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Easy and Creative Christmas Gift-Wrapping Ideas

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite parts of the holiday season is gift wrapping. Even when I was just a teenager, I always looked forward to wrapping up my pile of gifts for friends and family. And it’s not just the wrapping process that I love; I enjoy selecting the papers and finding ribbons and toppers to match. In recent years, I’ve even designed and printed my own gift tags. 

shelf with wrapped gifts

I thought it would be fun to take you through my gift wrapping process and share how it looks today. While we all know Balsam Hill for their stunning and ultra-realistic trees, you might not be aware that they also have a beautiful collection of ribbons, ornaments, and picks that are ideal for decorating. 

Let’s start by looking at a few collections of materials and then I’ll walk you through my wrapping process. (And have no fear, it’s easier than you might think.)

Curating a Look

As you might have expected, based on my love of wrapping, I like to have my wrapping match my décor. In recent years my focus has been very nostalgia-driven with a touch of a modern aesthetic. So while all of these looks are unique, you’ll see they have similarities too. 

Modern & Fun Christmas Gift-Wrapping Ideas

This collection is bold and graphic. I love the clean lines and pops of color.

assorted christmas gift wrappers and ribbons

The wrapping paper is my personal collection, but a few of the Balsam Hill items I included are:

Traditional & Country Christmas Gift-Wrapping Ideas

 Here, I went more traditional with just a touch of country. The traditional side boasts classic red and green with a touch of gold and the countryside brings in burlap and birch.

assorted gift wrappers and ornaments

This all comes together with favorites from Balsam Hill including:

Rustic & Nordic Christmas Gift-Wrapping Ideas

And last, but not least, is rustic meets nordic. Nordic- and Scandinavian-inspired holiday décor is very trendy right now. I’m loving it too. Not only is it clean and simple, but it has a touch of the past as well.

gift wrappers with assorted christmas tree ornaments

You can create this look with several items from Balsam Hill:

Now that we have our collections complete, let me show you how to put them to use. I’ll share my process and then we’ll take a look at the final results. 

How to Wrap Christmas Gifts

My wrapping process is pretty straight forward and is something anyone can duplicate—even the most novice wrappers. Let me walk you through the steps. 

Step One: Wrap

Start by wrapping your gift. I recommend putting items in a box to make wrapping easier. You’ll also want to select a thick high-quality wrapping paper, have sharp scissors, and clear, glossy tape (my preference). 

gifts wrapped in boxes

Step Two: Tie on Ribbon

With your package wrapped, you’re ready to add the ribbon. If this part scares you, release that fear because if you can tie your shoes, you can do this method. I simply cut a long piece of ribbon and tie a bow onto the top. That’s it. 

tying a ribbon around a gift

What makes this process even easier is that a lot of Balsam Hill’s ribbons are wire-edged which allows you to fluff the bow and tails to create a really lovely look.

gift wrapped with a bow

And speaking of the tails, I like to finish them off with a dove tail. This is really easy to do. Just fold the ribbon in half lengthwise with the right sides together. Then cut a diagonal line from the center of the ribbon to the edges. Ta-da! It’s the perfect finishing touch. 

cutting the ribbon

Step Three: Add Twine

My next step, which most people don’t do, is to add a piece of coordinating twine around the ribbon. I like to add this for a few reasons: first, it adds the perfect finishing detail; second, is function. Adding this twine gives you a place where you can tie on a decoration, ornament, pick, a sprig of pine, and/or even your gift tag. 

adding twine to gift

Step Four: Attach Decoration

Last, but certainly not least, you’re ready to add on the final touches. Again, all of these finishing details are from Balsam Hill’s beautiful collection of ornaments and picks. Everything is linked above If you’re looking for something specific.

attach ornament to gift

You can use the twine to add an ornament or decorative pick. And, in a lot of cases, you can just tuck some pine or other decoration right under your ribbon and the tension will hold it in place. It’s really that simple. 
And voila! Your wrapping is complete. 

wrapped presents

Let me show you some more examples.

Final Results

I wrapped nine gifts in total. Three from each of the looks that I shared above. As you will see, each gift is different, but they all look cohesive in their own little groups. Since I stuck with a similar color palette across the board, the wrapped gifts all look beautiful together too. 

christmas presents
wrapped present by the fireplace

I wanted to mention that the green pine and evergreen branches that I used on the package are from the Balsam Hill Branch Sample Kit. Balsam Hill’s trees are made from the same material. I can’t get over how realistic they look! 

christmas gifts wrapped with ribbon and decorations

And that’s it my friends: creative Christmas gift-wrapping ideas and my tips for a beautifully styled package. As I hope you saw, it’s an easy process that anyone can do.

I also hope you’re feeling a bit more inspired and excited about wrapping your pile of gifts this holiday season. 

Christmas gift-wrapping ideas with ribbon and ornaments
elegant christmas gift-wrapping ideas

Don’t forget to have fun when you try these Christmas gift-wrapping ideas! 

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