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Commercial Christmas Trees & Décor: 8 Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Decorating for Businesses

Spread joy to your customers with stunning commercial Christmas trees and décor.

Bring festive cheer to your business with a stunning Balsam Hill Christmas tree. (Photo courtesy of Filoli Historic House & Garden Gift Shop)

After another challenging year, it’s more important than ever to share joy with others, including your customers, guests, and employees. One effective way is to create a warm, cheerful, and inviting atmosphere in your place of business, using commercial Christmas decorations.

Plan ahead to avoid undue stress brought on by these uncertain times. Specific examples are predicted shipping and delivery delays coupled with low inventory issues. If you want a stress-free experience, use this checklist as a starting point on how to decorate your store, office, or establishment for the holidays.

1. Establish a Budget

If your budget is tighter than normal this year, maximize your decorating dollars by looking for sources that offer business discounts. If you opt for an artificial Christmas tree (an investment choice for years to come), look for business programs that offer Christmas tree discounts and free shipping. Also, if you’re working with a designer, refer them to the Balsam Hill design trade program for product discounts.

2. Create a List

Take an inventory of the Christmas decorations you already have on hand. Decide what you can use again and make a list of items you need to purchase. Holiday decorating essentials include a Christmas tree, tree décor (such as Christmas lights, Christmas ornaments, tree ribbons, and a tree topper), as well as matching Christmas wreaths and garlands. For more decorating possibilities, choose undecorated wreaths and garlands that you can decorate differently each year.

3. Evaluate Your Space

Determine where to put your main attraction—the beloved icon of the season—your Christmas tree. Then, identify areas where you want to hang Christmas garlands and wreaths. Another option is to create smaller, complementary tree displays to create a cohesive, professional look throughout your business.

Welcome your guests and colleagues with a grand and merry display. (Photo courtesy of The Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa)

4. Choose a Tree Type

If you’re deciding between a real or artificial Christmas tree, consider that guests and employees may have allergies to real trees. Plus, maintaining a real one can be a challenge. It gets messy with the tendency to dry up long before you’re ready to take it down. Today’s artificial Christmas trees are stunningly realistic and of the highest quality, so your cash outlay is considered an investment that delivers years of enjoyment. Many come pre-lit with the latest lighting technology, so you don’t have to deal with tangled cords or burnt-out light strings.

5. Select Your Tree

When it comes to commercial Christmas trees, options are abundant. From foliage and needle type to “flocked” or traditional, the perfect tree sets the tone for your entire holiday display. But first, determine the size and shape you need. A too-small tree can look underwhelmed in a large room. Meanwhile, a too-large tree in a small space can look imposing. Measure your space to pick the perfect size and shape. This ensures that you make the biggest visual impact without hindering the foot traffic flow.

Balsam Hill currently offers artificial Christmas trees 4.5 to 18 feet tall

Here at the Holiday Inn of Cody, WY Convention Center, we have held a tradition for many years of decorating our lobby, restaurant and ballrooms with Christmas trees. When starting work here several years ago, I had noticed that we were in dire need of replacements. Once the search started, we came upon the Balsam Hill website and decided to purchase a sample 7-foot tree from them. It came nicely packaged with detailed instructions including special gloves for handling purposes. Well, 9 trees later as you can see, the upgrade to such a high-quality product does not go unnoticed by guests and employees alike. We LOVE our Balsam Hill trees!

Leisa Wilson, Manager, Holiday Inn of Cody, WY – Blair Hotels

6. Decide on a Theme

With so many commercial Christmas décor options to choose from, narrow down your choices by working around a theme. Pick one that supports the company mission or highlights the nature of work you do. If you’re a hotel, you might pick a travel theme, for example. If your organization serves children, utilize primary colors and toy ornaments. Brainstorm with your team to create a holiday look that’s all yours and results in a joyful space your guests enjoy.

  • Celebrate Christmas with understated Scandinavian elegance. Decorate with our Nordic Frost decorating theme.

7. Consider Complementary Décor and Christmas Accessories

Beyond the main tree display in your lobby, extend your holiday decorating to other parts of your space with wreaths, garlands, or smaller trees to create a unified look. Hang garlands that complement your tree and to carry your theme to reception desks and other areas. Hang wreaths on your entrance to make a welcoming first impression. Placing them on office doors creates a professional and cohesive holiday look throughout. For in-depth help, check our business sales guides for hotels and retail spaces as well as our product showcase.

Spruce up your lobby and common areas with themed Christmas tree clusters. (Photo courtesy of The Coniston Hotel Country Estate & Spa UK)

8. Enlist the Help of an Expert

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, our business sales associates are here to help. Let them step in and ease the stress of your holiday decorating. In addition to specializing in corporate Christmas trees, the Balsam Hill business program offers discounts on trees, garlands, and wreaths, plus free design services for businesses.  

No matter what your business size, needs, and budget, a memorable holiday atmosphere is within reach and is sure to attract and delight your guests.

Let’s create a welcoming and joyful space for your customers and colleagues this holiday season. Contact us today for commercial Christmas trees and décor.

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