Decorating The Holidays With Kids In Mind

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Dagmar Obert and Rachel Faucett for Balsam Hill on Decorating for The Holidays With Kids In Mind
Dagmar Obert and Rachel Faucett for Balsam Hill

A few weeks ago, we invited Rachel Faucett out to the Bay Area to experience Balsam Hill’s Holiday Workshop. The Atlanta native and mother of five is the founder of the well-loved family publication Handmade Charlotte and she might love Christmas as much as I do – something I wasn’t sure was possible. As we walked her through groves of our hyper-realistic Christmas trees and gorgeous new holiday decor, we traded tips and tricks and even a few treats on decorating for the holidays with kids in mind.

Over the next several weeks, Balsam Hill will be sharing videos that we made in collaboration with Handmade Charlotte, featuring the stylish, kid-friendly decor for which the blog is known and loved by millions. When we had a little down time, Rachel and I took a stroll through the streets and bumped into a great pastry shop near the Balsam Hill headquarters. We drank coffee and ate a few too many macaroons. I got to ask her about holidays at the Faucetts and why it is she loves this time of year. Here’s what she had to say.

Dagmar: Rachel, what is your favorite part of the holiday season?

Rachel: Oh, goodness, where do I even begin? The kids peeling corners off of presents, trying their best to get a sneak peak; ribbons flying in every which direction; Nana’s house and my mother’s homemade pies; yummy cookies, candy canes, and hot chocolate. I guess the shorter answer would be, I love everything about this time of year.

Dagmar: Can you give us one family-friendly tip that you always try to incorporate into your holiday decor?

Rachel: Our five children definitely dictate the direction of our holiday decor. My number one tip would have to be spools on spools on spools of ribbon. It makes any room come alive and bonus points: it doesn’t break! The red velvet and silver basket weave in this year’s catalog are my absolute favorite.

Dagmar: Christmas decor is built on every year. What are your top recommendations for this year?

Rachel: Instant Christmas pop-ups, like Balsam Hill’s Flip Tree, are a definite must. Anything to make decorating a little bit easier so you can focus on what the holidays are really all about – quality time with family and friends. The flameless candles are also incredibly magical and take away the worry factor without losing the warmth of a beautiful candle.

Battery-operated flameless candles from Balsam Hill

We look forward to sharing with you decorating ideas, giveaways, videos, and some favorite seasonal treats over the next several weeks. Rachel has a phenomenal way of developing ideas for people. If you’re looking for inspiration, remember to visit her Pinterest page where she curates the best decorating ideas and recipes all over the web.

Also, make sure to check out Handmade Charlotte for my own takeaway tips regarding the holidays.

After spending more than an hour stuffing our faces with sweets of every shape and size, it was obvious Rachel and I shared a similar love for holiday bakes. Below are a few recipes we both agreed would be baking in our kitchens this season.

What’s your favorite treat to bake during the holidays? Don’t worry, your Aunt Caroline will never know you told us!

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