Creative Ways to Use Pine Cones and Other Natural Objects in Your Home Décor

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Pinecones and other natural objects are fun yet inexpensive decorations you can use in all sorts of ways. Buy them from a craft store, or better still, gather some right from your yard for a nice way to spend a fall afternoon!

Pine cones: Gather pine cones and paint them in traditional autumnal colors like gold, red and orange. Turn them into holiday décor, table centerpieces or tree ornaments. You can also use them as natural accents in any wreath or garland.

  1. Pine cone wreaths: Spruce up your holiday wreaths with recently dropped pine cones.  Attach clean, dry pine cones with some hot glue and you’ve got yourself a lovely pine cone wreath. You can also check out our Autumn Harvest Holiday Wreath, one of our timeless pieces.
  2. Pine cone garlands: Liven up your garlands with some strategically placed pine cones. They’re so easy to do! Using some hot glue, attach the pine cones in clusters; complement them with red berries and dried leaves.
  3. Pine cone table centerpieces: Make the most out of your empty baskets by filling them with pine cones. For variety, use pine cones in different sizes! If these aren’t readily available, you can get our big pine cone kit (which already comes packed with thirty medium cones and twenty large cones).
  4. Pine cone ornaments:  Add a charming, natural accent to your artificial tree by making some pine cone ornaments. Just spray paint them in gold and add some holly and traditional ribbon.
  5. Pine cone Christmas Trees:  Easy and cute! Spray paint pine cones in green, attach them with floral picks to cone-shaped foam, and then place it in a flowerpot.  Dust them with a little glitter and voila!

Other natural objects: There’s so much you can do with Nature’s bounty. Besides using pine cones, there are other natural objects to use in home décor.

Balsam Hill's elegant Park Avenue Magnolia Bloom
Balsam Hill’s elegant Park Avenue Magnolia Bloom | Photo from Duke Manor Farm
  1. Flowers: This Thanksgiving, make your own floral arrangements by drying some flowers and dusting them with gold glitter. For Halloween, you can use bouquets of fresh pumpkin flowers.
  2. Fruit: Buy fruits in season, like apples and oranges, and place them in nice wooden bowls. You can use these as centerpieces for your dining table.
  3. Gourds: What would Halloween be without pumpkins? Place small pumpkins around your trees or garlands for that uniquely Halloween feel. (We know, pumpkins are fruits!)
  4. Natural fiber: Use rugs and tapestries made from jute, organic cotton or hemp and in fall colors like gold, red or orange for a festive Fall touch.
  5. Stone: Use candleholders or fountains made from stone. You can also gather up some pebbles and use them as decorative accents on your mantelpiece.
  6. Metal: Use wall decorations and lamps made from copper and iron.

Try flexing your creative muscles by making these decorations with your own unique twist. Happy decorating!

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