At Balsam Hill, we have made it our mission to bring you picture-perfect holiday décor and share our love for all things beautiful. This season, we’re back with our 12 Bloggers of Christmas campaign for the third year in a row. A selection of talented and creative bloggers will show us their Christmas décor, with a Balsam Hill tree as the resplendent centerpiece.

Who’s Joining Us

BH 12 Bloggers of Christmas 2015
The 12 creative minds on board for this year’s campaign

Our very own design consultant, Dagmar Obert, will kick off this exciting campaign in a separate post later today. Along with Dagmar, we have a terrific line-up of accomplished bloggers who will open their doors to us and let us take a peek at their decorating themes this year.

Date Blogger’s Name URL
November 23 Beth of Home Stories A to Z
November 23 Kristin of Hunted Interior
November 24 Kristin of Bliss at Home
November 24 Debbie of Refresh Restyle
November 25 Abby of Just a Girl and Her Blog
November 25 Randi of Dukes and Duchesses
November 26 Amy of The Idea Room
November 26 Shannon of Fox Hollow Cottage
November 27 Kim of Tidbits and Twine
November 27 Lindsay of My Creative Days
November 28 Maryann of Domestically Speaking
November 28 Carmel of Our Fifth House

The series will be wrapped up by Courtney of French Country Cottage, with a post on November 29 sharing her own Balsam Hill tree décor.

Share in the Fun

Join our giveaway and get the chance to win one of 10 gift cards valued at $100, a gift card worth $300, or our top prize of a $750 gift card, which can be used to purchase one of our elegant Christmas trees. Simply perform the actions below and you may be one of our lucky winners!

Balsam Hill’s 12 Bloggers of Christmas Giveaway

Visit us in the following days for blogger features, sneak peeks, and more updates on this exciting decorating campaign!


  1. Tammi Velez Reply

    To me, Christmas means cozy, loving celebration. Not just of a single day, but of a way of life. Family finds more time for each other and everything is more magical. Even the traffic lights seem to be in on the secret of the season.

  2. What Christmas means to me is that God gave his only begotten Son, so that we should be Saved, We Celebrate Jesus’s Birth every year and we teach our Children why we Celebrate!

  3. Lisa Brown Reply

    Christmas is getting together with friends and family and enjoying a day of good food and conversation together.

  4. Christmas means celebrating the birth of Jesus. We also love time spent with family and friends.

  5. Ann Guiney Reply

    Christmas means a whole lot less stress after purchasing your tree! No more sickness from allergies to a real tree, not mess, easy step-up and a beautiful tree for years to come! A decision that made our whole family happy!

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  7. Laurie Harris Reply

    Christmas to me means spending time with family and friends. It’s a time to enjoy each other and the season.

  8. Christmas is all about family, for me. Enjoying good company, good food and just being together. Plus… we have a little one this year, so it’s going to be extra special and extra fun!

  9. Christmas means family togetherness, which is especially important when you’re far apart and health is precarious. It’s a time to be grateful for what we have right now.

  10. Christmas means a celebration of the birth of my savior, Jesus. As part of the celebration we enjoy time together with good food and gifts.

  11. the cape on the corner Reply

    christmas means lounging with the family, opening presents til late in the day and eating breakfast casserole. i love the holiday season as a whole, there’s just so much joy and festivities.

  12. Christmas means so many things to me. Gratitude for a warm and cozy home to share with family and friends is one of many.

  13. Olivia Kyle Reply

    Christmas is the time to look forward to every year that every one is able to gather together and really appreciate each other and every thing they have to be happy for.

  14. Lisa Palmese Reply

    Christmas means the whole World gets nicer. Being the both of Christmas or just all the Love and Hope it brings that you can feel that time of year. I wish it was all year long.

  15. I love getting together with family and reliving the feeling of being a kid again. Nothing makes me happier than having everyone gathered in one place!

