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Heather Patterson of At The Picket Fence shares her holiday decorating inspiration with Balsam Hill

A fearlessly creative designer who isn’t afraid to handle some power tools to realize her vision, Heather’s eye for style, color and cohesive design has led to her being featured in magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens and Southern Belle Magazine. As co-author of At the Picket Fence, she shares stories about her family and home that inspire all to pursue their own dreams, no matter what they might be.

This year, Heather creates her refreshing rendition of a Blue Christmas with navy and gold. Perfectly designed to match her existing home decor, her holiday decorations provide a stunning backdrop for time spent with family. In this interview with Balsam Hill, she shares some of her fondest memories of the holidays, as well as some decorating tips you may want to use in your own home.

BH: What inspired you to start blogging?

Heather: A few years ago I started a food blog geared towards budget meals, a few months after that my sister, Vanessa, started a home decorating blog. Three years ago we decided to combine forces and create a lifestyle blog, At The Picket Fence, that combined our favorite things: recipes, home decorating on a budget, crafts and a little about our life and faith sprinkled in.

BH: Do you have a signature ornament you use on your tree year after year? If so, mind sharing a bit about it with us?

Heather: I have a collection of clear crystal ornaments, that my mother has given me over the years. that always end up on at least one of my trees. This year they are on my Blue and Gold Themed Balsam Hill tree. Because they are clear and sparkly, they fit in with any theme I choose for my trees!

BH: What’s your favorite family holiday tradition?

Heather: Every year my family gathers up all of our holiday films and watches them throughout the season. Our must watches are Elf, A Christmas Story (we can quote every line), A Christmas Carol and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Even though I have a teenager and college student, they still gather around when I put one of these movies in!

BH: What’s one of your fondest holiday memories?

Heather: One of the best memories I have of Christmas is when I received a bike and a dollhouse made by my dad for Christmas. We have the joy on my face captured forever in photographs! Last year my daughter received a laptop and an X Box and didn’t expect to get either. She cried…the types of gifts children receive may have changed over the years (ha!), but the JOY of receiving something you didn’t expect never changes!

BH: When you decorate for the holidays, are there any guidelines you try to follow year after year?

Heather: I like my holiday decor to be cohesive with my home. Because the main elements in my house are neutrals and whites, it is easy to change things up year to year. This year I have lots of navy, green and gold accessories in my home, so my holiday color palette reflects that. Who knows what next year will bring!

BH: What’s your favorite spot in the home to decorate for the holidays?

Heather: My favorite spot is my mantel. I think a mantel is such a great way to tie your holiday color palette together and to express your creativity!

BH: Where do you go for holiday decorating inspiration?

Heather: I still have an affinity for the tried and true print publication. Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living, HGTV Magazine and Good Housekeeping are some of my favorites.  BUT I always find myself going back to my favorite bloggers and Pinterest for true “real” inspiration!

BH: Who’s your favorite holiday designer?

Heather: I love Brian Patrick-Flynn of HGTV! I was honored to take part of an online webinar with him and he’s so talented and has such fun creative holiday ideas!

BH: Any gift-wrapping tips?

Heather: I love to wrap in a neutral colors with real ribbon in colors that coordinate with my holiday color palette. This year I chose white and gold, a faux wood paper in grey and white and lots of wide white and gold ribbon bows! I like using real ribbon, because it can be recycled
from year to year.

BH: What do you look forward to the most during the holiday season?

Heather: After the craziness of decorating and photographing the house, I love to take a few weeks to just relax and enjoy our beautiful home with my family. Once the kids are off of school, we love to see the newest movies out, we can’t wait for The Hobbit Part 2, get takeout and watch our favorite holiday movies and taking time to bake some homemade treats together. These are the best moments in life!

traditional green artificial Christmas tree decorated with blue, gold and white ornaments

Learn more about how Heather decorated her Balsam Hill tree on At the Picket Fence.

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