or bedroom for another day brightened.

The Necessary Accents

Sage Dupioni Ribbon
Add texture to your holiday setup with sage and silver ribbons.

Our Sage Dupioni Ribbon, as well as our Silver Stretch Net and Silver Basketweave Ribbons, add amazing texture and contribute to the airy quality of your tree and the winter wonderland setup. You can add crystal ornaments that do an amazing job of catching light and playing off of the lighting on the tree and the room.

The balance of the ornaments comes into play here – icy white/silver, warm citron green. One could say this is limiting and not as interesting, but I would challenge that when the eye or mind has less to contend with visually (such as myriads of colors and styles), it can focus on the texture, shape, and style of the ornaments and is simply a “less is more” combination. Yet, there is no sacrificing beauty, interest, or celebration!

Velvet Snowflake Stocking
Delight Santa with your beautiful gift stocking.

The same principle attracts us to pieces like the Velvet Snowflake Stocking and Velvet Snowflake Tree Skirt with Glass Crystals in our winter wonderland display.

Original Vienna Basilica Snow Globe
Handcrafted by the family of artisans that produced the very first snow globes

Now, let your guests marvel at your sparkly snow-inspired theme even more with the Original Vienna Basilica Snow Globe, handcrafted by the Perzy family in Vienna, Austria. This family of artisans produced the very first snow globe and has been producing these exclusive pieces by hand for generations.

The best Yuletide displays do not happen by accident; they are well thought out and inspired by the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. Less could even be more! What’s your own personal touch to this snowy, sparkly decorating theme? Let us know in the comments.

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