  16. Christmas means celebrating the birth of Jesus and the ultimate gift He has given us. Christmas means family time and traditions that bring us together

  17. Nancy Hrba Reply

    Christmas is the time to get together and celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ and the fellowship of families and friends.

  18. Rebecca S. Reply

    Christmas Eve and Christmas day are literally the only holidays that our family has any kind of traditions, so those two days mean the world to me- we very rarely have the chance to all be together, except for Christmas!

  19. Melia Carino Reply

    Christmas is the day the tree goes up and you hang ornaments collected over the years with your loved ones!

  20. Christmas is a time to remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus. It’s also a time that we are blessed to join with our family and friends and celebrate all that we have to be thankful for.

  21. Vickie Moore Reply

    Christmas is celebrating who Jesus is in my life. Christmas has always been about celebrating with my family.

  22. Sarah Cool Reply

    Christmas means spending time with my family and enjoying the coziness!

  23. Pat Rutledge Reply

    Christmas is honoring the birth of Jesus. It’s also a time to enjoy family and good friends. I love the festive air of the holidays, the lights ~ especially on the Christmas tree ~ and baking special treats!

  24. Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ Birth! And a great time to be with family and friends!

  25. Kristen Hallenbeck Reply

    Christmas is my favorite time of year; it’s time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and we do that with all our family around us. We stay in our Christmas jammies all day, cook up a yummy breakfast and start to prepare for our huge dinner and cherished time spent with all of our family and friends. It’s the best dinner of the year, and it’s the one time that every single family member is in the same place (usually my living room) at the same time!

  26. Christmas is the time that I celebrate the birth of my Saviour by focusing more on serving others & loving on my family.

  27. Christmas means spending time with family and appreciating what we have.

  28. Christmas is all about family and togetherness. It’s such a wonderful time of year because it brings everyone together for quality family time.

  29. Christmas means celebrating the Saviour’s Birth and spending time with family and friends

  30. Christmas is a time for family and loved ones! It’s a great time to bring in extra cheer.

  31. Christmas means celebrating Jesus Christ and generously giving because we have been given so much

  32. Stacye Ball Hixson Reply

    Christmas to my family means celebrating Christ’s birth and celebrating our family.

  33. AneleatSuccessAlongtheWeigh Reply

    Christmas brings so much nostalgia of holidays past, Grandma’s noodles, hot cocoa enjoyed by a beautifully lit Christmas tree and remembering what the season is all about.

  34. Whitney Jones Reply

    To me, Christmas is all about showing your endless love to family. I have a really large family (oldest of eleven), and most of my siblings are in college, so Christmas is the one time each year that I can be assured we’d be together.

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  37. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus and being together as a family. We give from our hearts without expecting anything in return, laugh, watch movies, drink hot chocolate, bake special treats, cherishing every moment of this magical season.

  38. Christmas is about spending time with family and remembering loved ones as we celebrate the birth of Christ.

  39. Christmas means feeling surrounded by the warmth of family and friends, of celebrating the year behind us and showing our gratitude for those who stood by us all year!

  40. K. Sparrow Reply

    Christmas means celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and spending quality time with family and friends. My favorite time of the year!!!!

  41. Christmas means going to midnight mass, having family together and eating!

  42. angie noteboom Reply

    I have a 5 year old and 6 year old so the past couple of years I’ve tried to make Christmas a season of giving and serving – trying to take the emphasis off of receiving and constantly thinking about what they WANT. It’s also an opportunity for us to reflect on the meaning of Christmas; celebrating Christ’s birth

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  44. Christmas is the only time of the year when all of my family members get together. It is a time to celebrate that we still have each other.

  45. Natasha Kimble Stott Reply

    Christmas means warm snuggles and laughter surrounded by twinkling lights & a little bit of magic in the air.

  46. Stephanie Neill Confer Reply

    Christmas is about spending time with family and friends and taking the time to be in the moment, not worried about rushing off from one thing to the next.

