Wedding Decorations 101: The Ultimate Décor Planning Guide for Your Big Day

There may be much to consider when choosing wedding decorations. However, it’s also one of the most enjoyable aspects of planning the celebration. A lot of thought goes into the selection process. This includes taking stock of your desired theme and style preferences. Of the many design elements, flowers are undoubtedly one of the most important. They pull the look together and enhance the ambience of any setting. However, they often come at an excessive cost.

If you’re looking for a practical way to spruce up your wedding, try artificial flowers. Today, modern faux blooms are more realistic than ever. This makes them an ideal alternative to fresh ones. Also, they’re long-lasting which means you can use them for many other occasions. Read on to discover the benefits of using artificial wedding flowers. Then, explore wedding decoration ideas, and our essential decorating checklist to help you plan for your big day.

Benefits of Using Artificial Wedding Flowers

1. Available all year round

Some flowers only bloom in certain seasons and locations. This makes sourcing them difficult and costly. Artificial flowers give you access to your favorite blooms, at any time of the year.

2. Allows for more creativity

While fresh flowers usually look best when styled by professional decorators, faux ones give you more creative freedom. If you’re into DIY, order them months in advance. This gives you more time to experiment with assorted styles. In addition, you’re able to visualize how your design will look at the ceremony or reception.

3. Cost-efficient

High-quality, permanent flowers help you cut down on costs without compromising beauty. Spread out wedding expenses by buying them weeks or months before the big day. Some retailers offer installment options to make payments lighter. Also, they’re more practical in the long run because you can reuse them for other occasions.

4. Durable and low-maintenance

If you’re having an al fresco wedding, outdoor-safe artificial flowers are your best option. Unlike fresh flowers, faux ones can withstand wind and humidity. Apart from this, they’re easily packed and transported from one venue to another. You won’t need to stress about your wedding outdoor decorations remaining intact and looking fresh throughout the day.

5. Long-lasting

Many brides opt to have their wedding bouquet or flower arrangements professionally preserved. This is another cost to consider on top of all the wedding expenses. If you want to have an instant keepsake from the big day, permanent flowers are a good option. Also, they make wonderful tokens for guests after the celebration. With minimal care, these precious mementos can last for years.

6. Pollen-free

For realism, Balsam Hill artificial flowers are made primarily of polyester. Also, they’re a conscientious décor option for guests that have pollen allergies.

Wedding Decorations for the Ceremony

Featured: Outdoor Provence Rose Foliage and Brown Classic Fairy Light Lanterns

The ceremony is the most important part of the day, but it’s also the shortest part of the celebration. Thus, it’s best to choose simple yet elegant decorations for key areas of this space.

First, draw attention to where your guests will enter. Welcome them with signage and a stunning floral display as they enter the venue. Next, think about your seats and the aisle. If the location allows, choose unique chairs or benches that match your wedding theme. Then, spruce up the aisle with flowers. Line the path with potted foliage or use tall wedding flower arrangements instead. Alternatively, use floral garlands and drape them on every row of seats.

Since all eyes will be on the couple, it’s important to frame them with a floral backdrop or a wedding arch. Another thing to consider is the car decoration for your wedding day. A simple floral wreath, garland, or swag adds a romantic touch to your car as you bid your guests goodbye.

Wedding Reception Decorations

  • Floral garlands and lanterns as wedding outdoor decorations

Featured: Mixed Eucalyptus Garland, Solar Fairy Light Lanterns, and Outdoor Cascading Micro LED Lights | Photos courtesy of Kirsten of Iron and Lace Design

The reception is where your guests will stay the longest. From lounging to drinking, dining, and dancing, this is where everyone is expecting to have a wonderful time.

For this space, prioritize wedding table decorations. Decide on the main décor elements for the head table or the “sweetheart” table. Floral garlands make beautiful wedding centerpieces. Lay them flat on the center of a long table so guests can see each other while making conversation. Alternatively, floral arrangements set in charming containers also work. Place one in the center of a small table, or space out three to five on a longer table. Then, echo the same look for your guest tables and other sections of the venue. Add them to your guest book and gift station, cake and memory tables. For evening gatherings, candles are an essential part of wedding centerpieces. Their soft glow adds warmth and romance to the occasion.

  • Eucalyptus garland as wedding reception decorations

Featured: Mixed Eucalyptus Garland and Marseille Meadow Wreath | Photos courtesy of Kylie of Living with The Lamberts

Next, focus on the elements of your place settings. Whether you’re going formal or casual, adding a personal touch will make your guests feel special. Think creative place cards, menus, and tokens they can bring home after the event.

Finally, depending on the number of guests, allocate the rest of your budget to decorative accents for key areas. For instance, if you have a lot of guests, invest in mood lighting and draping for the entire space. These will make the room look elegant and create a more intimate setting.

The Essential Wedding Decorations Checklist

Ready to complete your wedding décor? This checklist covers everything you need from the ceremony to the reception. Save this as a guide when shopping or share it with someone who might find this helpful.

Choosing the right wedding decorations doesn’t need to be stressful and costly. What matters most is that your décor reflects your style and values as a couple and fits well within your budget. And with that, you’ll have a lifetime worth of memories to cherish.

Bring joy to your home with beautiful accents made even more affordable.

Dress Your Wedding In Style

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