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An Unforgettable Balsam Hill Christmas with Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith

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‘Tis the season of stellar performances, and you’re invited to join in the celebrations! This year, Balsam Hill partners up with multi-platinum artists Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith in a concert tour: An Unforgettable Night of Music: Christmas Featuring a Full Symphony Orchestra. The tour will include two memorable giveaways, so stay tuned ’til the end of this post for more details!

GRAMMY® winners Amy and Michael decorated their homes with our Balsam Hill Noble Fir Flip Tree. Featuring realistic foliage and constructed for effortless set-up, both trees were displayed with different themes in each of the artists’ homes.

Which Balsam Hill look will you find unforgettable? Let’s take a look, and find out:

Amy Grant’s Farmhouse Christmas Tree

Amy’s rustic ensemble matches her hearty country song, Tennessee Christmas – a single from her album of the same title, which goes:

“Give me the laughter;

I’m gonna choose to keep

Another tender Tennessee Christmas,

The only Christmas for me.

Where the love circles around us,

Like the gifts beneath our tree.”

“From the moment I opened the Balsam Hill box, I knew this tree was something special,” said Amy regarding her first impressions. “I was amazed at how authentic it looked! It was up within minutes, no messy needles to clean up, you don’t have water it or worry about it falling over, and it looks incredible!”

Her tree burst with vivid colors amidst the warmth of her spacious living room. “I was so excited to decorate it with the Farmhouse ornament set,” shared Amy. “The old-fashioned feel of the sleds, sleigh bells, reindeer, snowshoes, and ice skates all remind me of my favorite place – my farm here in Tennessee.”

Bronze ribbons, snow branches and brown amaryllis picks evoked the cozy look of a wintry countryside cottage. Watch Amy spruce up her tree in this video.

This Balsam Hill Tree basks in the ambient warmth of this airy room
Embroidered, glittered picks
Underneath the tree is a faux fur skirt which matches the stone hearth’s palette
Glittered magnolia picks provided bursts of color throughout the tree
Amy and her dog, beside the newly decorated tree

“The best part about having a Balsam Hill artificial tree, is that I can keep it up long enough to enjoy it myself,” Amy said. “With so much traveling for our Christmas tour in December, I rarely get the chance to curl up by the glow of the tree and soak in the moment. Now, I’ve been able to sneak in plenty of time before I hit the road, and it will still be fresh and beautiful long after the presents have been opened, and for years to come.”

Michael W. Smith’s Brilliant Bordeaux Tree

“It didn’t take long for Debbie and I to fall in love with the Balsam Hill products,” said Michael. “In over 30 years of marriage, our own kids, and now all our grandkids we have a pretty good, albeit, rag-tag collection of ornaments, many with incredible sentimental value.”

Setting up Michael’s burgundy and gold-themed décor was largely a family affair—the perfect picture of a “homecoming Christmas” that he sang about in his single The Happiest Christmas from his album, Christmastime:

“Oh the happiest Christmas

Is a homecoming Christmas

With the snow fluttering down ’til the world seems new

Bright candles burning

Old friends returning

The wishes of children coming true”

“Picking out the ornament package was the hardest part,” he said. “There were a lot that we considered but in the end, we went with the Burgundy and Gold package to fit a particular spot in our house.”  Balsam Hill’s Brilliant Bordeaux themed Noble Fir is a luxurious showpiece, whose ornament set was specially designed to reflect natural or artificial light. Michael’s Christmas tree glittered glamorously in their well-lit, high-ceilinged drawing room.

The whole family enjoyed this Christmas tree set-up
A Large Bethlehem Star Tree Topper, sequined and glittered
Michael, with wife Debbie
Brilliant Bordeaux, at night
The three-time Grammy winner, in a tender moment with his grandson

“It turned out amazing and Deb and I would catch ourselves just staring at it!” Michael said. “Our Balsam Hill Tree and decorations instantly earned a place in the Smith’s Christmas traditions!  We absolutely love it and will for years and years to come.”

The Christmas Tour with Balsam Hill

Amy and Michael tour from November 11 to December 17, under An Unforgettable Night of Music. This includes acts from The Voice winner Jordan Smith, and is accompanied by a full-symphony orchestra conducted by Musical Director and Conductor David Hamilton.

The month-long, 22-city Christmas tour will feature grand holiday sets by Balsam Hill, which will decorate with its realistic trees and décor. “We are especially thrilled to be partnering with Balsam Hill this year and incorporating some of their beautiful pieces into our production,” said Amy. “Creativity happens on many different levels and similarly to the music Michael, Jordan and I have recorded for the holidays, Balsam Hill’s products exists to add beauty and magic to the Christmas season.

‘Tis the Season for Giveaways

As promised, exciting prizes await you as we celebrate this special collaboration with Amy and Michael!

Did you love Amy’s Farmhouse Christmas, or Michael’s Brilliant Bordeaux theme? Take a cue from these decorating styles and get a chance to be one of the two lucky winners in our Vote for the Look Facebook giveaway. On November 5 to 11, simply vote for the look you love the most and you could take home one of the same decorated trees!

On top of that, we’ll be giving away 5 concert tickets before every show in the Christmas tour, so stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates—you may be able to join in live as this magical Balsam Hill musical event unfolds.

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  1. fabulous decorations and trees,and wonderful people to share their holiday with all of us.

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