  47. Christmas is a time for celebrating the life of Jesus Christ, our Savior, for gathering family near, and for giving.

  48. Christmas to me is time I get to spend with family I don’t get to see the rest of the year.

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  50. Jordan Troublefield Reply

    Christmas has always meant family traditions, food, laughter, and fun. This year we welcome a new baby to the family. SO exciting!!

  51. Kristal Hatch Mulder Reply

    Christmas means to me…family, warmth, giving, playing and orange rolls!

  52. Christmas means spending time with family and friends, celebrating Jesus, and giving to others.

  53. Karren Talbert McIntire Reply

    Christmas means celebrating family traditions at the holidays, while creating new memories for my children!

  54. Family, caroling, wonderful food, giving, sharing gifts and lots of love is what Christmas means to me!

  55. Peggy Zortman Reply

    Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. It is my favorite time of year with sweet family time and reminiscing of childhood Christmases.

  56. Jennifer Ann Hayden Reply

    Christmas means tradition, family and celebrating the birth of Christ.

  57. Lesley Johnston Reply

    for me it should just mean spending time with family and doing things for each other. my husband and i don’t do gifts or decorate because it is just the two of us with no family in our stsye. we spend the day together, going to the movies, playing games and hanging out. we don’t fall into the commercial/material/political junk that it has turned into nowadays.

  58. Christmas means celebrating my savior a birth with my husband, son, family, and friends!

  59. Juliette MC Reply

    Christmas means listening to beautiful Christmas music, decorating our home and our tree, making and giving gifts, eating delicious foods, and celebrating the season together with our loved ones.

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  62. Christmas means celebrating the birth of Christ. Also spending time with family and friends. Cooking Christmas cookies and cheese straws to share with others.

  63. Family, family, family always! It is such a happy reason to bring a little sparkle to time with loved ones.

  64. Brenda Sydnor Reply

    Christmas means being with my family, sharing in the joy that the season brings.

  65. Renee Johnson Reply

    Christmas means the birth and salvation of Jesus Christ!

  66. Christmas is a time to enjoy being with your loved ones. My favorite part is seeing how excited my grandchildren are Christmas morning and remembering all my wonderful childhood memories of that special day.
    Happy Holidays

  67. Christmas means rejoicing in the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. By walking in his light, spending time with family and friends and opening up your heart and home.

  68. Christmas is a time to celebrate my faith and share good times with those who are special in my life.

  69. Christmas means celebrating the birth of my Savior and time spent with family

  70. Sharing drinks, dancing and laughing with my crazy, huge family.

  71. Christmas means time with my friends and family and being so thankful for having so many wonderful people in my life

  72. Christmas means Jesus. A special gift from God, given to people who were hurt and yearning for more.

  73. Kevin Hall Reply

    It’s a chance to spend time with family and friends and let them know they are loved and appreciated.

  74. Christmas means remembering that it is Jesus’s birthday. Celebrating this day with my husband, children, doggies & family, making memories.

  75. Ruthie Tabone Reply

    Christmas means spending time with family and celebrating! It’s all about the togetherness!

  76. Rebecca Kennedy Reply

    Christmas is all about Jesus birth for me. We enjoy celebrating with family and friends.

  77. Erika Ojeda Reply

    Christmas means remembering that we’re all on the same team & that we all are living on the same planet. It means putting yourself in other people’s shoes more often, without judgement or hate & trying, if only for a moment, to fathom what they’re living.

  78. Zan Turner Reply

    The main meaning of Christmas is remembering the birth of Jesus Christ. And I love to make fun memories with the hubs and the kiddos:=)

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  80. Tammy Edgar Reply

    Christmas means being present with family and making memories filled with love and gratitude.

  81. Christmas is about spending quality time with family, away from distractions like phones and TV.

  82. Nicole Ball Reply

    Christmas is spending time with family and friends and making new memories! Oh, and the decorations make it the most wonderful time of the year!

