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Celebrate the Season of Giving with Balsam Hill’s Charity Campaign

‘Tis the season of giving! Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with Balsam Hill’s annual charity campaign, “A Charitable December.” This year, we’re partnering with singer and songwriter Brett Young and his wife Taylor. Join our fundraiser to benefit myLIFEspeaks, a nonprofit organization based in Neply, Haiti. The initiative will run until December 27, 2021.

Brett Young and wife Taylor for myLIFEspeaks

Top country singer and songwriter Brett Young is a long-time ambassador and supporter of myLIFEspeaks, a Christian nonprofit dedicated to family empowerment, education, public health, and special needs advocacy in Haiti.

Brett has a huge heart for myLIFEspeaks’ mission and has generously supported fundraising efforts through benefit concerts and donations over the last five years. This year, Brett Young is joining forces with Balsam Hill to raise awareness and funds to further enhance life in Haiti.

In a country with over 60% living below the poverty line, myLIFEspeaks equips locals with opportunities to “create a sustainable, long-term impact in their community.” The organization empowers Haitians to build infrastructure and keep families together. They collaborate with Haitian Child Services to place orphaned and abandoned children with loving families, keeping them safe. Learn more about myLIFEspeaks here.

How Can You Help?

From December 21st, we’ll post about our charity campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Every like or reaction on these posts will earn $0.50, while a share or comment will earn $1.00 for myLIFEspeaks. Comment on this blog post to add another $1.00 for the cause. At the end of the campaign, we’ll tally all engagements. Balsam Hill will match the total amount with a corresponding donation of up to $10,000.

Make your engagement count. Share, like, and comment on our Christmas charity campaign posts, and help transform the lives of many.

Visit Balsam Hill’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages to learn how you can make a difference this season of giving and beyond.


  1. Linda A Gawthrop Reply

    I wanted to applaud Balsam Hill for your generosity towards Compassion International during this season of giving.

  2. Michele Pearson Reply

    Love Compassion International and what they do for kids in extreme poverty

  3. Compassion International! Thank you for helping release children from poverty in Jesus’ name!

  4. Brandon Mallard Reply

    Compassion is a wonderful organization, and I am continually amazed at how God has used them!

  5. Marilyn Killian Reply

    A BIG THANKYOU to Compassion and all the good they do for children!! We love sponsoring little Rose from Kenya!! Such a blessing knowing that we are making a difference in the life of a deserving child!

  6. Kari Kruska Reply

    It’s so great that Amy & Michael support Compassion International and Balsam Hill sponsors their Christmas Concerts!

  7. Tina Lillig Reply

    Thank you Balsam Hill for supporting a group I am passionate about, Compassion International. My husband and I are a blessed to have 3 beautiful grandchildren who are healthy and well provided for. So we decided to sponsor one child per healthy grandchild for them to communicate with and support with us in 3 different countries. We felt this was a great way to unite our countries together. They are our future.

  8. Robin Cole Reply

    The most wonderful time of the year. !!
    The gift of blessings, compassion, and empathy
    JESUS is the reason for the season !! and a blessing to give❤️Thank you Amy for sharing !!
    Merry Christmas ❤️

  9. Anna Leighton Reply

    Compassion International and Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation are amazing charities .Helping around the world

  10. Linda Proctor Reply

    So appreciate the heart and work of Compassion International!

  11. Linda Gawthrop Reply

    Scott Hamilton has demonstrated on and off the ice that he CARES. Thank you to Balsam Hill for recognizing his commitment and supporting his cause.

  12. Phyllis Skoglund Reply

    Balsam Hill your generosity towards Compassion International is heart warming.

  13. Phyllis Skoglund Reply

    Every child needs to feel love in their tummy and a roof over their head. Every reaction is worth a $0.50 donation from Balsam Hill, comments and shares are worth $1, and every comment posted on our blog is worth $2. This is the season to know God so loved the world…

  14. Adam Sessions Reply

    It is wonderful to see a company give back in a unique way. Hopefully this charitable model will spread like wildfire to other companies around the world!

  15. Patsy Urbany Reply

    Compassion International. Thank you Balsam Hill for all of your caring and giving back.

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