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7 Advantages of Slim Christmas Trees

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Not everyone has a spacious area for a bulky Christmas tree. If you belong to this group and you’re wondering how to have a big Christmas without clogging your home or office, a slim Christmas tree is for you. It saves space without making a room any less cozy than what the holiday demands.

Red Spruce Slim Artificial Christmas Tree
Balsam Hill’s Red Spruce Slim

Slim artificial trees have been gaining popularity among holiday enthusiasts who are in for something new and are thrilled by the challenge of using these to brighten their homes.

Here are some reasons why shoppers have been going for slim Christmas trees:

  1. Space saver.

    Since it doesn’t eat much of your room, it’s easy to think of where to place the tree. You can place it on your front porch to welcome your guests, or corners of average-sized rooms.

  2. Available in several sizes.

    There’s minimal increase in a slim Christmas tree’s circumference when it’s taller, unlike the regular cone-shaped trees. The slim variety offers a natural look with foliage resembling fir, pine, or spruce.

  3. Revolutionary look.

    A slim Christmas tree adds a twist to your traditional Christmas. However, you can go wilder by planning out holiday themes that match your new tree.

  4. Holds multiple adornments easily.

    Because of its compact design, it’s easier to arrange ornaments on your tree.

  5. No ugly wires.

    The pre-lit range has lights neatly strung on the branches to hide unattractive cable wires connecting the lights to the power outlet.

  6. Durability.

    Slim artificial Christmas trees are made of high-quality PVC branches and sturdy metal stand that provides the same durability as the regular bulky trees.

  7. Time-efficient and cost-effective.

    While this is true for most artificial trees, slim trees are easier to clean and store. This is perfect for people who don’t have much time for tree decoration and prefer the minimal use of tree accents.

Sarah's Calistoga Fir Slim Pre Fluffed Artificial Christmas Tree
Take inspiration from Sarah of Little Vintage Nest and her decorated Calistoga Fir Slim Tree

Having a slim tree to light up your home during the Christmas season is an awesome idea. You’ll be surprised by how fun it is to work with, especially when it gives your more space for other decorations you’ve wanted to display for the holidays. Happy decorating!

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