  83. Smokeygurl Reply

    Celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Spending time with our family and enjoying our time together.

  84. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ. How does that look? For me, the tree is a representation of the cross, a reminder of what He gave for us. The decorations on the tree represent our memories, our hopes, our dreams that God fills our hearts with. The gifts below represent the love Christ commands us to share with one another. It is a reverent blessing to take part in this celebration.

  85. Angie Chavez Reply

    Christmas means all 4 of my kids are home for the day – no college classes, no work – just enjoying spending time together as a family. In the afternoon, we drive into town to watch a movie, and I love how quiet everything is, with very few cars on the road, and most of the stores are closed. Merry Christmas, Balsam Hill!

  86. Vanessa Prohaska Reply

    If I can describe with words what does Christmas means to me; it would be: the opportunity to be kind to one another and thoughtful; but then : go crazy decorating every nook and cranny you can possibly find in one’s home! I turn into a Christmas elf and (ever since I discover your trees, I find myself visiting your website from early October and always tell everyone to visit it! ; I tell them that one year I’ll be able to afford one of your trees , and that year I’ll create my own blog and explain the magnificent perfection that Balsam Hill trees are!; HEAVENS I’M IN AWE! I would buy a pink tree and decorate it 1950’s style! I love decorating by theme and every time I visit your website, my inner Christmas elf comes out and the decorating possibilities are endless !” I absolutely love your trees, from the simple, thin branches to the fullest and wide ones!

  87. Anne Marie Reply

    Christmas means tradition to me – both family traditions and religious traditions.

  88. Carrie Sullivan Reply

    Christmas to me, means remembering that with the birth of one child hope was born for all people for all time. It means being thankful for the family and friends I have been given and remembering with a smile and a prayer of blessings for those I was lucky enough to have in my life even though they were gone to soon.

  89. Christmas is enjoying family and friends in your home and
    watching the delight in your grandchild’s face, as Santa comes through the
    front door with a bagful of toys.

  90. Cassie Key Reply

    Spending time with family, cooking, shopping, and decorating.

  91. Ali Celestino Reply

    Christmas means love beauty life and the spirit. Love spending time with family and friends and helping pay it forward during the season.

  92. Karla Johnson Reply

    For me and my family, Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of our Savior. It is a time of traditions, sometimes regal, sometimes home spun. But it is especially filled with love for all!

  93. Christmas is joy personified. It’s the little things. The big things. All the hoopla and fanfare. Speeding up and slowing down. Indulgent morsels with friends and family. Decorating, bright lights, and shopping fervor. It’s a holiday that requires a holiday and one which none will ever forget. Christmas is lovingly etched in our hearts and minds. The sacrifices made and pleasures wrought make it a day worth celebrating.

  94. cebinc2004 . Reply

    Christmas to me, means putting our differences aside, and come together for one day and celebrate love, life, friends and family! Happy Holidays!

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  97. For me, Christmas means making the holiday as special and beautiful as possible for my family. Traditional decor and food make our home a place where our family wants to gather to enjoy eachother and the spirit of the day.

  98. Patti LeBlanc Reply

    Christmas to me means a day to be with family. Some may be blood relatives, some friends and some you meet for the first time. But each person brings a new meaning and joy to the lovely day!

  99. Angie Brown Reply

    So excited about this blog and giveaway! I’ve always wanted one of these trees! Christmas is about the birth of my Savior, Jesus. It is a time when the whole world stops to celebrate Him, often without even realizing it. I decorate because I love this time of year. I love the way people are a bit more joyful and giving. It is truly the most wonderful time of the year!

  100. It’s a magical time with Christmas trees, lights, presents. Reminding us to be good towards one another. It’s my favorite time of the year!

  101. A magical time of the year, with Chrustmas trees, lights, presents. Reminding us to be good towards one another. My very favorite time of the year!

