Fun Family Activities for Christmas

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We always want Christmas to be special for children. No one can beat their excitement over the holiday season so it’s only right to make it more fun for them as well as the kids-at-heart. Here are some ideas:

Coin Bank Campaign

You can start this project any time of the year. The purpose of this activity is to save money for Christmas decors and celebration. Each family member gets his own coin bank which will be filled throughout the year. Before Christmas season starts, open the coin banks and start planning how to spend the money everyone has earned.

Walk for a Cause

Collect toys and other objects you want to donate. Spend time wrapping gifts together and make a good family time out of that. Schedule a gift giving walk where you can distribute the goodies you’ve collected. They can be anything from handmade gifts, candies, or homemade treats. Share these with the children in your community or your charitable institution of choice.

Pre-Christmas Crafts Night

Prepare the materials needed for personalized Christmas crafts and gather everyone near the fireplace. It can be any of the following:

  • Christmas tree décor
  • Recycled Christmas card projects
  • Reindeer ornament crafts
  • Home-made gifts
  • Christmas prints and banners

Christmas Eve Family Talent Show

Prepare a Christmas program to reveal the hidden talents of your family. Feel free to follow the format of famous talent shows to make everyone laugh. Give special awards to the best and funniest performers.

The Christmas spirit is all about love, joy, sharing, and giving. Any activity shared by the family is more than enough to make the season meaningful.

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