For Balsam Hill’s third annual 12 Bloggers of Christmas campaign, we’ve invited an incredibly talented group of bloggers to open their doors and share their inspiring holiday decorating styles with us. I am happy and proud to be kicking off this series with a peek at my new Balsam Hill Christmas tree.

My Balsam Hill Tree

I love my 7-foot Balsam Hill Calistoga Fir Instant Evergreen because it has a slim profile that doesn’t take up too much space, making it perfect for our cozy alcove. The foliage is composed mostly of PE True Needle™ tips, so the tree looks lush and incredibly realistic.

Assembling the tree was very easy. It comes fitted with clear lights, and the Easy Plug™ setup means no more dealing with messy wires. Even better, it comes with memory wire branches that automatically spring into place, making the tree faster and more convenient to shape.

Decorating the Tree

This year, I decided to change the way I decorate trees. Now, I started with the tree topper and then applied the look all the way down the middle and lower sections. Visually, I focused on giving the tree more depth by staggering ornaments from inside the tree, near the trunk, to the outer edges of the branches.

Hanging the Ornaments

My home has a neutral palette, so I went with the Silver and Gold Glass Ornament Set. The pieces have a beautiful metallic finish that projects understated elegance, and they come in different shapes, sizes, and designs for added variety and interest.

Ornaments in varied sizes and designs lend visual interest to your tree
Ornaments in varied sizes and designs lend visual interest to your tree

First, I filled the holes toward the back of the tree with plain or round ornaments. I placed the elongated ornaments on next because they require sufficient space to hang properly. Then, I arranged several of my favorites pieces toward the top to make them appear more prominent. For a bit of extra sparkle, I made good use of Balsam Hill’s amber-tinted Crystal Ornament Set.

Arranging the Ribbons

Ribbons make great accents for holiday décor because they are versatile and easy to shape. This year, I used a combination of Gold Fine Mesh ribbon and Platinum Pleated Lame ribbon.

Ribbons are versatile accents for traditional Yuletide foliage
Ribbons are versatile accents for traditional Yuletide foliage

The gold ribbon looked strong and brassy, so I layered it on top of the platinum ribbon to create an appealing contrast of color and texture. I cinched the ribbons at intervals with some wire to make them look like strings of candy.

Placing the Floral Picks

At this point, I added picks and garlands to lend a light, airy element to the tree. I selected the Winter Frost Jeweled Floral Sprays because they catch the light beautifully and tie in nicely with the shimmering ornaments.

Floral picks add an airy element to décor
Floral picks add an airy element to décor

A thin silver garland wrapped around the tree helped bring out more of the theme’s silver feature in a subtle and different way.

I love how my metallic themed tree sparkles during the day and glows with elegant holiday cheer at night. Come back over the next few days for sneak peeks at what our 12 bloggers have in store for you. And for a chance to win a Balsam Hill gift card, make sure to read our campaign announcement post here.


  1. Tammi Velez Reply

    Lovely! But then, that’s what I expected when I saw you had worked with Balsam Hill. I love your taste, and they have amazing things. I have a wreath of theirs, and if I could I would have a few of their trees, too.

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