Winter is almost over and most of us are looking forward to the sight of springtime gardens in bloom. Fresh flowers are so captivating that many yearn to enjoy their beauty long after their season has passed. This love for nature’s splendor serves as the inspiration for Balsam Hill’s new line of artificial spring florals.

The Balsam Hill Florals Collection

Our collection features a variety of remarkably lifelike flowers and plants, and includes highly realistic pieces designed with True Petal™ technology, replicating the soft texture of natural flowers. Read on for a sneak peek of what Balsam Hill has in store for you this spring.

Flower Arrangements

Balsam Hill’s Mixed Flower Arrangement
Balsam Hill’s Mixed Flower Arrangement

Crafted by hand, these colorful blossoms make for elegant tabletop and mantel centerpieces. Each floral arrangement comes in a complementing container, such as a clay pot, rustic basket, and glass vase, for easy decorating. Choose one or more that best suit your home décor — opt for our White Garden Roses for a clean and classic look, or try our Dahlia Arrangement for a burst of vibrant color.

Topiaries and Potted Plants

Lifelike recreations of live trees, such as bamboo, fiddle leaf figs, and lemon trees, serve as beautiful accents to your hallways and interiors. These artificial plants and trees are set in sturdy pots, allowing for convenient display and rearrangement in your home.

Included in this selection are outdoor safe potted flowers , wreaths, and hanging baskets. Special UV protection makes these gorgeous florals safe to use under direct sunlight.

Spring Wreaths and Greenery

Balsam Hill's Ranunculus and Hops Wreath
Balsam Hill’s Ranunculus and Hops Wreath

Our spring wreaths, swags, and garlands are designed with realistic flowers arranged by hand on lush foliage. Artfully arranged against a sturdy vine back, these versatile pieces brighten your doorways, mantels, windows, and staircases with the enchanting colors of the season.

Flower Stems

Balsam Hill's Flower Stems collection
Balsam Hill’s Flower Stems collection

Create your own beautiful arrangements with our wide variety of floral stems. Many of these flower bundles are crafted with True Petal™ technology. This exclusive innovation gives handmade petals a silky texture, which makes our artificial flowers look and feel like they were freshly picked from the farmers market.

Celebrate the bountiful beauty of spring by visiting Balsam Hill and browse our stunning line of flower stems, arrangements, and greenery.

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