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If you’re exploring ways to bring the beauty of the autumnal harvest home, the Hot Skwash Velvet Pumpkin might just be what you need. Take a quick look at the history of this decorative accent, and what makes it a great addition to your home this fall.

Balsam Hill's Hot Skwash Pumpkins on display
Balsam Hill’s Hot Skwash Pumpkins

About Hot Skwash by Daria

Balsam Hill’s commitment to bringing premium quality products to your home has led us to partner with Hot Skwash by Daria. A family company born from what Daria Knowles considers an unintentional cottage business, they now provide high end tabletop décor for a discerning global market.

It all began with Daria’s passion for creativity and desire to create beautiful things. What began as a hobby led to where the company is now — a collective of women who are dedicated to showing that nature holds all the richness and textures needed to create lasting pieces of décor. And we think they’ve done just that with the Hot Skwash Velvet Pumpkin.

How They Are Made

Partnering with local farmers from their home of Tigard, Oregon, the team goes into the pumpkin fields just as fall arrives, harvesting the best ones to incorporate into their designs. Hot Skwash pumpkins feature authentic dried stems paired with luxurious fabrics to make products of the highest quality.

Working very closely with her team of textile designers, Daria selects colors to be custom dyed for their silk velvet pumpkins. These shades are carefully chosen to match with designs from the previous season, as they continually strive to perfect their process and models.

Hot Skwash Velvet Pumpkins are available in different sizes and colors
Hot Skwash Velvet Pumpkins are available in different sizes and colors

Balsam Hill’s Hot Skwash Pumpkins

At Balsam Hill, we offer Hot Skwash Velvet Pumpkins of varying sizes and colors. Handcrafted from start to finish, they feature soft silk velvet fabric and come in different jewel tones inspired by fall’s palette of vivid colors. With sizes ranging from 3 inches up to 11 inches in diameter, these plush creations represent a multitude of decorating possibilities for your home.

How to Decorate with Hot Skwash Pumpkins

Hot Skwash Pumpkins are versatile in that they can be used almost anywhere. Combine them with other elements, such as the berry baskets seen above, to create delightful hanging décor. You can also stack together weathered crates and position the pumpkins in nooks to make a rustic fall vignette.

Use Hot Skwash Pumpkins to make eye-catching table centerpieces. Urns, cake towers, and other elevated surfaces give dimension to a vibrant display of leaves and sprays, and Hot Skwash Pumpkins add the perfect touch of color.

The beauty of decorating is often in the small details, as illustrated by this utterly charming miniature pumpkin. Set on top of dinner plates, it makes for a striking accent and is sure to be a conversation starter.

Elegant and distinctive, our Hot Skwash Pumpkins are artistic representations of the bounty of nature that you can enjoy for years to come.

Read more about this product and other premium home décor accents at Balsam Hill.

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