  102. Christmas means celebration! Celebrating our Saviors birth most of all and spending time with family celebrating all of our traditions together. Decorating the tree together is one of our big traditions with both of my children placing their own collection of ornaments on the tree.

  103. Christmas is about celebrating our Savior’s birth by coming together in our traditions, faith and love. The most beautiful time of the year.

  104. Corrie Mackanos Reply

    Christmas to me is faith, family and friends!!! Celebrating the birth of our savior is my favorite time of year!!!

  105. Sabrina Lawrence Reply

    Christmas means a time for family and friends and celebrating Christ!!!!

  106. It means celebrating the reason (Jesus) for which I have all my joy all year round. The reason for hope and happiness and a glorious present and future!

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  108. Christmas is a time for celebrating the past year with family and friends. Catching up with good food and drinks, lights, and music.

  109. What Christmas means to me is creating memories with my family. Christmas was my mom’s favorite holiday. She always made it special for my siblings and I, so I’d like to do the same for my daughter.

  110. Pamela Gurganus Reply

    Christmas to me means being with family and friends an enjoying those traditions that keep us bound together.

  111. Kim Henrichs Reply

    It means celebrating all of the love in your life and the people who are a part of that.

  112. Maria Turner Reply

    Christmas means sharing a little of the joy that comes from receiving the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ.

  113. Babette Thurston Reply

    Christmas means to me, first celebrating the birth of Jesus and his salvation that he gave to the world! Second, celebrating with my family and the blessings we have had throughout the year! Third, it means the joy we get to share with our friends and so thankful for these friendships here and abroad! We are so blessed!!

  114. Rebecca Doss Reply

    Celebrating the birth of our Saviour, surrounded by family and friends, and decorating my home.

  115. Christmas means family to mean. Being surrounded by loved ones, spending quality time with family of all ages and generations. That is magical to me.

  116. Lauren@SimplyLKJ Reply

    Christmas to me, means celebrating the birth of my Savior, Jesus Christ, a babe born in a lowly manger. It is a reminder of our humble beginnings, and that all we truly need is the love of family and friends. While the decorations, lights, trees, and presents are a joy to behold and share with one another, they have no meaning without loved ones to share them with, and the hope of a future through Jesus Christ. Merry CHRISTmas!!

  117. Christmas means spending time with those you love, while remembering the people who are no longer with you.

  118. In our family Christmas first means celebrating the birth of Jesus, and then coming together and sharing each other, gifts and lots of food!

  119. Christmas means the birth of my Lord and Savior and a time to share that with those I love.

  120. Christmas, to me, means spending time with loved ones, reflecting on what we are thankful for, partaking in traditions and remembering the gift of hope and love a baby born in a manger gave us

  121. Julia Mcintosh Reply

    Getting to enjoy baking with my daughters and enjoying each others company. Also riding around and looking at Christmas lights.

  122. Kelly Proctor Tooley Reply

    Christmas means time with family celebrating the birth of Jesus.

  123. To me, in addition to the joyous celebration if the birth of Jesus, Christmas is a time for giving to others and slowing down to truly enjoy being with family.

  124. It means spending time with your commuity of loved ones and showing how thankful you are for all.

  125. For me Christmas is a sweet reminder of God’s love…the birth of His Son and our Savior just for us. The business of the year sometimes makes me lose sight of our Lord’s love and Jesus sacrifice for us but at Christmas it is a reminder of where our salvation began. Truly Christmas means to me Love, Peace, and Joy.

  126. Christmas means family and giving. My family loves doing the giving tree and toys for tots drive.

  127. Christmas means experiencing the joy and magic of the season through the eyes of my children.

  128. Tracie Cooper Reply

    Christmas is time to celebrate those you love both near and far and what they mean to you!

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  130. Robyn Green Reply

    Christmas is about family time, looking for ways to serve others in need, and remembering whats most important.

