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Flower Arrangements to Transform Your Room Décor

With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to give your room décor a bit of a refresh. Whether you decide to do a fresh coat of paint, replace the curtains, or add throw pillows, there are many ways to freshen it up.

Flower arrangement on bedroom side table to transform the room décor

One thing that makes a big difference in how a room feels is color. Should you go vibrant, maybe with a pop of unexpected color? Or, should you stay more neutral? It all depends on the look you’re after. Changing your wall color might be a bit of a commitment and changing the color of your accents, like flowers, is a lot easier.

What’s Your Flower Personality?

Flowers come in all shapes and sizes. Knowing what colors or flower types you’re drawn to is a good place to start. Are you more drawn to vibrant or neutral colors? Do you prefer soft and simple arrangements or more bright and intricate ones? Experiment by placing floral arrangements in different areas of your home and see how they change the atmosphere of those spaces.

Today, I’ll decorate two of my favorite spots to show the difference it makes when you add flower arrangements to your room décor.

Soothing Hues in the Bedroom

When decorating with flowers, remember to consider the size of your stand or table. Do you have room for big floral arrangements or do you need to keep it on the smaller side to fit the space?

Faux florals as room décor to change the look

I used the same nightstand in the same room to show just how colors can make a difference and give you an idea how florals can change the ambience of a room. I kept everything the same and simply let the flowers do the talking.

Soft & Warm Tones

When it comes to room décor, a pretty floral arrangement with soft tones creates a warm feeling in an instant.

Realistic faux florals on the nightstand in a bedroom as room décor

Summer = warm sunshine and windows open to let the breeze in. To me, the Napa Romance florals collection is just that⁠—a breath of fresh air that warms up any space.

I placed this blush-hued arrangement with peonies, dahlias, and roses on the nightstand to instantly make this corner feel full of warmth. You can also create a welcoming atmosphere in the bedroom with the Jane Mixed Flower Arrangement.

Bursts of Color

Yellows and greens are go-to vibrant colors that you can use anywhere you want to add a burst of sunshine into your room.

Yellow and white faux floral arrangement on nightstand as room décor

Lemon yellow is perfect for a pop of color that shouts summer. The yellow craspedia of the Hello Sunshine collection brings a happy feeling to this corner of the room.

Yellow sunshine faux florals as room décor

The white beddings seem brighter, and the corner feels a whole lot sunnier with just that one change. Since there’s a lot of green in this arrangement, it also feels like the line between outdoors and indoors is blurred a bit more.

If you’re looking for a functional alternative, try the same flower arrangement with a decorated lantern.

Vintage-Style Charm

Add a romantic, vintage look by filling a galvanized bucket with full blooms in various sizes and hues. It can instantly turn a more contemporary room into one infused with pretty.

Faux floral arrangement on nightstand as room décor

The bucket of garden roses has a hand-picked and arranged look that makes this space feel warm and welcoming.

Colorful faux garden roses arrangement as room décor in bedroom

The flowers have peach tones that pick up on the colors of the wood furniture and accents such as the needlepoint pillow. While this arrangement says summer, it’s vintage-style container also says unique.

Artificial garden roses in galvanized container

For a more bold and striking color statement, try placing magenta Dahlia flower stems inside the galvanized bucket.

Tall & Stately

If you’re looking for a floral room décor that will make more impact, choose something with a bit of height. For instance, the height of this arrangement draws the eye up and fills the space in front of the window.

White and yellow floral arrangement on nightstand as room décor

This arrangement has subtle colors that whisper summer. The whites and creams of the roses, anemones, and hydrangeas also create a display that’s welcoming and beautiful.

Tall floral arrangement as room décor in guest bedroom

Placing your flowers in a tall container makes a statement. Get a more dramatic effect with a mix of different colors such as the Spring in Bloom Arrangement.

Vibrant Shades on the Front Door

I wanted to also show how entryways can look different just by changing the position of your flower arrangement. Here are some options that give you completely different looks, and they’re as simple and easy as 1, 2, 3.

Warm Welcome

Flower planters or potted plants beside the door instantly add some charm to entryways. Whether you go for neutral or colorful blooms, flowers are an easy way to decorate your front porch.

Faux flowers in bucket beside a door

I placed this Nantucket Hydrangea Arrangement of faux hydrangeas and greens by the front door and it was perfection. With their fluffy heads of beautiful petals, hydrangeas make a lovely statement wherever you place them. The metal bucket adds a warm, rustic touch to the display.

Faux hydrangeas in bucket beside the door

And the best thing about this faux floral arrangement? No watering, no wilting, no need to make sure they are in the shade.

Basket of Blooms

A favorite French country style look is a basket filled with blooms. I took it one step further and placed this French Market Hanging Basket on our dutch door and also as a planter to show how versatile it is.

French country inspired flowers in basket

I love it hanging on the lower part of the dutch door—so welcoming. You could also do this with a wreath if you prefer and it would be quite charming.

French market floral basket on door

Of course, the usual placement on the upper part of the door is absolutely lovely as well. And for something unique, you can also use this as a planter on the steps.

Faux flowers in a hanging basket beside door

Find Your Favorite

These are just a few ideas for creating a welcoming front door and pretty nightstand with faux florals. There are many more options you can choose from at Balsam Hill.

Start with the color you’d like to decorate with and look for the perfect faux florals for your space. Remember, when you want to create more impact with your flower arrangement, go bold with colors or go large in height.

But the most important thing when it comes to room décor is to do what makes you happy. There is no right or wrong way. If they make you smile when you walk in the room, then it’s perfect.

Happy summer decorating!

Courtney of French Country Cottage

As the founder of lifestyle blog French Country Cottage and editor of Romantic Homes magazine, Courtney is known for bringing chic aesthetics and vintage elegance to her designs. Courtney offers readers creative ideas and decorating tips inspired by the ongoing renovations on her 1940s cottage home.

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