  131. Tamra Phelps Reply

    Honestly, there are times when Christmas means stress to me, lol. But it also means I get to see my niece & nephews open presents with the kind of glee only kids can bring. That alone makes up for the stress!

  132. Angela McGeown Reply

    Christmas means being with family, baking, singing Christmas carols, and snuggling up with my daughter to watch Christmas movies.

  133. Phyllis P. Reply

    Christmas means celebrating the birth of Jesus with my friends & family.

  134. Kari Schmaltz Resh Reply

    Christmas means being with family. Remembering what is most important.

  135. Rebecca E. Parsons Reply

    Christmas means family and slowing down to enjoy and give back.

  136. Casi Selph Reply

    Christmas means celebrating Jesus, baking with my 2 boys, spending time with family, watching Christmas movies, and decorating with my family

  137. Cassandra E Reply

    Christmas is memories and future hopes. It’s reflection and observation. It’s also sparkles and delightful and a chance to switch things up.
    Cassandra E

  138. When I think about what Christmas means, I am reminded that it is because of the out-pouring of God’s love for all people, and that this love is for us to share with others not just in this season, but in all seasons.

  139. Christina Caccarozzo Paine Reply

    Christmas means family, sharing and loving.

  140. Mary Ellis Patton Reply

    Christmas means joy! I love seeing the looks one children’s faces Christmas morning!

  141. Christy Allen Reply

    Christmas, to me, is doing small special things that are important to others and brightening their day.

  142. Kathy Smith Reply

    Firelight, family, friends and food are all important to me at this time of year. The tree is a huge part of all of this, actually, it is the centerpiece of the festivities.

  143. Michele York Reply

    Christmas means the best time of the year to me! I’m a single mom, and my son and I love to decorate, go to holiday activities, bake, and watch movies and programs together. My mom and dad come to visit us for a week starting on Christmas day. It’s just a special time to spend extra time with the ones whom I hold dear.

  144. Christmas means the beginning of hope and peace as it is Jesus’s birthday. It also means being around family and being grateful/thankful for what you have.

  145. Christmas is a time for sharing God’s love with family,friends and those we meet.

  146. Libby Zeigler Reply

    Christmas to me means celebrating the birth of my Savior, Jesus. Christmas to me means gathering with my precious family and rejoicing together in such a glorious day!!! Christmas music playing, the fireplace roaring, yummy food, giving and receiving gifts of LOVE!!!

  147. Karen Hopkins Reply

    Christmas is about excitement and sparkle. I love the build up and the decorating and always feel that the house is flat when we have to dismantle all the decorations. Christmas morning means cozying up round the tree and the fire to open parcels and to Skype all my family living overseas and hear all their Christmas Day stories.

  148. My happiest Christmas in recent memory was having my grown up daughters and their families flying in and celebrating Christmas together. Everyone is spread to the four corners of the country and so we cannot get together as often as we used to. So for me, Christmas means being with family.

  149. Christmas means being with family for four wonderful days of celebration.

  150. Christmas is having my 3 children, their spouses, and our 5 wonderful grandchildren snuggled in front of the blazing fire with Christmas carols playing in the background. Experiencing all the joys of the season through the eyes of 5 little tykes 6 and under brings back memories and excitement of my own childhood.

  151. Jana Vaughan Reply

    Christmas to me is all about Jesus and family. Watching my grandkids open their gifts is the best feeling in the world.

  152. Reliving my most precious memories of Christmas past with my sister and parents is what Christmas has come to mean to me. Some years were great, some were lean, but we always had each other. I am reminded of that unconditional love every time I place that star on my tree and watch my own children’s eyes light up, because I know they are forming those exact same memories of OUR family. Circle of life.

  153. Cathy Gunn Reply

    Christmas means family, friends,charity and birth of our Savior

  154. Shawn Angulo Reply

    Christmas to me means Beautiful! Beauty in having Faimly, Friends to share Christmas with, Beauty in remembering our Lord Jesus Christ! “The Reason for the Season”

  155. Libby Zeigler Reply

    Christmas to me means celebrating the birth of my Jesus. Christmas to me means listening to beautiful Christmas music, enjoying a roaring fire, nibbling and eating lots of yummy food, giving and receiving gifts of LOVE, and most importantly, gathering together with my precious family celebrating this glorious day all unto our Savior!

  156. Brenda Rosario Reply

    Christmas is about celebrating Jesus, family traditions and lots and lots of cookies.

  157. Jacqueline Reply

    Christmas means a big dinner Christmas Eve followed by Midnight Mass and then Christmas morning watching everyone give each other presents and everyone laughing and talking!

  158. Kristina Paulson Reply

    To me Christmas means spending times with loved ones. I love to curl up on the couch with my significant other and a fluffy blanket, with the fireplace going, the tree twinkling in the corner, a delicious mug of hot cocoa, and a Christmas special on TV… one of the ones I’ve seen a million times before. That to me is Christmas

  159. Christmas in the South celebrates friends, family and neighbors and means putting aside our troubles and partaking in decorating, lighting up our small portion of the world, and indulging in old family recipes and adding new ones to the menus. I love watching the familiar movies, baking and decorating the tree with my lights twinkling, while drinking a cup of coffee. This portion of my year makes the world a better place no matter how hectic it can be!

  160. Christmas is a gift to self and others. A time to look inward and a time for forgivness, A time for second chances and new beginnings. Spread the peace and love to all I encounter. Thank you my Lord.

  161. Joanie Clark Reply

    I love seeing real joy in others and I believe it is because we forget ourselves, we reach out to those in need and there is a wonderful spirit in the air. Chrismas means sharing extra time with family, showing more love to our fellow man, sweet smells in the kitchen, watching the old Christmas movies , and finding that perfect gift for a loved one.

  162. Sarah Kelley Reply

    Christmas now means sharing the joy of the season and setting up traditions with our toddler daughter who for the first year will get a little more into it. I’m getting decorations up as early as possible so she can enjoy them. I’ve never had a fake tree, but with little ones the appeal is huge from ease of setup to lack of needles, especially when they look as real as these do.

  163. Vicki Whitsitt Reply

    Christmas means celebrating with family and friends, sharing love and traditions and creating memories that strengthen bonds. I love decorating for Christmas, bringing out treasures from years past and finding a few new ones each year to add to the fun. Christmas also means beautiful music, good food, and helping others – focusing on the goodness of life.

  164. Diana Reynolds Zollinger Reply

    For me Christmas means love, joy, happiness, stress and sorrow, all wrapped into one big box. Love and joy come from watching my grandchildren enjoy the season, stress from the feeling that everything needs to be perfect, and sorrow from the loss of my father on December 26th a few years ago.

  165. Meredith Fulfer Locker Reply

    Christmas is time with family, time for memories, time to relax and time to give to others!

  166. Christmas means peace, joy, and family time – warmth and coziness galore!

  167. Christmas means celebrating the world’s greatest gift with family and friends, decorating, baking, and giving.

  168. To me, Christmas means spending time with loved ones and enjoying each other’s company. I’m grateful to have such a wonderful family.

  169. Jennifer Delk Merritt Reply

    Christmas is about love. God’s love in giving us his only son, our love for family and friends, togetherness and giving. Christmas is a special time for memory making surrounded with wonderful sights and smells.

  170. Christmas means love, happiness, wonderful times with family and friends and presents!

  171. Trindin Smith Cavalier Reply

    Christmas means the birth of Our savior and cherished family time.

  172. Jennifer Hedden Reply

    Christmas means family, love, and being thankful for what you have.

  173. Dianntha Walter Lessig Reply

    Love the feeling of having all the kids and all the noise and all the happiness on Christmas morning! I am trying to enjoy every minute!

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